Tuesday, 23 July 2013

winter dressing, and a challenge

Black-white-outfit a I am so happy that it is winter. I may have mentioned this once or twice! But after looking forward to it for months and months, I kind of feel a bit stuck. A bit bored? Or maybe overwhelmed... with what I want to wear. I'd longed to wear layers and wool and stockings and snuggly things and lots of black and vintage wiggle dresses and capes and pencil skirts. And now that I can, I kind of don't really know where to begin.

So, to get myself out of a rut, I decided to have a bit of fun. And, rather than go shopping, which can be so tempting when feeling in need of a refresh, I'm making the most of the clothes I already have. To start, I've set myself a bit of a test: to create some outfits using just black and white. Classic and easy. And definitely a change from my usual colourful ways! These are a mix of vintage pieces (black faille dress, black full skirt, black pencil skirt, black wiggle dress), op shopped pieces (stripy skirt, hounds tooth pencil skirt, and new ones (stripe top, black lace sleeve top, peplum top, jumper). And jackets and coats will be added, of course – it is cold, at long last!

I also decided to stick with one pair of shoes, a simple black, pointy, 1950's style heel from years ago, before I started blogging. They've been living in a cupboard and, in the spirit of change, I think that trying the opposite of my usual footwear style – round toe, chunky heel, platform, colourful – will be a nice way to shake things up! Black-white-outfit b Black-white-outfit c Black-white-outfit d Black-white-outfit e Black-white-outfit f Black-white-outfit g Black-white-outfit h Black-white-outfit i Black-white-outfit j Black-white-outfit k Black-white-outfit l I plan to wear these with equally classic and simple makekup: red lips and red nails. And simple, black back seamed stockings. Don't worry, I have more than one pair! Babycat has shown her approval (thank goodness for my super strength sticky roller) (it gets a LOT of use!) and, being the considerate puss cat that she is, she co-ordinates, too. Now, let's see how it goes this week! Do you have a favourite? Black-white-outfit m


Melanie Freeman said...

What a great idea, my challenge is just to get out of my jammies if I'm not going out! My freedies are defiantly my go to each day at the moment.

MarieBayArea said...

I don't wear black in the spring or summer, but come fall and winter, I start loving it again. I can't wait to see you in a darker palette. It will be chic for winter.

Alex Kutuzov said...

Inspirational! I think I am going to sort out my own wardrobe after reading this. And my own cat will probably sit on anything I lay out like this too!.

Taygan said...

Hehe, Babycat thinks everything would look better speckled with white, obviously.
I think this is such a good idea, the winter has been so long, I think everyone is feeling a bit uninspired!
I love the look with the peplum top, and also the 2nd last one. Might have to set myself some wardrobe challenges to see get through the rest of this season too :)

Wild Tea Party said...

My fave is definitely the last image featured - that little splash of lace. Love it!
I have the opposite problem, I am distinctly looking forward to summer. Winter dressing leaves me feeling flat. I wish I shared your enthusiasm!

Elke said...

i d love to see them with your new hair. that will be a pop of colour anyway :-) i love the wiggle dress with the striped shirt and the dress with the stripy underskirt. and all the other ones as well :-) how do you wear shoes and stockings in winter without freezing? tips?

esme and the laneway said...

Melanie Freeman : oh jammies all day are the best days! :D

MarieBayArea : I think so! :)

Alex Kutuzov : it's like the universal body language of cats – see clothes, must sit on!

Taygan : she really does! And she is very good at distributing her white fluffs too. I love peplum, and should have worn this top more often so now I will fix it!

Wild Tea Party : I've learned to like summer dressing too, just not the ridiculous heat :p

Elke : absolutely true! I have an outfit post coming up :) Unless it gets below, say, 10C, stockings are usually fine – unless I'm having an extra cold day! That said, I haven't worn them on a cold night for a while, so I'll let you know how that goes later this week! :D

katefaraway said...

I adore the houndstooth pencil skirt combo! I like your style :)

katefaraway said...

I adore the houndstooth pencil skirt. I love your style :)

Amber said...

I LOVE that faille dress! And also that your kitty is helping. If there's important stuff in front of you, a cat's top priority must be to sit on it. I'm pretty sure its in the Official Cat Code of Conduct :)

Natalie Mulford said...

Second to last pictures would be my favourite, but they all look so fantastic!
Your kitty is so gorgeous! She so obviously approves!

Mabel said...

Hmm I choose whichever outfit Babycat chooses :)

Life of Mabel

Helen Le Caplain said...

Very classy challenge - can't wait to see you what outfits you come up with!


Rachel Sullivan said...

This was so fun to see, I love how creative you can get with a simple color palette.


Eccentric Owl said...

Ah, Babycat is so cute! I adore fluffy cats to no end.
I definitely love this idea, and I can't wait to see you in the outfits! I think the first and the second-from-last ones are my favorites
You have such gorgeous clothes!

Jessica Cangiano said...

How very, very chic and lovely! One can never veer too far off course with a backdrop of classic black and white, and you've more than hit the nail on the head with each of these wonderful looks.

Fear not, dear gal, I've had at the same feeling about winter vintage dressing as well - but one has to, by sheer necessity of the fact that winter lasts for at least half the year here, get over it quite quickly in Canada. :)

♥ Jessica

esme and the laneway said...

‪katefaraway‬ : <3

‪Amber‬ : ahaha yes, the OCCoC :D Love it!

‪Natalie Mulford‬ : thank you! I think kitty has pretty good taste – and she is SO kind and helpful :D

‪Mabel‬ : haha well she definitely preferred some over others!

‪Helen Le Caplain‬ : I'll post them – the ones that work, that is! 

‪Rachel Sullivan‬ : it's good to test these things :)

‪Eccentric Owl‬ : thank you!

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : you know, I think we are weather twins but with opposite seasons; you have a loooong winter, I have a loooong summer (yuck) and then we get the other extreme too – which makes for a large wardrobe! :D

Vintage Tea Roses said...

More than slightly in love with your wardrobe! Such a great selection of classic black and white items. Huge fan of the 1950s style too, so this wardrobe re-shuffle looks like a dream to me!

P.S. Your cat is adorable!

Melissa x

Lainie said...

Very chic, I love them all! I am not a "color" person, so black and white are my staples.

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