Monday, 23 December 2013

ice cream for dinner please thank you (ps Carlton you are very pretty and I had forgotten!)

blue-house-carlton Hello! Are you excited? I am VERY excited! Just two more days to go until Christmas, and then so soon after, the wedding! I seem to be past the worrying and stressed stage and am all kinds of calm and happy... and excited!

I think I'd like to write a bit about the lead up and the planning of the wedding here on the blog. I took photos of all the things we did. Would you like that? I found it really useful reading on other blogs how people do their weddings, especially the different, non-traditional ones. It was actually very reassuring and interesting. If there is anything in particular you might find helpful, do let me know.

jacarandas-carlton a And now, on this Christmas Eve eve, I want to take you to Melbourne's own Little Italy, in Carlton. John and I were chuffed to be invited for a pretty dreamy dinner at Helados Jauja recently – the dinner of ice cream! Yes, we lived the dream of childhood for a night. Seriously.

merry-christmas-pompoms thumbs-up For those of you who don't know Melbourne, Carlton is a really beautiful part of Melbourne, right next to the CBD. A friend of mine used to live here years ago, and I lived in North Fitzroy, which is one suburb across and then up. It's really old and leafy and has real Melbourne character.

jacarandas-carlton b When I worked in South Melbourne I'd ride my bike through Carlton every day. On my way home, I used to whizz down that road on the far left and into this roundabout – it was a pretty long hill and you could get up some real speed if you weren't careful! But also: neeeeoooooooow FUN. (The long hard ride up the hill in the mornings was less fun.)

carlton-house-lacework c carlton-house-lacework b carlton-house-lacework a I love that the old houses are still here.

baaad-kangaroos Gangster kangaroos!

lygon-street Lygon Street in Carlton is super famous here for its Italian food. To be honest, I think it has quite a touristy reputation more than an amazing one, if you know what I mean, so we don't come down here very often these days. Plus, with John's mum cooking only the Best Italian Food ever, we are hardly going to go out to an Italian restaurant while here! We get to eat fresh home made pasta every other week, so..! The funny thing is, as we walked down on that cool but sunny evening, we could see the good bits of it and why it became so popular in the first place. It just looks amazing and has a nice, relaxed atmosphere – and the big old trees are gorgeous. I think that's such a massive sign of when you know you feel at home in a city: when the places visitors are told to go to become familiar and almost forgotten.

helados-jauja lygon-street b tree-lights sparkly-table a We met our group on a bustling strip – I was really hungry and distracted and almost walked right past, oops – on an outdoor table lit by the fairy lights in the trees.

red-check-table-cloths-of-italy Surrounded by the classic-iest table cloths of all, red and white!

sparkly-table b yum b jauja-card yum c ice-cream-tasting a We were then all treated to lots of tasters of special ice creams. John and I asked why we were getting full ( we hadn't had dinner yet) and apparently it's because they are made with fresh full fat milk and cream and eggs. I can be a bit picky about ice cream and actually don't eat it very often because I remember having a dinner party and someone didn't finish their ice cream and I left the plates to be washed the next day and the ice cream hadn't melted at all, and I thought that was gross. It just kind of put me off it. I can happily tell you that these ice creams do melt, as ice cream should!

yum a yorba-mate My favourite flavour (along with salted caramel – obviously, I am in Melbourne after all!) was the Yorba Mate, which I think is pronounced Yorba Martay, because it isn't too sweet and reminds me of something that I can't quite put my finger on. I was also really surprised that I liked the mint one, as I am really either or with mint and HATE artificial mint flavour. (I'm not joking, I really hate it, hate the smell, don't want to even be near it. Argh get it away from me!) Fresh mint is completely different although sometimes I can find it a bit strong, but this one had tiny flecks of very fresh mint leaves and was really good.

muscovado We were shown some of the fresh ingredients used. (I loooooove muscovado sugar and always want to make something with it, but I'm never really sure what – maybe I can find something over the holidays.)

flower crown laughing And eating ice cream as the sun went down was really pretty nice..!

carlton-night We walked back to the car through wide streets promising each other we would go back to Carlton and definitely back for more ice cream. Maybe even in some warm sunshine, ahem, Melbourne! Actually it can totally wait from my point of view – sorry Melbourne people in advance – I want it to stay cool and would prefer rain to sunshine but dry and cool-ish and overcast ould be most awesome please thanks up until the New Year please thank you! x


Miss Louise said...

god I'm so pumped for christmas! I'm excited for you two especially :) I can't wait until you share the wedding pics (which will be gorgeous of course!)
Great post! I loved the look of the old buildings and ice cream for dinner sounds like a really nice treat :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Yummers!!! I think we all deserve to have ice cream for dinner every now and then. Life can wear us down and it's important to pause and really savour a sweet treat like to to remind us of the flip side of the daily grind.

♥ Jessica

Elke said...

i d love to see your wedding pictures and inspiration. Our wedding was very simple and small, because we both wanted to put emphasis on marriage. And now, 7 years later, I sometimes wish I could do it over again just for the memories. But, then again, our marriage is good, loving and blessed :)

Lornas wishing well said...

Great photos! x

Fräulein K. said...

nice pictures as always, i really want to read something about the plans of our wedding and see some pictures :)

Sarah said...

What a beautiful post! And, who is that redhead near the end? She is stunning! As so are you. I'd love to read about your wedding, the planning and the tiny details. I actually find it really interesting and sweet.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Such a lovely time!! Christmas is coming so fast & it'll be here for you before me ;) So excited & then your big day, how wonderful :) This sounds like a great place. Loved the buildings as well, reminds me a bit of some in New Orleans. Have a wonderful Christmas darling girl!! xx

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! And yes I'm pretty excited for Christmas!

beate grigutsch said...

i´m picky with icecream too - the best ever was violet icecream - eaten in nizza!
merry x-mas for you!

Lois Kerr said...

Did you get to try the Salted Caramel? Absolute best ice cream ever! x

maira benitez said...

Hi Marianne, I just discovered your blog and love it! love your style and the photos you take! I saw this post and I have comented that Yerba Mate is pronounced as written mate like their sound, I'm from Argentina and I drink every day is like the national drink .. unfortunately we do not have yerba mate ice cream, can you believe that? I'm dying to try!

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