Tuesday, 22 October 2013

mustard peplums, sequins and rain

1940s-mustard-dress a Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post. It is very reassuring to know that these things are felt and understood. I was quite surprised by the response and very touched.

Now I am going to get ready and leave my cozy couch to go out in the rain, to go to a preview event of an artist who's work I have admired for years. Camera is charged so lots of pics of it all to come! I'm going to wear this mustard 1940's dress with the sequins and peplum detail that lives on a vintage padded hanger and doesn't get out quite enough. Aren't old hangers nice – all that care into something to look after clothes. Feels so long lasting somehow. I think the pale pink 1930's dress needs a wear soon, too! 1940s-mustard-dress b 1940s-mustard-dress c 1940s-mustard-dress d


Emma Cherry said...

I have a slight obsession with vintage hangers, it's so hard (where I am anyway) to find decent ones that don't look, well, manky.
I'm glad you are feeling better about things, I felt exactly the same way a few years back. We rent, so things are easier - we'd never be able to buy a house, not in these times. Just remember how fabulous you are :)

(Dear Thirty)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These dresses are so dreamy...love them both really...can't wait to see more pictures :)) x

Jessica Cangiano said...

That dress has such a timeless cut and sense of ladylike elegance to it. I'm entirely smitten with the colour, too. You've made the biggest (fellow) mustard yellow fan out of me over the years, honey.

♥ Jessica

Adorina Spenta said...


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