Monday, 20 January 2014

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Hello, and happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. I can't believe it was John and my three week wedding anniversary – yes, I am enjoying counting the weeks at the moment! – and think we will have to do something to celebrate the four week mark for sure. Something a little more exciting than emptying out the clutter from our kitchen drawers, which we did yesterday. Completely boring but very necessary, and surprisingly cathartic – and more steps in the direction of getting our home organised!

Speaking of home, I am incredibly nesty at the moment. I am dreaming of ways to make things that much nicer here for us. So, of course looking at pinterest is an excellent use of time! Here are some of my current inspirations from my pinterest. The top left one sums up a few things for me, really: I think I want to use wallpaper on at least one of the walls, and I am keen to do the rest of our floorboards white, like we did in the two bedrooms. Or maybe sand them back and keep their natural pine colour? I also am craving some pale, soft spaces at the moment... so perhaps white walls, and not wallpaper! And we definitely need to sort out our desk. I love the idea of that pin board and the Ikea plant pots to store pens in. Hmmm. Lots to think about.

And lots to do! It has cooled down at last here, so things can go back to normal, and I can get more done. I was handling the heat pretty well until Friday, when I went for a run in the morning. Even though it was early and the sun was only coming up and I'd run on the Monday and Wednesday and been hot but fine, it tuned out to be a Very Bad Idea. I only got a third of the way through before I had to go home, as I'd got heat exhaustion. I completely stopped sweating for hours, which might sound awesome but really wasn't – who knew I'd miss that so much?! – and laying down and clinging on to the edge of the bed for dear life because I was so dizzy was not fun! Lesson learned: no running when it's been over 40C for so long. Now it is much cooler and grey skied and I am looking forward to wearing dresses and makeup again, and being far much productive. How is your week looking?


Wild Tea Party said...

Gah, these rooms are all so beautiful. I love beautiful earthy white rooms with a french twist. And wallpaper! I love that it's back again in such a big way.
And Melbourne sounded to be sweltering last week, glad to hear for everyone's sake that it's cooled down. Fingers crossed Sydney doesn't get any heat like that anytime soon.

beate grigutsch said...

this pictures have you name written on it!

be careful with yourself - when the wether is too hot or cold it´s better to slow down.
speaking of cold - we still waiting for winter here. on the other side - with no snow and over zero degrees i get more done.......

geehawkes said...

That top left photo is just beautiful! I hope you're feeling better after your unsuccessful run, heat exhaustion is so horrible :(! xx

The Dainty Dolls House said...

No running indeed doll, take good care. Sounds horrible. I got a bit of sun poisoning as a child when I lived back in America, it's not fun at all. Hope you continue to feel better. Love the big floral walls, those are so gorgeous!! Also the one with the shawl over the window...beautiful!! Have a lovely week doll xx

Debs said...

Be careful - last time I said I was nesty I ended up with a daughter. Never using THAT word again ;)
I really want that wallpaper in the first picture as a dress.
And lastly - I'm so in awe of your dedication - it only(?) got to 38 degrees here but I still didn't move far from the air conditioning.

Mélodie Nicolle said...

That is such beautiful inspiration, love all these photos they could go straight away on my Pinterest boards!
Have a wonderful week dear!

Hannah Spanner said...

Gorgeous pictures, I need more plants in my house. Do hope you're feeling much better now! Nothing like a good de-clutter too x

esme and the laneway said...

Wild Tea Party : yes, hope Sydney stays reasonable! :D and I'm so glad wallpaper is back in. So much more to choose from!

beate grigutsch : if only the weather could be extreme less often!

geehawkes : it really was :/ took hours to go away, too.

The Dainty Dolls House : I like sun poisoning as a term, I'm going to call it that form now on :)

Debs : oh I don't know, I don't think that sounds so bad..! :D I thought I could do a little run when it was under 37C but noooooo hehe

Mélodie Nicolle : glad you like them!

Hannah Spanner : yes, never too many plants inside! x and much better, thank you :) I'll never risk that again!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such clean, elegant, inviting rooms. I see you (aka, your style) in them completely, dear gal.

♥ Jessica

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