Friday, 11 October 2013

saturdays, blue dresses and croissants

blue-wine-a Friday I'm in loooooooove! In my best Robert Smith voice there. I can't believe how quickly this week has gone but it has been good. It has been new and interesting, too... but more on that later! These are from last Saturday, which feels like ages ago already and I can't wait for this Saturday now too! blue-wine-b John and I got up late and went out for an equally late breakfast. I decided to wear my super-short vintage dress with the bright sky blue pattern that I just love, especially when paired with dark red. I also wore my new black shoes, which are very 1940's in style and also, amazingly, happily, very comfortable! Oh, comfortable shoes. I've had SUCH a good run lately – pardon the pun! blue-wine-c John mentioned the other day that he was never on the blog and he is absolutely right. So, he took a picture of both of us. He didn't like the first one and asked for some posing tips. blue-wine-d I suggested smiling! And having someone pretend to eat your ear at the same time. It's massively helpful. Massively. And yet he was not convinced... actually, for months now I've been meaning to get pictures of us together and it never happened, so this weekend it will! It's set! Tripod timer pictures here we come! blue-wine-e I'd used a new shampoo that boosts red hair colour the night before. It was pretty effective but hard to make even so I don't know if I'll use it much. I do like the more vibrant colour though. Oh, mother, you really should have given me your natural red hair genes. Honestly. blue-wine-i John gets a special extra picture too because he is handsome. Next time I might get him not blinking! blue-wine-f We went to Cheerio in Richmond. One of my favourite cafes in Melbourne. Beautiful little tiny building and the best food and coffee. blue-wine-g Note my dedication to my dark red theme... blue-wine-h blue-wine-j ... which continued when we walked back to the car. I love the houses here with their iron railings and lush gardens. Long may they stay. blue-wine-m I finally did something I'd been thinking about for ages: I got this belt years ago but didn't like the floppy bit of pleather that was meant to be tied to fasten it. I swapped it for an aqua belt from a skirt and no, it's not rocket science, but I was rather pleased with myself. blue-wine-k The wind had scared off the earlier clouds. blue-wine-l The bees hid from it. Imagine being as small as a bee so you could have lunch in a rose! I can think of worse places. blue-wine-n Later that afternoon we still had food on the brain and walked off to the supermarket to get some bits for the week. blue-wine-o Like an essential baguette. blue-wine-p More beautiful houses here. Hummm. It might not be so secret that I want a house. blue-wine-q On a nice street. blue-wine-r This house has chickens in the front yard. I soooo want to have chickens too. One day... We also got croissants for Sunday's breakfast and I had to make sure they were good. I do love Saturday's important jobs! blue-wine-s


Emma Cherry said...

I love this post Marianne; you have a bounce in your step today and I have exactly those colour red rights too.

(Dear Thirty)

joanne said...

so lovely. I've only been to Melbourne in the winter, and I still wanted to pack everything and move there. I cant imagine how in love i'd be with it in the spring. you're dress is very pretty as well


Alli said...

LOVE those stockings!!!! You really have the most amazing colours in your stocking collection. And so great to see a pic of John! Looking forward to seeing your couple shot. You two are so cute! :)

laura redburn said...

love these photos and love those tights! also, the print on that dress is quite something.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I like what you did with the belt :) Very nice. You always wear the best dresses :) The photo of you two is precious, love that!! Have a wonderful weekend darling girl xx

miranda said...

i want a house too! it's nice seeing comfy/pretty houses in other parts of the world! i live in Alabama (USA, der) and my city is filled with beautiful historic homes from the 20s and 30s. i looove the architecture. so much detail! we currently live in an historic apartment but it doesn't compare to owning a bit of history.

i think it makes sense that if you love one old thing, you're going to love another. i just adore antiques, old homes, and vintage dresses!!! yah!

Jessica Cangiano said...

This post is so full of joy and fun and the lighthearted, beautiful side of life.

♥ Jessica

Signe said...

Looks like an amazing day! Fingers crossed this Saturday will be just as lovely! :)

esme and the laneway said...

Emma Cherry : thank you – yes, I was happier than I've been for quite a while!

joanne it has it's good bits but it's freezing and raining right now, so..! :D

Alli : hehe yes! Soon!

laura redburn : thank you!

The Dainty Dolls House : thank you!

miranda : definitely!

Jessica Cangiano : it was a happy day :)

Signe : it was x

Theresa said...

What a lovely glimpse of Melbourne. Gotta love those old railings everywhere, in all different colors!

Kahani said...

At last we get to see john! He's gorgeous, and like my BF, impossible to photograph.

If you manage to get good pics out of him, TELL ME HOW.

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