Wednesday, 14 August 2013

green and leopard and houses by the sea

green leopard b This is what I wore the Sunday before last, after all the black and white. As much as I'd enjoyed the classic palette and easy getting dressed decisions, I really missed some colour! I wanted to start with just one. And I really wanted to wear my new leopard shoes..!

I love everything 1940s at the moment and have been watching some great 1940s films, and love their use of colour. I also love a strong hue with leopard, so chose this green pencil skirt and added my vintage cashmere cardigan – which puts all cardigans ever to shame in terms of softness and warmth. Now I understand the joy of and the reverence for cashmere! So, on that rainy, cold and blowy Sunday, three of us went out for coffee and breakfast and then dropped our friend off at his home by the sea. green leopard g green leopard m green leopard h green leopard e green leopard c green leopard d


Jamie Rose said...

This outfit is gorgeous and so pretty! I love your leopard print heels so much. They look perfect with your green skirt and comfy cardigan.

ravenlocks said...

What a beautiful outfit! Your shoes are really lovely. I like the ankle straps on them...kind of a weird thing to notice lol. But it looks really pretty because it matches the heel. I love the green skirt too!

xo Azu

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Those shoes are amazing! You look beautiful as always. Xx

MarieBayArea said...


Pinky Honey said...

You are so very true: splash of color goes a long way!
Green skirt and leopard shoes go well toghether.

Lovely outftit!


nulca said...

Hi Esme! Greetings from Poland!

I've been watching you for over I year, I think, and I finally decided to leave a comment. You're such an inspiration! I'll be miserable if you delate your blog. Don't do that please!! I just love it! I'm always impatiently looking forward to the new posts :)

You can create such an amazing atmosphere and specific climate on your blog. The photos are beautiful. and you are stunning!

I know that such words may sound strange but I just wanted to emphasize how much I like Esme and the Laneway :)

Have a good day!

stevia indrawan said...

this is one beautiful ensemble for a lovely Sunday :)
that green skirt paired perfectly with your loepard heels

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Marta said...

Loving the photo’s! Gorgeous skirt and cool shoes!

Porcelina said...

I think this is one of my favourite looks that you've ever worn - so chic, understated and fabulous all in one!

P x

Vivian de Violet said...

Another bag of yours I am in love with hehe ;)

Melissa Gaggiano said...

The more I see your beautiful photos the closer I come to finally wanting to overhaul and stylise my own look. I practically live in tracksuits. Time for a change, I think.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Really wonderful...gorgeous shoes. I love the colour with the leopard print! x

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

lovely outfit! the shoes are awesome! and you look gorgeous as always! :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

I love the 50s and 40s equally, and for a good many reasons both, but do often find that I tend to go through periods of leaning more heavily towards one than the other, and this season, it's been the 40s for me as well, too.

♥ Jessica

Vintage Girl said...

Love the coat, shoes and pencil skirt. You look very classy!

Ester Durães said...

wow I absolutely love your shoes, they're so pretty!!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Rachael // The Paraders said...

What a gorgeous ensemble! You're a real inspiration for cold-weather vintage fashion. Living in Chicago, I can never quite pull it off!

Rachael from THE PARADERS

E.C. Anderson said...

LOVE the outfit this time! I enjoyed the black and white week. Always so classy and classic. But there's just something about pops of bold color, huh? And I love the leopard heels with the outfit!

I lean towards 50's usually, but I get huge pangs of wanting to dress more 40's sometimes. I don't think I could keep up with being so... I dunno? Classy? Sexy? Haha!


Adorable! Love the entire outfit. :) Totally diggin' your style.

<3 Joelle Nicolette

Jade Doherty said...

those shoes and that skirt are to die for.

esme and the laneway said...

‪Jamie Rose‬ : thank you! Oh the cardigan is SO soft and comfy :)

‪ravenlocks‬ : not weird at all, that's what made me like them too :)

‪Vintage Bird Girl‬ : <3

‪MarieBayArea‬ : thanks!

‪Pinky Honey‬ : thank you! Yes, really enjoyed the colour again :)

‪nulca‬ : thank you very, very much, that's a very lovely thing to say :)

‪stevia indrawan‬ : thank you :)

‪Marta‬ : thanks – it was fun to wear :)

‪Porcelina‬ : thanks, I enjoyed wearing it – so enjoying the 1940's influence atm!

‪Vivian de Violet‬ : hehe thanks – there's just two I use, but they are really practical!

‪Melissa Gaggiano‬ : nothing wrong with tracksuits if they're comfy! Always wear what makes you happy x it's what's inside that really counts!

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬ : thanks! I KNEW I'd get loads of wear out of the meow meow shoes :D

‪Just Dont Tell Anyone‬ : thank you! x

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : and you've looked beautiful! I think I need to make the most of the 1940's while I can, before the weather demands 1950's sundresses and sweetness for a million months ;D

‪Vintage Girl‬ : thank you!

‪Ester Durães‬ : thank you! Me too, hehe, I am so happy I got them :)

 ‪Rachael // The Paraders‬ thanks! Brrrrrr Chicago gets super cold, doesn't it? Like -20C? I guess you'd need more than stockings and a coat for that!

‪E.C. Anderson‬ : thanks! I know what you mean with the 1940s thing – I think that's what I am enjoying atm with it, as the 1950's feels so sugary for me after months of summer! Its fun to play with different eras though :)

‪JOELLE NICOLETTE‬ : thanks very much :)

‪Jade Doherty‬: thank you! x

Natalie said...

the colour of your hair with that cardigan is perfection :)

i've somehow gone from a 1940s phase straight into a 1970's phase - i guess it might have something to do with the fact that the silhouettes are similar, but 70's dresses are more forgiving after the second (alright ... third) slice of carrot cake! which is very important :)

anyway, i'm taking a lot of winter dressing inspiration from you, although really i just can't wait for summer to roll around again!

pearl vintage archive

Margarita Bloom said...

So pretty! and those shoes!!! Le faint...I adore!

Margarita Bloom Retro Modern Beauty & Skincare

Jurgita K. said...

You look so lovely! I love your style!:)

Iru ♍ said...

Mad respect for the coat and back seamed stockings! They feel so properly constructed. (Not to mention, you look great!)

✿ ✿
❀ ❀

Mabel said...

Beautiful outfit! I love green and leopard together and your shoes are sooo nice :)

Life of Mabel

Ami said...

Amazing shoes and outfit in general and I LOVE your hair colour! :)

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