Friday, 6 September 2013

fashion week runway three, Thursday

rainy leaves Thanks so much for your feedback yesterday – I think I'd forgotten how fun dressing up can be. I went with the copper skirt one, as it ended up being pretty cold and very grey outside. My walk to the train station was pretty quick! copper skirt lace sarahw When I arrived I saw Sarah, who had a beautiful leopard print bag. leopard bag sarahw leeyong prints And then I saw Leeyong, who always has the most amazing prints, even when we look at them under the violet spot lights. violin The show had live music by The Raah Project, and it was so perfectly suited to the night. I really enjoyed it. sing nevenka d I absolutely loved Nevenka. Beautiful lace dresses that reminded me of Edwardian cottons. How good is that top? Love these! nevenka c nevenka b nevenka e nevenka f nevenka g nevenka a I also liked the full skirts and simplicity of Yeojin Bae. yeojin bae a yeojin bae b iolanthe I met Iolanthe in the foyer after the show, and we went for chai lattes and chats at Journal, rounding off a really nice fashion week evening. journal-chai a


MarieBayArea said...

Terrific choice!

Ancora Rejsy said...

Esme - you should always stay a redhead. Or a brunette, but not blonde. This copper colour is perfect!

Catherine said...

those lace dresses are so beautiful! Thank you for posting these! xo

Helen Mae said...

Your skirt is so lovely for Autumn, and the first photo really gets me in the mood for that kind of weather.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Marvellous event...looks like so much fun :)) And I'm glad you picked the copper skirt, it is really wonderful and looked great on you. Have a great weekend x

abigailalicex said...

Those dresses are stunning! lovely photos!

Feel free to enter my MAC Lipstick giveaway!

Mélodie Nicolle said...

OMG Marianne that skirt you're wearing is absolutely gorgeous! The color is simply perfect for fall (and it's coming soon here in Paris!) Really beautiful!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Beautiful outfit choice - I just love how that stunning quilted skirt shines with the intensity of freshly polished penny.

♥ Jessica

Sarah said...

The lace dresses are so beautiful! I just love your outfit as well, great choice! x

Aimée / The Lost Girl said...

Really beautiful outfit choice! the skirt is magnificent and the colour! Oh wow!! You look stunning!

Aimée x

Lubna said...

Love the choice, stunning! Do you have an interesting story about how you acquired that amazing skirt??

Rhia said...

Copper skirt was fabulous choise! I love how it looks like padded bed cover. With leopard shoes it's a killer! I would also love to hear more about that skirt.

esme and the laneway said...

‪MarieBayArea‬ : thansk!

‪Ancora Rejsy‬ : Thanks! I love how hair colour is so subjective.

‪Catherine‬ : aren't they! Totoalyl want one (or four) for Summer.

‪Helen Mae‬ : it is!

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬ : thank you!

‪abigailalicex‬ : <3

‪Mélodie Nicolle‬ : thanks! Fall in Paris must be magical :)

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ that's the exact colour, love that!

‪Sarah‬ : they are! And thanks!

‪Aimée / The Lost Girl‬ : thank you :)

‪Lubna‬ : I wish I did, but I just stumbled across it on etsy..!

‪Rhia‬ : it does, really warm and snuggly looking. :)

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