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wearing vintage: questions and answers

vintage-pintage a Here are some more questions and answers on wearing vintage. It's funny how it's become something so normal I don't even think about it now that often, but I know that I love it and can't imagine it any other way. The images above are from my pinterest and show some of the things about vintage I fell in love with, way back at the start. So hard to describe sometimes.

Maude Rokvic‬ Yes! I have questions!For instance:
 Do you often buy vintage or second hand items and then get them tailored? If so, does this cost lots and lots of money? I have a body shape that I have a lot of trouble buying for and so I often pass up on buying lovely dresses or blouses because they are too tight in one place and too loose in another. It's extremely frustrating!

I've not done it before myself so I don't know exactly how much it costs, but it can definitely be a good idea, if it's something you will wear for years and years. While finding something that fits perfectly is ideal, it isn't going to always happen and if something that's amazing can be tailored, it really will be perfect for you.

‪Damaris // The cat, you and us‬ Loved the tricky-but-obvious one!, I always have the same problem I am usually drawn to dresses and forget that I should look for the rest (shirts, skirts, scarves, ..). Thanks for your tips!

 It's so easy to forget the other bits, isn't it!

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬ Very good answer!! I always try to say as well, don't think of vintage as just one look or era...there are many to choose from & finding one that suits you to play in is great. And mixing the eras can be fun as well. I just love finding vintage treasures :)) And yes, do buy them when you see them if you can, because they will be gone!! Hope your week is going well xx Kizzy

So, so true. I think there can be an expectation to be all one very specific era, which would be so limiting!

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ The last line of your lovely reply is such an important tip to keep in mind - it can be incredibly easy to unintentionally amass a vintage wardrobe of little more than dresses. Even if one wears frocks predominately, there's always going to be occasions that are best suited to separates (travel, I find, is one of them for me).

♥ Jessica

Exactly – and that's what I did too for aaaaages... and then I had to consciously start collecting cardigans!

‪miranda‬ ohh, i have a question! i've had a few vintage dresses in the past that i wore but never washed because i didn't know what to do. i ended up selling those (which is gross now that i think about it). anyway, i have a sundress of my grandmother's that i've worn quite a few times but haven't washed and i JUST got a beautiful handbeaded 50s dress yesterday because i'm STARTING my collection too. 

so, how to wash delicate dresses? i know a lot of sellers handwash so i imagine that's best? or dry clean?

With the sundress, if it's cotton you can most likely hand wash it or machine wash it. I wash all my cotton sundresses in the washing machine along with everything else ie socks and tee shirts and they're completely fine. I always hand wash them alone first though to make sure the colour doesn't run, and to see how it goes – a bit nerve wracking but cotton hasn't given me a problem so far *touch wood*! For beads, it can be a bit harder. It depends on what the fabric is, too. It's best to see a good dry cleaner for that one. x

Carla Ortega‬ : I have many questions, whenever I go to thrift stores and see something beautiful I want to take, but at the same time I have a sense of guilt for a reason that is not afraid to use it because the people in my city is not used to seeing this style and also can not wait to wear colorful dresses but I feel insecure because I have a style very varied in vintage clothing is concerned, what advice can you give me?

Be brave and wear what you love – you might inspire other people who want to do the same who are too afraid to do it too. And enjoy the variety you like – so many more options for you!

Alli‬ : My question is- do you have any suggestions for great places to look for vintage in Melbourne? I'm only new to Melbourne, and I was so excited as I thought that I would find some amazing things (at a reasonable price). Unfortunately, some of the places that I've seen in the city have been pretty disappointing. Thanks ever so much xxoo

Hmm, that's a tough one. The Melbourne vintage shops I've known have changed massively over the past few years and a few have sadly gone. I do know that Trish's shop in Preston now has vintage clothing including some gorgeous showgirl costumes (!!!!!) and then there is a place down the road from there on High Street in Thornbury that is worth checking out too. (I think it's called Top Hat.) If I find more I'll post them!

Elke‬ : how do you make that transition? how do you incorporate your contemporary pieces into your wardrobe and style? what about buying online, internationaly? i bought an amazing blue floral cotton dress and ended up spending more on taxes than the cost of the dress. how can i avoid that?

Ugh, taxes! I've not had them before, but I do buy a lot online from the US and get the joy of huge postage costs instead. Not fun. I don't know if there is a way to avoid them though. The transition for me was really, really slow and kinda painful. It took SO long to feel like I was getting things together. I think the hardest part was deciding to do it on what in some ways felt like a "first" day, but I think if you just pick, say, a dress that you love, and just wear it and know it's a start, that's the best you can do. And then build build build – and you might be like me, and feel like you never had anything quite that you wanted to wear and have to make do while your collection is growing. But, before you know it, it becomes second nature and completely normal and you have choices, and then more and more, and it's the best. Contemporary things are easy – I just chose things I like and think go together.


Anonymous said...

many thank you very much ... your words really excite me coming from someone who wears so beautiful, I will be brave and begin to dress as I like no matter what else, I needed a little help from someone who understands vintage style, you are adorable!!

Alli said...

Thanks SO much for the tips ! I'm definitely going to have a look at those places :) You are a gem xxoo

The Dainty Dolls House said...

This was great...loved the answers. I was like...'oooh that's me', when I saw mine included, ha! But, all together these will help lots of people wanting to wear vintage! xx

Jessica Cangiano said...

Terrific replies - it really can become so easy to forget that not everyone is where you're at (or thereabouts) when it comes to their journey into the world of vintage fashion. Case in point, this week I highlighted a recent Bakelite bangle find in one of my outfit poss, and was genuinely caught off guard when some of my lovely readers asked me what Bakelite was. It didn't occur to me when writing that post to include a "Bakelite 101" paragraph in it (because I'm so used to most vintage folks knowing about Bakelite), but I now know there's a need for such and will keep that in mind when writing about it to any degree in future posts. It's wonderful when your readers and online friends remind of us things like this.

Thank you very much for including me in this post. I can't begin to tell you how touched I am that you did so, honey.

Big hugs & the happiest of weekend wishes.
♥ Jessica

Marianna Chalkiadaki said...

Great post!

Elke said...

thank you, you re so kind :-)

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