Thursday, 19 September 2013

mid-week wrap up, dandelions, cats, new shoes and ups and downs

wednesday Ok, it's coming a day late if this is technically going to be a mid-week wrap up, but I think that's ok when it's because there's been a lot of good stuff happening, and anyway it is still the middle-ish of the week in that it's not the end yet. And it could well still be Wednesday somewhere. Let's look at last week at the good things and the bad things and then look forward to next week!

The not-so-good, I don't like stuff:

– dropping your phone when taking photos of a cat climbing on you when out for a run, and cracking the back of it. Although that's pretty good going, seeing as it's almost 2 years old and I've dropped it a few times before only to watch it bounce back to me unscathed. Plus, it finally cracked doing important work that it loved, obviously.

– thinking about how much time you wasted waiting for Melbourne's embarrassingly bad public transport. Don't think about that. It's no good.

– bad hair days

– feeling awkward in front of the camera because you're having a bad face week

– when someone does something that makes you feel small and stupid and you think you asked for it

The good, I do like stuff:

– going out for a dinner that turns out to be even better than expected, and sharing it with great company

– trying new, strange things, that you think you won't find very easy, and actually enjoying them

– really enjoying not fitting in, and joyfully standing out!

– thinking the worst has happened (ok, this was on a relatively small scale! No real drama!) (but still, stressful), being brave and questioning it, and finding out it was just a mistake and it is immediately sorted

– awesomely patient and helpful partners helping you hopefully sort an issue with your camera... and hamming it up with a dandelion and getting a nice pic!

– going to a fancy dress party and no-so-secretly enjoying wearing BOLD makeup, and trainers!!!

– new shoes! New shoes for summer! New fabulous shoes for my swirling gypsy summer! On sale! And the joy of buying shoes online and worrying they won't fit, and then... they do. Perfectly. Phews, and yays!

– having a dinner out with ace people to look forward to tonight

– having a special work event to look forward to on Saturday

What's the latest with you? How is your week going?

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lj said...

It's still Wednesday here in Arizona!

You seem like you really like your job -- mind if I ask what you do?

Vanessa said...

That dandelion picture is so stinkin' adorable, I almost can't stand it!

Nina said...

Try not to let someone make you feel small and stupid. No one worth respecting should make you feel like that.

I just moved to Melbourne in the last few days so I'm having a great week. Now to find a job...

Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

inspiring post!

Anonymous said...

It is still Wednesday where I am in Grande Prairie, AB, Canada :) So there you go! By the way, this is the first time I have commented, but I have been reading your blog for several months now and I really enjoy it. -Nicole

Ila said...

Aww your photos are always so full of gorgeous colours, i love it!!

Ila x

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Boo the not-so good things, but yay for the good things. Am glad there was some of the good stuff to balance out the bad. You look wonderful in the pictures, the bold make-up looks fun :))) I hope the new week will have less bad things and lots more good stuff ;) Have fun!! xx

Amber Jade said...

Bad face week, pffff! You always look flawless! :D
My week has had its ups and downs too, the worst of the downs being 6 dresses which I'd ordered from overseas arrived and most of them don't fit >.< The best of the ups being finishing assignments and feeling super productive! :)

Alli said...

So sorry to hear about your yucky parts of the week. But let me just totally rocked that 80s look!!! Just seeing that pic made me feel like breaking out my ra ra or balloon skirt! Lol :)

So Anouck said...

I really like you new topic "mid week up and downs"!

beate grigutsch said...

cool new shoes!
love your 80´s styling :-)

esme and the laneway said...

‪lj‬ : yay I knew it would be :D this one is for a blogging function, so I do LOVE it!

‪Vanessa‬ : haha happy unplanned times!

‪Nina‬ : oh, I know, it lasted about 3 minutes. ;) Oh, welcome to Melbourne! Hope you are enjoying it. Oh, job hunting... good luck! :D

‪Aloysia Adinda Nareswari‬ : <3

‪Anonymous‬ : thanks very much, Nicole. It's so nice to hear from readers so I really appreciate that :) x

‪Ila‬ : thank you! Maybe I'll surprise you and do a black and white series? ;D

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬ : thanks, you too! And hey, we need to bad things to make the good stuff shine brighter :)

‪Amber Jade‬ : boooo about the dresses – hope you can exchange them! And yay to feeling productive, that's one of the best feeling ever.

‪Alli‬ : haha do it! It's so liberating!

‪So Anouck‬ : oh good, I'm glad! Thank you!

‪beate grigutsch‬ : thanks! And haha it was fun!

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