Wednesday, 30 October 2013

beautiful evenings, rings and moss

red-mustard-deco-clip c Last Tuesday evening I braved the rain and went to a special preview of Julia deVille at e.g.etal in the city. I was super chuffed as I've been a fan of Julia deVille's for years, since way before I started blogging. My engagement present from my Creative Director at the time was a pair of her gloves. The fact that I am now less than two months from getting married seems like such a lovely coincidence! red-mustard-deco-clip a I was really happy with my hair, especially as I'd just put in pin curls earlier in the day. I'm using a mix of mousse and water as setting lotion and finding it is working SO well. Better than anything I've used yet! Of course no hair could survive that night's downpour so I got a good couple of minutes to enjoy it before I left. Make hay etc... jdv-melbourne-sky After a careful drive (with someone tailgating me for half of it – why do people do that at all, but especially in such bad conditions?!) (they must be mad) I got to the train station. The sky was an eerie murky yellow and the rain was loud on the platform shelter's tin roof. I got soaked through on the two minutes run from my car and my wool coat smelled like... well, a wet wool coat! It always makes me think of horses for some reason. jdv a I arrived feeling rather like a drowned rat. Definitely regretted not taking an umbrella. jdv c But the set up was so beautiful I soon forgot my soggy state. The table setting was the most beautiful I've ever seen: real moss! Loved it! Want to have a real moss setting soon. You know how some things just fit perfectly with your aesthetic? This is it for me. jdv b jdv j With beautiful vintage plates, napkins and cuttlery. Perfection. jdv h Julia's work is always so out of this world. I love the mix of Victorian influences and memento mori. jdv i jdv g jdv f jdv k Then it was time for our dinner. I was in a strangely quiet mood (great timing, ha!) but was more than happy to listen to the questions and answers about Julia's work. jdv l And eating without talking is always easier..! I really liked the vegan food. jdv m Love the serving details. Love love love. jdv n Beautiful Kyra had fancy nails. jdv o Then there was a nice surprise – we got to try on the rings! Ahhhhhhhhh so extra good now that I am just about to shop for my wedding ring. I got to practice! I love ornate and sparkly. The green and the blue were verrrry nice... what's your favourite? I think I will be day dreaming about rings all day now! jdv p jdv r jdv q


Joanne said...

Still looking very glam for someone who got soaked through:)

Tessa and Scarlett said...

Beautiful rings! I really like the blue-green one in the second-last photo, and I quite like the dark one on the pinky in the third-last photo.

Uila said...

Is this the same black bag you have on your "black vintage full skirted dress, stripes, and a touch of gold" post?

If yes, can you tell me it's name, please? If it is not, can I have both of their names?

I am on the market for a new daily black bag and am simply in love with your black bag(s ?).

I will be waiting anxiously for a reply.
thank you in advance,


esme and the laneway said...

Joanne : hehehe sah soggy!

Tessa and Scarlett : aren't they soooo good!

Uila : it is! It s from asos, a few months ago, and I think this particular one might have gone now but I've seen lots very similar there :) x (ps I MUST remember to list this in my posts!!!!!!!)

Ivy said...

The table settings and jewelry are gorgeous! The rings are so beautiful. Too bad the weather was the way it was, the curls and barrette looked fantastic.


Alli said...

The green one in the second last shot is beautiful! The blue one in the last shot reminds me of Princess Diana's ring. Looks like an amazing evening. And you looked amazing (even after running through a downpour ;) ) xxoo

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Ooooh, I dislike when it rains and I have forgotten an umbrella. Even a run from the car you can get so wet. Wet wool isn't the best is it!?! You did look darling though. I love the green ring, these are wonderful :)) xx

Vickie said...

looks like a fun night & such gorgeous jewellery :)

Incendiary Blonde said...

Your coooooooooooooooat!!!!!!

Uila said...

Thank you so much for replying. It was sold out on the german ASOS as well, but I found it for sale on eBay.

I decided to buy two of them, to give one to my mother when she comes to visit me in Germany in november (she lives in Brazil).

Like that we will have matching bags and it will remind me of her everyday, as i know she will be wearing hers as well.

Thank you so much for replying, this bag truly is beautiful and it stole my heart.

I don't know how or why, but I didn't own any black bags at the moment, and I am really pleased this was rectified. I hope they arrive here soon. :D

ps: I would love if you posted more where your bags and shoes and clothing items in general come from. You are always so beautiful and I am certain you are an inspiration for many other people besides me.

Your blog and Chronically vintage are my go to blogs for outfits inspirations.

Jonas said...

My name is Jonas and i´m a 37 year old man from Sweden.
I know you probably get this a lot but…I love your style and I think you´re incredibly beautiful.
And I wish that more women would embrace their femininity and dress the way you do.

Cookie-Fee said...

oh my, I just love your coat! And it fits so well to the moss on the table :) I love this idea for a table-setting... I should keep this in mind for an autumn-dinner at some point :) xx Cici

Paigey The Vintage Dame said...

How amazing of a time! Your coat is beautiful by the way! And those rings are to die for! So gorgeous!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Is that a dress clip in your hair? Oh my word, if it is, that's the coolest alternative use for them I've ever seen. Completely love - much as I do this whole beautiful ensemble.

♥ Jessica

esme and the laneway said...

Ivy : hehe thanks, it was so worth going though – and a good lesson for me re. umbrellas! :D

Alli : yes, I LOVED the green one so much! And thank you :)

The Dainty Dolls House : it smells so baaaad! Haha :D

Uila : oh brilliant! I'm so glad :D I really will try harder to list things, it's because so much of it is vintage or second hand etc that I forget that some of it is relevant to list too :)

Jonas : Thank you. But wouldn't it be better if everyone felt comfortable to dress as they wanted, and express who they are? That would be the most beautiful thing! x

Cookie-Fee : thanks. And the moss, yes, if you do it show pics please! xxx :D

Paigey The Vintage Dame:thank you! x

Cheryl from BusiChic said...

What stunning photoes, M! It was lovely to see you in your beautiful outfit looking like perfection - I did not see a drowned rat at all!

All the best with your wedding plans btw - I'm so excited for you and John! xx

Kendra Hayes said...

I second Jessica's comment! The clip (?) looks really cute where you've put it in your hair!

Speaking of hair...I've tried out pin curls a couple of times after reading on your blog about how to do them, and I love them! A bit of effort, but it really produces a lovely result. Re: the mousse: what kind do you use and what ratio do you apply when mixing it with water? Also (possibly a silly question, but I will press on anyway), do you apply the mousse-mix before or after pinning your hair up?

Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice for vintage-loving people! ^^

esme and the laneway said...

Cheryl from BusiChic : You are SO lovely! :D

Kendra Hayes : thanks :) At the moment I'm using some Kevin Murphy mousse as I happened to have a little tin of it, and mix a few good squirts (without shaking the tin first, so it's still liquidy) into a water bottle, so it's about a 1:4 mix or so of mousse:water. Then I spray each section just before I roll it up – hope that helps :)

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