Thursday, 12 September 2013

nice tuesday evenings and trying new things with hair

hair curled a On Tuesday night I went to an event at Lush in Melbourne's CBD. I decided to try something new with my hair, too... and it felt like a bit of a risk, to be honest! I received a care package from GHD (thank you) – they asked me to chose a straightener, and I chose this one because it's blue and shiny – surely a top priority when choosing such things – and was pretty curious to try curling my hair with a straightener. Any attempts I've made with curling irons in the past have fallen flat (boom tish) and even though I'd heard so many good things about GHDs (my friend has loved hers for years), my hopes were not high.

(There was also a hair dryer in the box, which I wasn't expecting, and as I've said here, oh, you know, maybe once or twenty times before, my hair takes an aaaaaaaage to dry, so I didn't give much thought to this at all. HA! Forgive me, this is going to sound so cheesy, but this hair dryer is amazing. I can dry my hair in ten minutes. From freshly washed and soaking wet, to dry. This is a new era for me. Seriously.) (And I thought all hair dryers were created equal. No.)

hair curled d hair curled f hair curled e I was really surprised and really, really chuffed with how it all turned out. I made curls! I love that it can be done so quickly. I had to look up a bunch of tutorials on youtube to work it out, but it's actually easy to do these. Next I want to see if I can do waves. Oh, and I need to learn to not make my hair go over my left eye. (My hair is apparently determined to be cut in a fringe. No!) The peek-a-boo hair worked for Veronica Lake and Jessica Rabbit but I need to be able to see where I'm going. Just call me princess.

hair curled c transparent pink I wore a palest blush pink, almost nude, chiffon dress with a sparkly collar and a soft black jumper, with my wooden heeled Marni shoes. I also did red nails, as I thought they'd look nice again the pale pink. rainbow train Our evenings are a little lighter now, which is nice. It started raining when I got to the train station (and my hair didn't drop in the humidity, hooroo hooray) and, from the dry comfort under the platform roof, I could enjoy a rainbow. city night I love being in the city at night. I didn't know much about Lush beyond colourful and fragrant bath bombs and was surprised, pleasantly, to learn there was so much more to them. They spoke about their passion to not have products tested on animals, their initiatives to be environmentally friendly with their products and their packaging, and the importance of their suppliers treating their staff well. We were shown how they make one of their cleansers, and treated to yummy things from the ASRC – the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. We also got to try a lot of the different products. Yays – who doesn't want to enjoy some pampering?! lush c lush b lush a lush e lush f furoshiki mondrian nails I had to take a picture of these Mondrian inspired nails. joyce Joyce was there – she is always so lovely! She told me she only realised she had matched her cherry print dress to her bike panniers once she got there, which was really cute. I love that she rode – I think I need to start riding into the city again, too!

cherry bike joyce bike


Rowdy Fairy said...

Your hair looks lovely!

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Wild Tea Party said...

Lush is amazing - I deal with their PR department through my job and what I always love is that they, and the store staff, are so enthusiastic about the product and what they do. Totally fantastic! The products are great as well. I've switched most of my skin care over to Lush, and I'm hooked.

If you're ever in London, visit their Day Spa. It's my treat whenever I go over. It's AMAZING.

Bianca Y said...

I LOVE my ghd. I'm not sure what I'd do without it.
A great tip, particularly if you have thick hair, is to run your brush through the curls once you're done. Generally pull the brush in the direction you want the curls do go, and you get almost a bit of a pin-curl kind of look.
Anyway, it looks great!

Ms Jelena said...

Your hair looks stunning!!! Love that lippie too!!

xx said...

Your hair came out amazing! I always suck at curling my hair with a straightner, it never came out as I wished :(
And I also really get the being in the city at night thing. It all looks so different!

Lots of love,
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Miss Maple said...

Great hair, love the golden collar. Altogether this looks very nice.

pigeon said...

you're so pretty, this hairstyle really fits you! ^^

cute weirdoland -

Jen W said...

I was also really surprised at how much there was behind LUSH and their campaigns. Very impressed with the ASRC collab.

Great night!

Conny Sullivan said...

Your hair looks soo pretty!! Is that your natural hair colour? It's gorgeous :)

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