Wednesday, 11 September 2013

the good, the bad, the mid-week wrap up

melbourne spring Wow, it's Wednesday already! I hope you are having a good week. I thought I'd do a little wrap up of what's been bad and what's been good for the past seven days. I feel like mid-week is a good time to do this, a mid-week wrap up of sorts, with pictures from my instagram. I think this is the best time to do it for me!

So, what has been good and bad this week?

The Bad:

– tights that go baggy. Ugh. Nora Batty ankles. Straight in the bin they go!
– breaking not one but two nails within an hour of each other. Really?
– forgetting how to go shoe shopping. I tried on loads of pairs, but none were just right... and I actually need a new pair of shoes.
– boutons. In the French sense. Because saying it in French makes it that little bit better. Yes, those buttons...
– speaking of nails: painting them and almost instantly going off the colour. I don't like red finger tips at the moment... what?!
– going to enough shows at Melbourne's Fashion Week to really make me want to go shopping. Buy all the new things. All the new things!

The Good:

– forgetting how to go shoe shopping: my bank balance says thanks. And no unloved shoes come home...
– going to the lush event in Melbourne on Tuesday night, seeing Joyce (who is also the lovely lady behind cyclestyle) and and getting products to fight the aforementioned boutons...
– finding a super dooper pair of shoes online, on sale and in my size
– work meetings at city cafes. Melbourne CBD is really quite beautiful! And a touch of perfume shopping afterwards is always nice
– getting home to not one but two Vogues, the September and October issues. Lots of pleasant reading to look forward to..!
– going to Melbourne Fashion Week shows and really enjoying them! Lots of inspiration for the Spring and Summer...
– taking a risk on a new nail colour (nudey-beigey) and loving it. Simple pleasures!
– going for a loooooong lunch at Melba, on Melbourne's Yarra waterfront in the city, and enjoying yummy seafood.
– Melbourne in Spring. All that blossom is looking beautiful!

And you? What have been the highlights, or the lowlights, of your week? msfw city lunch nails lush


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I dislike when my tights go baggy too, it's not nice or I've had some that have twisted around my leg & they were seamed with a little decoration on the ankle, it looked horrible, I just caught it in a store window & quickly had to go and fix it. I was not impressed. And I have broken a few nails this week, I was quite proud that I had grown them so long & then they broke house cleaning, I guess I will have to stop cleaning ;D But, I had good things too like enjoying the start of the autumn leaves turning colours, new vintage dresses :))) All of your good things sound wonderful. It's good when there is somewhat of a balance of good and bad :))) xx Kizzy.

Amber Jade said...

Highlights: Placing an order for some new dresses from Modcloth and being SO CLOSE to being finished with my assignments for the term. Very ready for a bit of a break!
Lowlights: Spending the entire day today sitting in a lecture hall listening to common sense stuff about occupational health & safety and teamwork. It was terribly boring and really didn't seem worth the time at all.

beate grigutsch said...

the highlights: party at friday night at a cool location in berlin, sunday open air concert with the mountaineers choir in the - you guess - mountains.
not so good: to much rain
and: i´m also in a pale nails mood at the moment. lavender. must be in the air ;-)

Kristel Klear said...

- finding a pretty vintage dress on etsy
- making the first purchase together with my mister. Investments into a common future rock!
- painting nails in burgundy red because fall has started here
- taking walks and collecting fallen leaves and berries for my fall deco

- 12 hour workdays
- pouring rain
- long-distance relationships (which will soon be over, moving together, whohooo!)
Have a great week! Cheers from the Netherlands

esme and the laneway said...

The Dainty Dolls House : oh, no, I hate it when seamed tights do that! Glad you are enjoying Autumn. MMmmmm, Autumn! :D

Amber Jade : ugh, those lectures can be so boring! Yay for new season dresss.

beate grigutsch: oh Berlin sounds amazing, as does the concert. Lavender nails are beautiful, too :)

Kristel Klear: your good sounds very good! 12 hour work days are haaaaard but yays to buying! :D

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