Friday, 13 September 2013

black, pale blue and a peplum

blue-black-peplum c What I wore to go to drinks in the city on Wednesday night: a black dress with a great peplum, a pale blue shirt with a pointy collar and draped short sleeves, and my vintage deco dress clips. I love black and pale blue together, and am chuffed to have a black dress with such an excellent peplum – the whole thing felt very 1940's and fun! I found the dress unexpectedly last weekend and I jut know it will be a staple for years to come. blue-black-peplum f blue-black-peplum e blue-black-peplum a blue-black-peplum b blue-black-peplum d


Natalie Mulford said...

Ohh! That dress is amazing!

Lynn Dylan said...

Marianne, so very pretty! I love the colors together. Beautiful as always.

Lynn Dylan

Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

nice outfit and you look so pretty :)

beate grigutsch said...

thats a great idea to dress down and modernize an otherwise rather dramatically dress!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Such a gorgeous look like a movie star, really beautiful. I wear my shirts under certain dresses as well & my husband gives me an uncertain look about it, haha :) Have a great weekend x Kizzy

Honey P said...

Amazing dress... Love it!

Comrade Von Pussycat said...

Marianne, I just have to tell you that I when I saw the first photo, I honestly thought you were Rita Hayworth, GORGEOUS dress, I love 1940's dresses, if only they weren't so difficult to come by!

Valentina Duracinsky said...

How lovely!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog
-- Facebook Page

Mélodie Nicolle said...

That is a very cute outfit, especially the idea of combining the dress with a pale shirt, very pretty and this dress is really stunning!

Miss Louise said...

you are TOO gorgeous! I love this outfit!

esme and the laneway said...

‪Natalie Mulford‬ : thanks – I was chuffed to get it!

‪Lynn Dylan‬ : thank you – I saw pale blue and black in Cover Girl (the amazing secretary, when she goes to Rita H's club) and loved it!

‪Aloysia Adinda Nareswari‬ : <3

‪beate grigutsch‬ : thanks! Yes, I love making the most of dresses and making them work in different ways :) extend that wardrobe! :D

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬: thanks :) funny looks, haha, but I'm sure it looks great x

‪Honey P‬ : thank you!

‪Comrade Von Pussycat‬ : ahhhh that's sooooo nice! :D They are – but this one is a more modern one, hoorah! It goes in the washing machine, double hoorah! x

‪Valentina Duracinsky‬ : thanks!

‪Mélodie Nicolle‬ : thanks Melodie!

‪Miss Louise‬ : thank you! x

Lisen said...

Such an inspiring outfit!

Person hinter den Worten said...

You got the haircolour that I'd like to have. So pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

Love love love!!!! Your style is my style:-)

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