Tuesday, 24 December 2013

my top three lipstick loves

top-three-lipsticks f As promised, my lipstick post! I thought it would be fun to do the top three lipsticks for this here vintage lady, but it just about immediately turned into a top four... (?!??!?!) BUT there is reason and it all makes sense, I swear! And it is still a group, or a theme, of my favourite three lipsticks. So. It's ok. It's all good!

I broke my lipsticks down into three groups: orange based bright red(s), a darker rose red and a bright pink. These basically cover off my basic lipstick needs. (There are definitely others I wear and love, but let's keep on track here!)

top-three-lipsticks c top-three-lipsticks b 1. My bright reds: are, at the moment, orange based ones. I love love love MACs's Lady Danger and it is an all time favourite of mine. The matte texture is perfect and the colour is vibrant and amazing. I never find it drying and it lasts and is just generally awesome. It does have its drawbacks though, and one of those is the price. We pay a lot more for a lot of our makeup here in Australia, and this is no exception. It lasts for ages and all that but still, it is so unfair that we have to pay double or triple or quadruple for things here. Big drawback, frankly.

My second in my bright red category is my Besame Carmine lipstick. It is also an orange red, lighter and less vibrant than the one above and perfect for day time. The colour and consistency are awesome, it feels really good on and, again, it lasts for hours and hours and hours. So chuffed that it was as good as I had hoped it would be – even better, maybe! Love it.

The lip liner I use to go with them both is Illamasqua's Spell. I love Illasmasqua lip liners as they are firm but easy to apply, easy to keep sharp, and the line stays put. I personally like a really crisp line with my bold lipsticks and always, always use a liner, no matter what. Love this one! Also LOVE that Illamasqua reduced their prices to be more fair to us down under and I want to support them all the more for that!

Oh and a note on orange-red liners: I tried to find a drugstore version but could only find pink based ones. Plus lip stuff is where I am always happy to spend more money as I just don't like cheap lip products. They've never worked well for me and they stink and my mouth is waaaay to close to my nose for that! Ewwwwwww. Much better to spend a little more on a product and just have less varieties of it – I prefer to have the perfect one to use everyday, rather than the ok-ish three to chose from. top-three-lipsticks d 2. My rose red: is Lime Crime's Red Velvet Velvetine. Hmm ok just possibly my favourite lipstick ever. Best finish – if you haven't tried it and are wondering what it's like, it's runny like milk or paint-y water (you know when you are painting and you wash the brush in water? Well, it's like that water when you've done it a lots) and you put it on like a gloss, and it dries into an amazingly matte finish. I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff. The colour is a perfect darker-ish red – not wine, or anything like that, just a proper red rose red – and looks good on my friends who have a different colouring to me, too. I just bought my second tube because I never want to run out of this.

I use a MAC lip liner with this, in Brick. I've had this liner for years which would be gross except of course it gets sharpened so that cleans things up a bit, but I will be looking to replace it soon, and will see if Illamasqua have one that works well with these deeper reds. Anyway, Brick is the perfect shade with this for now.

top-three-lipsticks e 3. My bright pink: is a brand new purchase for me, Lime Crime's Pink Velvetine. I will never need another pink lipstick ever again, because this is it. This is the one. Perfect bold pink, enough blue, enough yellow, best matte finish, best lasting power. I think it goes on slightly thinner than the Red Velvet, and so layer it up a tiny bit more. Absolute perfection. As with the Red Velvet, I cannot find even one fault with this.

Its lip lining friend is Illamasqua's Titivate. I've had it for a while and you can see how short it's become! Love it. Was what made me know I would be happy with the Spell liner. top-three-lipsticks a And that's it, my top three lipsticks. Hope you liked it! If there is anything you want to know just ask, of course, and share your favourites, too, if you like!


Miss Louise said...

the lime crime lippies look lovely! I'll have to order a few soon!
I also love my Besame lipstick! The colors are so classic and the packaging is beyond gorgeous!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Lime Crimes is a brand that keeps crossing my radar lately (on almost daily basis, come to think of it). Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something! :) I'm going to investigate it their offerings are gluten-free right now, and if they are, onto the cosmetics wishlist they go.

♥ Jessica

Rachel Sullivan said...

I just ordered one of those Lime Crime lipstains, so I'm encouraged that you love them so much! I hope they work just as well for me!


Melissa Gaggiano said...

I haven't tried Lime Crime yet. But I am a huge fan of the brand.
Merry Christmas Marianne!

Alexandra Marie said...

I'm so glad you did this post! Your lipstick always looks incredible. I wonder, is the lipstick in this photo http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5489/11164977364_80d693bd04_o.jpg

the red velvet from limecrime? Alex


Kalina said...

Thanks for the great post!
I found it really tricky to find warm toned true red lipsticks instead of cool blue toned ones which look pink on me.
My favorite one so far is Lancome Rouge In Love 170N "Sequence of Love".
I also love MAC Lady Bug but i will definitely try Russian Red now. And my everyday care free favorite is Clinique Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato. It is kinda pinkish but i love it for giving that red lip effect while still being very subtle.

MarieBayArea said...

Thanks for this post. Ive been curious about the Lime Crime Velveteens for a while.

esme and the laneway said...

Miss Louise : yes Besame are soooo good! and Lime Crime Velvetines are amazing x

Jessica Cangiano : same, they are everywhere! I hope they're gluten free, I hadn;t though tof that as being a problem with lipstick before but it does make sense now that I think about it x

Rachel Sullivan : yays! I am sure it will!

Melissa Gaggiano : you too! x

Alexandra Marie: it is! x

Kalina : they sound great, thanks for the tips :) I've heard good things about those Chubby sticks. And I know what you mean about the pinky thing!

MarieBayArea : my pleasure! They're UH-mazing! x

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I've been curious about the Lime Crime lip colours, I think I might give them a try!! I've been on the search for a red that will suit me or another bright colour. I tend to wear golds and those kinds of shades, but it would be nice for something bright, but of course being mixed, it's not always easy to find something, haha! But, I will give Lime Crime a go as it sounds wonderful :)) I hope you have a gorgeous Christmas doll :)) xx

Girl in Ebony said...

I love the red velvet Velventine! I have the same! :D

Nancy Wilde said...

I'm still waiting for my Pink Velvet to arrive! Loved your picks x

Debs said...

Hmmm yes I think I'm going to check out that Lime Crime red. Looks delicious!

geehawkes said...

I've just ordered myself Lime Crime's Red but I want to try their pink now! xx

Heather Nixon said...

Great post and picks x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

I love the velveteens too! I recently did a review on both the red velveteens, but i've been wearing them for ages. I don't have the pink one, but i have a similar pink in a similar make-up product called "matte me" by sleek.

here's the post if you're interested: http://quirkygirllikesvintage.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/beauty-review-lime-crime-lip-velveteens.html

Marianna Chalkiadaki said...

Great choices, love them all!

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