Thursday, 1 August 2013

florals in the spring time, even though it's still winter

floral-wedges d I walked past an op shop I hadn't been in before the other day, and found these. Floral wedges, unworn, in my size... bingo! I wore my old pair of floral wedges to death last summer, and, as promised, have finally got rid of them – or at least I have put them near the bin, to be thrown out. They are well past any possible future wear, or repair for that matter. I always feel a bit bad when I throw things out like this, but really, what can you do?

Now I have these to take up from where that last pair left off. I love the creamy white, deep pink and amber flowers and the touches of sage greens. They are not steep, either, so they'll be comfortable, too. Hmm, am I getting prepared for spring already?! I hope we have a good few more weeks of winter to enjoy first. But the sun has been shining and magnolias are blossoming, so we'll have to see! floral-wedges e floral-wedges f floral-wedges a


Taygan said...

I have these exact wedges that I bought when they first came out at Forever New a bunch of years back!

I think we are secret style twins.. Perhaps we can wear them with our almost-identical mustard wiggle dresses 0_0

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

they are very pretty! lucky you :)

Mélodie Nicolle said...

Pretty shoes! I love shoes that involves flowers of any kind, and these are just so lovely, I could wear them all summer!

katefaraway said...

Great find! Theyre lovely :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Sublimely beautiful shoes! What a terrific op shop find. The hues and scale of the pattern remind me of my all-time favourte china, Royal Albert's Old Country Rose.

♥ Jessica

esme and the laneway said...

‪Taygan‬ : oh haha, cool! Do they last well then?

‪Just Dont Tell Anyone‬ : it was a nice surprise to find them!

‪Mélodie Nicolle‬ : same :)

‪katefaraway‬ : :D

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : oh, yes, it is very chine like, lovely :)

Taygan said...

Considering they are synthetic they are fairly good quality.. although I don't wear them constantly so I guess it depends how tough on them you're planning to be! They are so pretty though, I'll be so sad when they finally do bite the dust!

Psycho Cat said...

Gorgeous shoes, love the print and they look comfortable too :)

Becky said...

These shoes are gorgeous!

I have a problem with throwing out shoes- I always put them near the bin too haha!


Mabel said...

Wow, I have never, ever, EVER found a pair of shoes at a second hand store that were cute AND in my size! Lucky you!!!

Life of Mabel

Jurgita K. said...

Such a pretty wedges!

Jurgita K. said...

Such a pretty wedges!

Josefina said...

they are just adorable, i can imagine million ways to wear them!

Teresa said...

Such a perfectly timed find! YAY!
Though… your version of "steep" differs from mine. ;)

Love the bike glimpses in the photos too.

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