Monday, 2 December 2013

palest yellow 1940's vintage dresses and big big travel plans for our honeymoon!

yellow-1940s a Happy Monday! It's summer time, officially, at last here. I cannot – cannot! – believe how fast the last week has gone. I mean, really! It flew! This is from last weekend, when John and I made some travel plans for next year. To say we are excited is an understatement! We haven't been overseas since we arrived in Australia just over 10 years ago (yes, that anniversary whizzed by un-marked and unnoticed by us, but we actually did do something quite Australian on the day anyway, and I have pics of it to share with you!) and I think this is possibly the best honeymoon we could have. I almost feel guilty about going but then I remember I haven't been "home" since I moved here, so I think I might just be due! yellow-1940s f We've having some fantastic, wonderful spring weather over these past few weeks – I know, I'm weather obsessed, but it is the number one thing that controls what you wear, so... I would be! I don't remember there ever being such an extreme spring since I've been here. It's been either hot or cold, so the nice, inbetween-y days are so, so welcome. Especially good for when you're wanting to wear vintage! I've been wanting to wear my palest yellow 1940's dress with the white and amber beads for a little while and at last I could. yellow-1940s g It's SO NICE to wear a dress and cardigan and be completely comfortable. I am trying to remember if this is the first vintage dress I ever bought, but, if not the first, it is definitely one of the very first. It was from a shop that sells vintage magazines and things but never many clothes, and the owner put it aside for me as he thought I might like it. It turned out to be a perfect fit! yellow-1940s h I've been doing more with my hair, and wearing some 1940's styles. I love having volume and rolls! Desperately need a haircut but also want to keep it this length for the wedding and then grow it longer, so... the age old conundrum: to chop or not to chop! yellow-1940s k yellow-1940s j My all time favourite style of buttons, and one of my favourite vintage dress details! yellow-1940s m yellow-1940s l yellow-1940s i So happy, silly big smile! (I later had to make a doge of where we are going to make it seem more real for John and me. I don't think it was entirely successful but it was fun to do! Much wow.) yellow-1940s c We had to get something to eat afterwards. We made the most of the final trails of chill to eat soup and porridge while we looked at the map of Europe and pinched ourselves because it's true: we are going overseas at last! I wonder if Babycat will notice we're gone?! yellow-1940s d yellow-1940s e yellow-1940s a


carol said...

Your hair are amazing and unconventional. Color highlights their perfect alignment. Love your cat and food. Bisou Bisou :)

Sarah said...

How exciting! Are you going just to the UK, or the rest of Europe as well!
I can imagine, after ten years, it must feel really, really good to go "home" again! (home really is where the heart is though, it knows no borders)
When is the wedding, did you say that already, did I miss it? Or are you keeping it a surprise?
Enjoy this coming weeks! Time does fly!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Am happy for you doll, I hope you enjoy your trip very much, it will be fun for you & also some getting used to. I remember going back home to America after so long and it was a bit odd at first because things had changed, yet they seemed the same all at once. This dress is stunning. The buttons are my favourite, when I go vintage shopping, that's always what I look for, is buttons like that. Something about them that has me hooked!! I hope you have a gorgeous new week doll...xx

Alli said...

That dress is gorgeous.....but your hair .....oh my!!!! DIVINE! Such a beautiful look and you look amazing xxoo

Incendiary Blonde said...

Hair perfection! I say it again: HAIR PERFECTION! Simply lovely!!!

Selina said...

I love yellow and I want that dress!

Kalliopie Faye said...

10 years is a really long time, but home is where your heart is ;)

The yellow dress is perfect for warm spring days. In Germany is cold ans all grey -.-

Laura said...

that dress is so pretty on you, and how sweet of the shop owner to put it aside for you! and planning your trip sounds really exciting, hope it'll be everything you'd wish for! xx

Authentic Alice said...

Wow really love this lemon dress!! It really suits you!! If you are coming back to England I will do a swap! Always wanted to see Australia!

Gracie said...

I thought you might have been away a lot longer because I thought you had an Australian accent when I watched one of your vids? Do you think you do? My sister lived in Australia for 10 years and she still has a strong Dublin accent. I absolutely love that dress on you, I have the same colouring and I am going to keep my eye out for this buttermilky colour in a dress. 40s dress are the loveliest, those buttons are gorgeous, and don't get me started on your hair...swoon!

Alexandra Marie said...

Gorgeous dress- you're right the buttons are a stunning detail! Alex

Emma Cherry said...

That dress is stunning Marianne - truly!
....and your coming home! Are you coming back to London do you know?
I'm looking forward to seeing your wedding photographs, I'm sure they'll be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
Cannot wait!

(Dear Thirty)

Melissa Gaggiano said...

I love this dress style and the colour. We need more colour here in Melbourne.

esme and the laneway said...

carol : bisou!

Sarah : yes, London and then some Europe, too – I'll have to blog the details very soon! And the wedding is in late December, ahhh less than a month away!!!!

The Dainty Dolls House : thank you! Yes, I think London will have changed so much! Good week to you too!

Alli : thank you! x

Incendiary Blonde : thanks! :D

Selina : isn't yellow just SO GOOD?! I wonder what it is about it..!

Kalliopie Faye : it must be so cold there now – sending warm thoughts your way! And it's true, home IS where the heart is... mostly!

Laura : thank you very much! It was a sweet surprise, I'm always surprised when people do thoughtful things like that, it's nice :)

Authentic Alice : haha deal – Australia is pretty amazing!

Gracie : haha yes I definitely have a strange, London-Aus but mostly Aus accent these days! And I can't tell if someone is Australian or from the UK anymore, or tell the difference between Scottish and Irish accents (!!!!!!) which I never thought would happen!

Alexandra Marie : thanks! Such a special vintage thing :)

Emma Cherry : thanks! Yes, to London for about a week, but I might be going to Scotland if I can (I am not going to sleep when I'm there, too much to do!!!!) and I am excited about the wedding photos, too, can't wait to have them to share!

Melissa Gaggiano: thanks! And I love colour in Melbourne – love that there is so much more of it now too :)

IrishRedRose said...

No exaggeration here: that is the BEST hairdo I've ever seen on you. So flattering in EVERY way! Absolutely perfect. Very happy for you that you are going to get to visit home again!! Is it wrong that one of the first things I thought was, "oh how she is going to enjoy vintage shopping in London!!"? heehee.

Erin C said...

I love that pale hue with your hair and the shoulder button detail is adorable! I'm freezing here in the US so super wistful for your springy weather. :)

Lisa Jacobsen said...

How exciting!! I can't wait to see photos (and read more details) of your wedding day. You will look gorgeous (because you always do) and i'm sure your wedding will be full of vintage goodness!

I am getting married in March next year and we booked our honeymoon today. It's exciting!!! We're just excited about going on a holiday (except we're going somewhere tropical to chill out and relax).

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