Saturday, 31 August 2013

looking back at past augusts (and the outfits)

I was going through my folders the other night and decided to have a quick look at what I was up to in Augusts in (blogged) years gone by. I've archived a lot of things off my laptop onto the external hard drive but still keep 2011 and 2012 on here. I've no idea why, to be honest – perhaps for things like this!

So, I thought it might be funny potentially embarrassing interesting to see what I was wearing in the past two winters. I love the throw back Thursdays and flash back Fridays on instagram, but as I don't have any pics of me as a child, I can share these instead.

aug11 flashback August 2011 I was really, really over vintage in the 1950s & 1960s sense, and wanted to wear more 1970s things, with a darker influence. I was sick of girly and old-timey and cute. I was also pretty unhappy about some things, but then again some great things happened too, in regards to work stuff. Maybe I'll go into that one day? They definitely affected what I wanted to wear. I do remember wanting to have more 1940s things, and getting the green dress in the top right. I loved the 1970s-does-1930s black and red floral chiffon bottom left, and was chuffed to get my red boots, bought when I was 19, out again. I also liked long skirts and wide legged pants, again referencing the 1930s without being especially vintage. I'd decided I wanted to grow my black hair very long, and was clearly already there! I still got all of these things except for three of the four pairs of shoes – that says a lot! – and would definitely consider wearing them again – albeit pretty differently now! aug12 flashback Wow, this is one year ago, and it feels like maybe, well, 6 months. I'd finally decided to go platinum as it was my number one favourite hair colour, and it was a now-or-never kind of thing. I tend to like to just do these things rather than wait and wait and wonder what it could have been like. I am preeeettty sure I have satisfied my white hair desires now..!

I remember that again, like a year before, feeling kind of trapped by vintage clothing rather than enjoying it, but also wanting to wear more 1940s things. Something to do with winter? Actually, I was also quite sad about some work things at this time, too, although I was doing something entirely different to the year before. Hmm. Seems to be an August theme – maybe I'm not that happy in winter after all?!?!

When I first did my pink hair, the blonding hadn't blonded me enough (which I was prepared for) so I knew pink would work well with the, uh, golden tones of my hair for round one. It took a few goes for the pink to show at all, and then in one final go it went a little brighter than I wanted but I was happy to be on my way with it. (The funny thing is, I'm now not interesting at all in pastel hair. How fast things change.). I also remember feeling really frustrated with my lack of things, especially vintage, that I wanted to wear, and also wanting to wear less colours but not always getting there. Like the white or cream tights; they do make a bit of an impact! I still love the vintage dresses in the top two photos but would definitely wear them differently now. I also doubt that I'll ever find something that I really enjoy wearing with the full skirt bottom left, but I probably keep trying... we'll see!

Well, that was, for me, definitely a little bit funny! I think I am much happier with my wardrobe now. What about you – what do you think when you look back?


Elke said...

What a change! You do look the part all the way through :) But so very different :)
Two years ago, after2 really chubby pregnancy's, I began wearing colours and buying clothes again. Last summer I shopped some more and still love and wear all of those clothes. I accesorize differently, though. I didn't realy buy much this year :) But I've sewn and refashioned :)

jennifer schmittlin said...

You look beautiful in every picture. Every style seems to suit you!

Jessica Cangiano said...

I love that your style is constantly evolving, yet there are distinct threads of commonality that run through the looks in each year (a passion for chunky, beautiful heels, for example). This post was tons of fun!

♥ Jessica

Mabel said...

I think my style has gotten more "grown up" because there is a strict dress code at work. I still dress like "myself" when I'm not at work. I'm blonde now too and I miss my black hair. You always look great no matter what you're into!

Life of Mabel

Krista Blanks said...

The photo of you sitting on the bed in the orange, looking down... it's absolutely divine!

You are a stunner!

Marianna Chalkiadaki said...

I like them all!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

ah, you have changed so much! i love your lighter hair now!

lindsey louise

MarieBayArea said...

I fell in love with your blog a few years ago when you had silky, sexy, sultry, long, jet black hair. It still remains my iconic fave look of yours. So stunning with your porcelain skin and blue eyes. You've looked gorgeous in every hair color since. Each one highlights a different part of your personality and evokes different moods and feelings.

Miss Emmi said...

I really love your 70s look! The combination of floaty fabrics grounded in earty tones is really divine.

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

i think that you are very pretty, and very stylish! so you look just great in all of them! :)

Evie Lowe said...

I was also pretty unhappy about some things, but then again some great things happened too, in regards to work stuff. Maybe I'll go into that one day? " - I'd love to hear more about yourself, I would definitely be interested knowing more about you

The pictures from last year I could've sworn were more recent, what happened to the past year!?

Xx Evie

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love all of these looks really, your 70'd look is stunning, love your hair long or short. Dark or light, you suit it all really :)) Love evolving styles :) xx

Hopefully Smashing said...

Wow, what a crazy change in style between one year to the next. I like both looks, but I think the more 40s vintage seems more you (maybe since I am more used to you like that?).

Salomé said...

You look great with every haircut, how can you do that? :p
Cheers from France

Mélodie Nicolle said...

I absolutely adore that picture of you with short blond hair and yellow dress, so pretty, fun and natural! You look really beautiful and spontaneous that's lovely to see!

Macchiatotimes said...

You're such an inspiration to me and I believe, to many other women. I hope you'll keep on being this awesome and creative!



the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Yes that bedside photo is really beautiful.
I know what you mean by being "trapped" by one style. Sometimes I had thoughts like I'd like to wear a certain thing but felt it was a bit out of my current style era, like, not along with a 50's thing or so. Like boots, for example. Now I just think 'what the hell was I thinking', Fuck it :D

esme and the laneway said...

‪Elke‬ : that's a nice thing, isn't it, knowing you like what you got last year! It's fun to change things a bit, and I find it interesting how we sometimes keep the same style, and sometimes move on.

‪jennifer schmittlin‬ : thanks – I guess they were variations of what my style is so weren't too different..!

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : thanks! Yes, definitely some things stay the same, although I've been feeling a new direction coming on..!

‪Mabel‬ : would you ever go back to black hair? It looked amazing on you! Yes, work defintiely affects dressing, too, even if it isn't strict.

‪Krista Blanks‬ : thanks, but erf, that hair only lokoed good a small percentage of the time! :D

‪Marianna Chalkiadaki‬ : thanks!

‪Lindsey Louise Bales‬ : thanks, me too, the black was dramatic and fun but too harsh.

‪MarieBayArea‬ : haha you make my hair sound way nicer than it ever really was!

‪Miss Emmi‬ : thanks – it was fun. I'll love the 70s forever!

‪Just Dont Tell Anyone‬ : thanks! That's why how we feel in clothes is so important, too.

‪Evie Lowe‬ : OMG :O the last year has gone SO FAST I literally cannot believe they were a year ago. Shocked!

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬ : thanks :)

‪Hopefully Smashing‬ : I love the 1940s and if I lived in a milder climate would definitely wear more of it. I don't think I'll ever think of the climate I'm in now as home, for me. I keep thinking it's going to end from a clothes point of view...

‪Salomé‬ : you are too kind :)

‪Mélodie Nicolle‬ : thank you :) I remember feeling quite happy wearing the dress when that was taken, even though I wasn't looking forward to the day too much!

‪Macchiatotimes‬ : thanks very much!

‪the freelancer's fashionblog‬ : definitely the best idea :D it seems to be such a vintage-girl problem, like we aren't allowed to wear modern/different eras/whatever we want. Silly! (I LOVE your style and have for years!)

Kym Piez said...

It's official. You look fabulous as a blonde, brunette AND redhead.

You can work it all. Lucky girl. x

LandGirl1980 said...

Oh, I did so love your dark hair :) And equally love it when you changed last year :)

La Petite Putain said...

OMG I have never seen you in dark hair before, love love it!!
Thinking about going brown again?

esme and the laneway said...

Kym Piez : hehe thanks... the bonus of being mousey?! ;D

LandGirl1980 : thanks :) it was fun.

La Petite Putain : thanks! Definitely darker but still red, so I never have to do my roots again! :D

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