Monday, 1 July 2013

vintage capes, cardigans and pencil skirts

vintage-cape c
I may have a new vintage coat but I am still super excited about my vintage olive green cape. It's so good for our winter days that don't stay really cold, like the one we had last Saturday. It started really cold, sure, and was foggy and frosty and freeeezing, but by the mid afternoon the sun decided it did want to come out after all, and made things that much warmer. I love how this cape keeps me nice and toasty but still lets me stick my arms out and be Goldilocks – juuuust right, temperature-wise.

And these winter days are my kind of perfect at the moment, with those long shadows from the low golden sun. It was cold enough for those lucky enough to have open fireplaces to be burning fires in them, and the air had that delicious smokey smell. I have decided that my next home HAS to have a fireplace! It's a MUST!
vintage-cape e
I also wore the first thing I've thrifted for a long time, apart from that white vintage dress, which was a one off: this blue woolly pencil skirt. I love these soft and weighty, weave-y fabrics, and the bright colours running through the deep teal background. They will go with a number of my vintage cardigans – and were also picked up by the bronze-y lining of my cape. Yays! The shoes are old-ish Gorman from last year's sales, if you're interested, and are still going strong. Mmm, wooden soles forever!
vintage-cape b


Hopefully Smashing said...

I looove those shoes. What a great cape, I really must acquire/make one for the next Canadian winter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that colour is stunning! Is the coat tagged 'Hudson Detroit' by chance? I think I've the same one in a burnt orange!


Alli said...

Such a gorgeous outfit....your cape and new skirt are divine! So pretty. And I definitely have a love for those blue shoes of yours......I've seen you post them a number of times, and they are super cute! I SO want a pair! :)

Miss Louise said...

I am literally OBSESSED with your clothing! Any tips for someone who wants to get into shopping for vintage clothing?


Mabel said...

Aw, I want to wear a cape!

I love that smokey smell as well. I think they should make an air freshener of that smell. Though, I may be the only one to buy it.

Life of Mabel

Meg said...

I LOVE this look! You are gorgeous! :-)

esme and the laneway said...

Meg : <3

Mabel : haha no, I think I would buy that too! :D

Miss Louise : lots of patience, and practice – maybe start with op shop finds to work out what you like best, and try on vintage in stores to see what fits and what you like most :) x

Alli : they are definitely not strangers to the blog! x

Shaye : I can't find it in there, but maybe? Burtn orange sounds absolutely beautiful, lucky you! :D x I know someone who has a burnt orange shorter cape and I am so jealous, haha!

Hopefully Smashing: ooh making one would be awesome, imagine the lining choices! :D

Ila said...

I just love capes..deeply :)
Gorgeous as usual!

Ila x

Jessica Cangiano said...

Ooohh, I totally hear you about fireplaces - I adore them, too, but we've (as in the hubs and I) never had a house with one in it. Hopefully our next abode will (in the meantime though, my parents have a gas fireplace and a wood burning stove, so in the chilly months I can get my fireplace fix at their place).

♥ Jessica

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