Tuesday, 5 November 2013

the vintage sewing pile

sewing a It's Tuesday, it's Bonfire Night, and it's also a public holiday here in Melbourne. And... it's gorgeous and sunny! John and I had croissants and black coffee for breakfast, as we are making plans to go overseas next year and Paris and Italy (Rome, and Venice, if we can manage it!) are on the must-see list. Now I am wearing a new-old gypsy-esque top and skirt combo and will go on a bike ride with John – we have a big ride coming up in a few so I need to get used to the saddle once again! – and then later will watch films and wave sparklers to mark the 5th of November.

I also really should get onto my sewing pile. These summery pieces, disappearing into the floral bed spread, just need a few minor things: the vintage gingham skirt needs its hook and eye moved back to the original spot, the bright blue dress with the embroidery needs the elastic replaced in the off-the-shoulder neckline as it's currently all stretched out and sad, and the white blouse needs a button moving to replace one in the middle of the chest that's popped off. Finally, the vintage maxi dress (the white one with the orange flowers) needs some press studs added to the back, as it closes in a wrap around, hospital gown kind of way, which is fine for still days, but Melbourne is a windy city and I am personally a fan of keeping covered up!

Isn't it funny how such tiny jobs can sit there waiting, being put off until some mysterious "later" that never actually arrives? Well, tonight, I will tackle at least one of them! Who knows, it might lead to them all getting done..! sewing b sewing c


Jessica Cangiano said...

My sewing (mending) pile is growing rather mountainous these days, too. It really started to snowball around late August, and now has at least seven members. I'm planning to get some soon and others once the Christmas holiday season (and all its fabulous hecticness) is behind us once more.

♥ Jessica

hiPop said...

amazing shade of blue! <3



Amber Jade said...

I think its the act of getting started that's the hardest thing. Once you make time and actually make a start its much easier to get stuck in and finish it. I have a sewing project (for a new circle skirt) which has been waiting months for me to make time for it. Maybe this weekend I'll finally get stuck into it! Good luck with your sewing jobs!

Sarah Potts said...

I have exactly the same kind of sewing pile! Apart from mine is a bag, hidden under my bed so I completely forget about the beautiful things with minor repairs and alterations I have to do! It's quite exciting finally going back through everything once I remember the bag is there! Have a great bonfire night! X

Emma Cherry said...

Same! I have pieces to either alter or mend sitting quietly in a corner crying (it's true they do cry) awaiting their fate; I too procrastinate severely in such things.
I'm sure though however, once you break the needle and cotton out they'll all get done :)

Enjoy your bike ride dear

(Dear Thirty)

petal and plume said...

amazing! your blog is like a beautiful dream

Teresa said...

My personal little mending pile tends to be sorely neglected. The other day I actually reattached a button to my dress while I was wearing it… that's how bad I can be!

I love the beautiful colours of your fabrics, so very summery!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love this shade of blue, it's my favourite xx

frocks and Frivolities said...

I just got through my sewing pile yesterday! It never takes long till I have a new one though, part of the fun of vintage I guess, lol.

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