Tuesday, 10 December 2013

walking in the woods and a 10 year anniversary!

yellow-walking A few weeks ago John and I decided to jump in the car, drive north for a bit and leave the city behind. I love the Australian country side at this time of year, when it's warm and sunny but not hot, and everything is fresh and lush. It also turned out to be the 10 year anniversary of me moving to Australia, but I didn't realise that until several days later..! Well, I've never been especially sentimental about dates. That said, I was CHUFFED to have done something so specific to my adopted home. For me, feeling a connection to the environment around me is essential to feeling as though I belong, and this is something I haven't always found easy here. I often miss the English landscapes I grew up with. Now, when I do find local bits of Australia that I love, it feels even more special. yellow-avocado Not going to be feeling remotely special if I'm walking about on an empty stomach. I do like how my avocado toast is in keeping with my yellow and green theme of the day – again, completely unplanned but so appropriate! babycat-brushing Babycat needed some brushing and pampering. She loves that she gets to go outside for this and being groomed in the sunshine makes her one happy kitty. But... look how much fluff is coming off her! Soooo much when she is malting in Spring..! makeuping a I needed some grooming too. I was trying a new eyeliner (which turned out to be completely, laughably rubbish) and some new foundation (which is... passable, but I wouldn't buy it again). makeuping c makeuping d Annnnd that's better! makeuping e Plaits to keep everything in place. green-view This is what we get to enjoy on the drive there. arrive And this is where we got out – tall trees, rushing creeks and several long walks to chose from. vintage-yellow-sqaure-boots a I wore a yellow and floral print square dancing dress that literally threw itself at me a few weeks before, when I was looking for something completely different. John likes it even more than I do, which kind of surprised me, but I'm not complaining! It's probably a good thing as he is not so much of a fan of the boots, which I've had for years and used to live in, long before I started blogging. They are comfy and good for walking and I figured they'd protect my legs from grabby, scratchy grassy bits on the walk and they also nod at the cowboy-boot-and-frilly-dress thing that I think looks great on other people but I'm still too towny for myself. Anyway, a word of caution: if you're going to twirl in a square dancing dress – and you should, really, it does make you want to – wear nice underwear! planty green-bush c grassy-creek See? How could I not find this beautiful! We walked for quite a bit, which felt quite lonely after a while, especially when the only sound was unfamiliar birds chatting to each other. green-bush b green-bush a forest-steps a forest-walk-yellow-dress a forest-confetti Confetti? john-woods john+me car-view-house e The drive home was nice too. We decided we absolutely had to eat hamburgers for dinner. But first, how amazing are the houses? car-view-house d car-view-house c car-view-house b car-view-house a I sometimes think about living in a place like this... would I like it? Anyway, hungry and well walked, we had our craved for burgers. What a perfect and lucky way to spend the ten year anniversary! ps John: I agree with you about the boots x dinner


zozo said...

What a gorgeous outfit to traipse about in the woods in! :) I personally adore the boots and your style in general haha
zozo | atelier zozo

Lucy In The Sky said...

Congratulations being in Australia for 10 years. So happy that you love the place, it really is beautiful. You look too pretty too in the square dancing dress. I wouldn't mind one myself!


lovely pics :) pretty


Jessica Cangiano said...

What a thoroughly lovely anniversary to commemorate. This outfit is really darling - love the country girl vibe it gives off.

♥ Jessica

Harlow Darling said...

Getting used to the Australian landscape IS tricky! I grew up in Russia and when I first moved to Australia I really hated the bush. After the lush green forests and fields of flowers in Russia the Australian bush seemed so harsh and austere! It has taken me a long time to stop comparing it and just embrace it for its very different and rather severe beauty :)

Kalliopie said...

lol you could make a jacket from your cats "hair" ;)

Lornas wishing well said...

Great photos and your cat looks so gorgeous x

beate grigutsch said...

what a great day!
walking in the woods is my most beloved activity. and i´m happy if others enjoy it too :-)
in the case of the boots - john would be more troubled if you injured your feet in the middle of nowhere then from looking on you in comfy boots!!!
sometimes security goes before beauty.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

What a lovely walk, the light peeking through the limbs of the trees is wonderful. The anniversary of me coming to the UK was at the start of December, I had forgotten as well. Though, I've been here for like 12 years now :) So, now too far ahead of your years of moving. The dress is bright and happy & very needed for me as it's a bit grey here in Scotland, though the sun is trying :)) xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just wondering where this is? My husband likes to hike and this looks like an amazing place to take him. Thanks, Viv.

Sam said...

I had no idea you were from the UK! What age were you when you moved? Wish I had the guts to do the same! Absolutely loving this dress btw :)

Miss Maple said...

I also love when my outfit matches my food. Especially in summer I buy my ice cream to match my outfit e.g. blueberry ice cream to go with a violet outfit or mango ice cream to go with a yellow outfit. Crazy!!!

Carla Ortega said...

are a beautiful pictures! landscapes and your dress!wow!! <3

Alexandra Marie said...

Oh my, these pictures are beautiful! What an amazing place- like a dream! You may just convince me to take a trip to Australia one of these days- it's beautiful! Alex


OrigamiGirl said...

Personally I really love the boots. I've been longing for some awesome cowboy boots for years. I think the cowgirl style realyl suits you with that amazingly bright dress. Sounds like a lovely day. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Elke said...

wauw, looks amazing! being in the woods can be so calming. not for to long, though, then the silence and the rest get on my nerves :-) you look great. eyeliner and everything :-) and those colours!

Miss Louise said...

this is perhaps my favorite post of yours! You're outfit was perfect and the pictures are just gorgeous :)

Vicky said...

that day just seemed gorgeous. and i love that you also have that ikea bird tray in the last pic (me too).

Jaye said...

What a fun trip! Beautiful woods! Congrats on your Australian Anniversary!

Amanda said...

Beautiful! You AND the scenery. It reminds me a bit of parts of northern California, which is my adopted home (but I'm only from the the other side of the US -- I didn't have to cross an ocean.) I don't know my exact Caliversary, but every August I think to myself, oh! I've lived her another year. Eight of them, so far. Maybe I'll celebrate ten, too. =)

esme and the laneway said...

‪zozo‬ hehe thanks very much :D

‪Lucy In The Sky‬ : thank you! The square dancing dresses are out there but pretty awesome, hey! Me and my vintage-loving friend have beenfinding loads of square dancing dresses and skirts in recent months for some reason, hope you do too!

‪ANDYSTYLE‬ : thanks!

‪Jessica Cangiano‬ : thanks! I felt v country girl and would definitely wear it again!

‪Harlow Darling‬: oh yes, same, it's so true! Especially during and just after summer when everything is dry and yellow and crunchy, or, worse, burnt out. I'm glad you have been able to find some beauty in it too. I like the severeness too now, but will always love lush Europe :)

‪Kalliopie‬ : I could make 20!

‪Lornas wishing well‬ : thanks and Babycat says thank you too :)

‪beate grigutsch‬: haha so true! Especially as he'd have to hear me complain about it! :D

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬ : Oh happy 12 year anniversary! x And there'll be plenty of colourful sunshine from here soon enough to brighten up the North there – which I love too! x

‪Anonymous‬ : Hi Viv, it is in Warrandyte National Park – I'm not sure where, but it is near the gate and the spot where you're allowed to canoe, which should be on at least some maps. When I go again I'll see what road it is on, too :)

‪Sam‬ : yep, from London! So adjusting to summer, and vintage summer, took me a little while :D I was 22 when I moved x it was a bit scary but mostly exciting!

‪Miss Maple‬ : haha it's funny but it's enjoyable too, right?!

‪Carla Ortega‬ s: thank you!

‪Alexandra Marie‬ : thanks! It is very beautiful, especially in the spring time :) (late summer is far too hot for anything good!)

‪OrigamiGirl‬ : thank you! Well, you never know... cowboy boots could become a thing for me!

‪Elke‬ : haha yes so true! Plus I'm still towny enough to be freaked out if I think we're too far from people and cars and concrete!

‪Miss Louise‬ : thanks very much! That means a lot to me. :)

‪Vicky‬ : ah, yes, good old Ikea! Love the birdies :)

‪Jaye‬ s: thanks!

‪Amanda‬ : oh congrats on 8 years! Doesn't it go so fast?! No ocean but still such a different world :) x

Rebecca said...

Happy transplantiversary! It will be 7 years for me in NZ in Feb. Amazing how quickly the time flies!

I've never been north of Melbourne before (we usually go south down the coast) - may have to go that way next time I make it across. :D


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