Friday, 4 October 2013

honey buttons

honey-buttons-dress a Happy Friday, take two! I have been to get my passport photos (and they are so horrible it's funny) and got to enjoy some sunshine. I wore this vintage dress with buttons on the front and cool pockets. It needed some darning on some tiny holes when I got it but that's ok – I don't mind little things like that on good dresses! I wore my new snake skin shoes on their first wear out of the house and they were super comfortable, hooray. I also had a sparkly cardi on for a bit.

I've got into the habit lately of curling my hair before I go out, instead of pin curling it overnight. I've been using my (gifted) ghd sapphire styler and still looooove it. I was chatting with a friend about these, and she told me that her hair stayed curled for a couple of days when she used her skinny ghd, but would drop out by the morning when she used her normal-width one, which my what blue one is. I find that my curls stay all day with this one, and have a wave for a few days after, which is pretty good considering I have very thick and heavy, but very fine, dead straight hair. My friend has similar fine straight hair but not quite so much of it, the lucky duck. Anyway, I thought that might be useful!

Also, I think it would be useful if I remembered to list where I got my stuff from on a more regular basis, so here goes: vintage dress and vintage cardigan from etsy, shoes from (by Si by Silena) and the lipstick is by Bourjois. I am now too cold and will have to get changed to go out for a date night with John this evening. See you later! honey-buttons-dress bhoney-buttons-dress choney-buttons-dress d


hannahnoon said...

Lovely dress! The colour fits you perfectly :)

hannahnoon said...

Lovely dress! The colour fits you perfectly :)

JD Smith said...

That dress is stunning! Perfect Autumn color! :) Wish we'd have more vintage fairs so we can find gems like this :), but at least I guess we're heading in the right direction, as this year we've had more than any other - woohoo! :) D xxx

Nella Fragola said...

I love it!
This dress is so lovely and you're gorgeous!
My photo on my passeport is just so HORRIBLE!!! Haha!

Nella Fragola ♥

Ilaria, Il filo di perle *vintage* said...

I love this dress !!!! Great :))))

Leah Loverich said...

Beautiful, what a flattering dress! xx

The Dainty Dolls House said...

It's a darling the warm colour too!! My hair is a mess, haha. I have thick curly hair, but not the kind of curls I wish I had. I straighten it sometimes, but it takes so long that I don't do it often. Your hair looks fabulous :) xx

BERTHA said...

I love your outfit! ^^

Sarah Anne said...

you're a doll!!


Jessica Cangiano said...

So very pretty!!! That has got to be one of my favourite button configurations I've ever seen on a vintage dress. It reminds me of both an arrow and grain elevator of the classic type we say plenty of during our recent travels to Alberta.

♥ Jessica

Amber Jade said...

I've been curling my hair in the morning lately too rather than setting it over night. My hair is quite fragile so I prefer to avoid heat where possible but I find it hard to resist the perfect curls I get from my hot rollers, set overnight they're always just a little wilder and harder to style.

Really pretty outfit, as always!

Pinky Honey said...

Truth to be told, Marianne..
Every time someone opens my passport it makes them smile.
I look like Kermit!
Honestly. I have two dots that suppose to represent my nostrils, but due to bad camera and horrible lighting in the room when I took my picture, I have no nose.
So - Kermit.

Have a lovely day.


esme and the laneway said...

‪hannahnoon‬ : thanks!

‪JD Smith‬ : that's good – the more the better, I say! :)

‪Nella Fragola‬ : thanks. Haha I think it is the passport law! :D

‪Ilaria, Il filo di perle *vintage*‬ : thanks!

‪Leah Loverich‬ : thanks, they knew how to make 'em back then!

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬ : thanks :) Oh you have my dream hair! Thick and curly is the best! Even if it is unruly, actually I think that's even better... swap?! :D

‪BERTHA‬ s: thanks!

‪Sarah Anne‬ : you are! <3 x

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : oh cool, I haven't heard of those before so I'll have a google. Your trip sounds amazing :D

‪Amber Jade‬ : it's a fine line, isn't it – fragile hair vs. good quick curls! Your hair looks so beautiful though :)

‪Pinky Honey‬ : haha that's hilarious! Kermit! It could be worse..!

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