Tuesday, 20 August 2013

pink winter dresses and tiny pink tongues

vintage-pink-wool d Ok, I admit it – I've got nothing to wear. Oh ok, of course I do. I mean I don't know what I want to wear. Which is better than having nothing I want to wear, isn't it? Yes, it is!

At the risk of being the weather lady and mentioning the current weather in every. single. post. (well, I already do, but hey, what could affect getting dressed more? Along with where you are going) I am going to blame it on just that; this strange sunny but very cold but then maybe suddenly warm for two hours and then back to very cold and just about always super windy last few weeks of winter is just all wrong. It's been too spring-like to look at. The sun rises and shines and promises a bright warm day (and bright sun in Melbourne is different to the bright sun I grew up with in England – it basically demands bright colours are worn!) and there I am, standing in front of my stuff all in a state of indecision. And indecision is the worst deci-... yeah yeah well of course it is, something needs to go on, and soon!

Yesterday I wanted to wear grey – like many days recently – but it would have wrong for what I was doing. I've also wanted to wear my vintage wool dresses for a while, so I picked out this prawny pink one. Light wool, non itchy, nice and warm but not too warm for the hours of driving in the car with all the sun filtering through the windscreen and making everything rather toasty. And I get to see that pink does work with red hair!

And Babycat just had to get involved and mirror my poses. Naturally! vintage-pink-wool e vintage-pink-wool h I wore my hair down because rebellion but I think up is the way at the moment. vintage-pink-wool b vintage-pink-wool cvintage-pink-wool g vintage-pink-wool f vintage-pink-wool a


Lynn Dylan said...

Gorgeous you! Enjoyed your last three posts. Playing catch-up here. Your hair looks pretty in the windy-day picture!


Carolyn said...

Aw you and Babycat are so gorgeous! I absolutely adore that dress!

Melissa Gaggiano said...

That is a beautiful dress.

E.C. Anderson said...

That's it! Whenever someone tells me a redhead can't wear pink, I'm going to direct them to this post, because you look GORGEOUS.


MarieBayArea said...

That pink dress and your hosiery are delightful!

Kym Piez said...

Red and pink go so beautifully together. Love that dress. I love a good woolly, non-itchy number.

You look fabulous. x

Megan said...

I agree - pink definitely goes with red hair! Such a pretty dress! And as a hardcore cat lover, let me just say that Babycat is adorable! HE'S SO FLUFFY!!!!

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

hah! what a great post! :) your cat is so pretty, and so cute :) and girl, I love your wardrobe! all the colours - awesome! :)

esme and the laneway said...

‪Lynn Dylan‬ : thanks! It was like having a wind machine as long as I faced the right way!

‪Carolyn‬ : thank you! Babycat says hi hi!

‪Melissa Gaggiano‬ : thanks!

‪E.C. Anderson‬ : haha awesome!

‪MarieBayArea‬ : thanks!

‪Kym Piez‬ : thanks! Yep, red and pink are winners!

‪Megan‬ : yep! And yes, she (it's ok, she's not offended!) is SUPER FLUFFY and so is everything I own, forever. :D

‪Just Dont Tell Anyone‬ : I've so many colours and am feeling all grey!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a joyfully fun, smile-inducingly sweet series of photos. You and Babycat should have you own fashion TV show - I could just see you two coming up with outfits to sport, no matter the weather, and both being as cute as cute can be each week (which, of course, you do here already - something about this post just made me picture you two on TV).

♥ Jessica

Anja said...

nice posing, Babycat :)

Alice said...

I absolutely love your hair colour and am so glad you've gone back to red. What do you use to colour it? I have been using professional shades from Schwarzkopf but they have discontinued my base colour, I'd love to know what your formula is if you wouldn't mind sharing,

P.S. Your cat is so beautiful!

esme and the laneway said...

Jessica Cangiano : ooh, Babycat TV, love it! :D

Anja : hehe she is a natural!

Alice : thanks :) At the moment it is Wella 8.43 (I think) and some 7.43, over a peach tone over bleach... so much depends on the colour you're starting with. Good luck!

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