Friday, 7 February 2014

hot saturdays, yellow dresses, parasols and sprawly cats

view-from-bedroom Here is my Saturday from last weekend, the one where I said I'd be sociable despite the heat. I thought it might be nice, too, for those of you in the northern hemisphere to get some sun and warmth vicariously. When it's cold and grey the difference between gloriously warm and stinking hot in photos does not matter quite so much!

So, last Saturday, I woke up early after our night celebrating our friend's last night in her flat so I could go and pick up the car. I'd driven there, thinking I would not drink and could drive the three of us home, but the wine came out and of course I changed my mind... splishy sploshy anybody? Of course it was only in the taxi on the way home I realised I'd parked in what would become a two hour spot from 7am. What would be a 20 minute car drive in the light traffic of such unlovely hours for a Saturday morning would be at least an hour and a half on Melbourne's attempt at public transport, so I had to get cracking. I am almost embarrassed to admit that John saw me about to leave, and offered to go on his bike – he's a super fit bike rider and it would take him half an hour. Of course I gladly accepted, and, feeling like the most spoilt-y-est spoilt princess ever, got back into bed for some lazy internet surfing. John then upped this by returning with the car and flowers for me. He's gone from being a lovely fiance to a lovely husband. Feeling rather pleased!

coffee-table-flowers a By now it was time for me to get out of bed (again) and have breakfast. brekkie-fast Still loving the oaties and have them on the weekend, too. They're so nice cold. I thought I'd share the view from our sofa. The peacock feathers were rescued from their seclusion down on the floor next to the tv and popped in behind it, waggling about in the drafts like insect antennae. One of the feathers lost its eye. I'm plotting where to put some bookshelves and this spot is starting to look pretty tempting... and yes, there's my trusty Cedel, the best hairspray ever. couch-view We were going to go and buy a present for our nephew and then head to the city for our friend's birthday. This meant there'd be a fair amount of walking around, so those ballet shoes I got last year went on – I get so much use from them but I do admit, I miss heels – along with this favourite vintage dress. yellow-vintage-embroidery-dress yellow-vintage-embroidery-dress b Embroidery used to give a me a sort of sympathy headache for whoever would have done all that work, even when it was the machine kind. I've really come to love it, though. tired-face-different eyeliner a A picture before we'd headed into melt town. I'd left doing my hair too late, washing it when I got home on the Friday night and waking up with still-damp flatness. A few hours of pin curls and a blast from the hairdryer gave more curl than I had expected, but heat is a challenge for them at the best of times. bright-flowers-sunshine First we squeezed in a quick stop off at a vintage shop in Thornbury. I don't go to bricks and mortar shops nearly enough, and want to do so more this year. This shop has an amazing 1940s dress that I wanted to try on but was already too hot, sweaty and gross, so I'll have to hope it waits for me. I know from experience that it probably won't, but fate will have to decide. I also saw an amazing floral print rayon dress, and was very tempted by the easiest of them all to wear, especially in the heat: an early 1960s cotton floral in white with red details. Still, I am trying to save up for our trip, so, purdy dresses were left behind and onwards it was. flower-parasol-midday a We went to our favourite cafe, Mixed Business on the North Fitzroy/Clifton Hill border. North Fitzroy has some amazing houses and gardens, and it's always a pleasure to walk past them. cold-coffee-sugar Cold coffee, on ice, for us. John likes his sweetened, I like mine as is. mr whale We then popped in to see Jules at Heroes and Villains to buy a whale for the nephew. We've known Jules for years from living just down the road from the shop, way back when it was under a different name, and she very kindly whipped up our blue friend here. We weren't too sure what to call him. Was he Whaley, or Mr Whale? melbourne-church-heat-haze Then it was straight on into the city. The transport here is even less reliable than usual at the moment so we drove to one of the parks on the edge of the CBD, found a spot surprisingly fast, and then walked to the bar to meet our friend. It was only a 10 minute walk, but in the heat it took a lot longer than that. You can see the heat haze around the Church. tropical-victorian Still, for all the gasping and clinging to the few shadey spots, it was a beautiful walk. The old buildings here are really something else. exotic-victorian And it feels really exotic to see the mix of the old Victorian buildings, the newer, concrete blocky ones and then the palm trees dotted around them all. palm-trees-and-drab-concrete a parasol-doorway Although by this point I was wilting and VERY ready for a cold drink. orange-fire-flowers These flowers seem to thrive in it though. I love them; they look like flames and they're fierce rather than pretty. The birthday drinks were lovely, I put my camera in my bag and left it there, and we gulped down cold water before John could join everyone with the beers and whiskeys and I kept to the water so I could drive us home later. Well, I had to thank him for his morning bike adventure! We then headed back home in a slightly cooler late afternoon, where I could pop open a bottle of fizzy pink moscato, and we shut the blinds and watched Game of Thrones (almost finished! What WILL we do without it?) and discovered that the whiskey we have at the moment tastes very good in the heat. Babycat of course chose the hottest room in the house to sprawl, but then she likes the fan and the planties, and I think she is as ready as I am for Autumn! babycat-shade-plant b


let us wanderlust said...

My goodness, there are so many things I love about this post! I adore that picture of you with the umbrella in front of the green door. I can almost feel the heat radiating through my computer screen, too! John seems like SUCH a sweetie! Looks and sounds like a beautiful (albeit hot!) summery day and it makes me miss Aus so very much! Have a great weekend :)
Carly xx

Lisa said...

My boyfriend is amazing and does wonderful things like that for me too.


Amber Jade said...

Gorgeous pictures as always! I'd love to take more pictures out and about but I have nowhere with scenery anywhere near as nice as yours.
If you have the time to spend, once the Game of Thrones TV series is over I'd highly recommend the books! I just finished them recently. It took me a month to get through all of them but it was well worth it to find out more of the story! :)

Bri Schaaf said...

I just love your pictures and little piece of blogdom! I here in Southern California where we are having a warm winter! Its so great seeing all of your sunny fun!
Have a great one!

kiniemm said...

omg, i love the weather. there's still quite cold in the place i live. great makeup, you look gorgeous!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Your dress is ever so gorgeous, I feel like shopping in your closet sometimes, ha :) The sunshine in the pictures is wonderful to see. It's bright here today in Scotland, but lacking the colour and warmth. So this was lovely to see :) Awww...kitty just laying out, bless, needing some cool relief indeed!! So sweet your husband got you flowers, very sweet :) Have a lovely weekend doll xx

Jessica Cangiano said...

You wear yellow so immensely well (it can be a tricky hue for many - myself included), and this soft lemon pith meets creamy butter hue is no exception. It's so very lovely to see this much warmth in the midst of the cold snap we're experiencing at the moment (yesterday my town hit a record for the lowest temperature ever recorded here for that date).

♥ Jessica

Modern June Cleaver said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE your coffee table + this inspires me to pick up fresh flowers more frequently.

Also, that dress... so lovely!


IrishRedRose said...

Fizzy pink moscato! LOVE. One of my faves, esp. in hot weather. I'm glad to see you carrying a parasol, especially as I keep reading ominous tidbits about how sunscreen doesn't work as well as had been thought--especially since the amount you are actually supposed to use to get the full SPF is immense, like almost a palmful for one's face. YUCK. NO. I've always done hats, held sunshades, or just not gone out in the sun at all. Lately, I've experimented with serious SPF 50+ sunbrella parasols--they have the silver coating which repels the cancer rays. They're going to be a staple next summer and I've even found some in pretty prints!

Elke said...

It looks looks so nice and pretty and beautiful, but i can imagine that it felt less nice and comfortable... Thank you for sharing this little bit of sunshine. I needed it :)

Alexandra Townsend said...

Your photos are so lovely! And you're so lucky to be in summer!

Gabriela Neves said...



Mélodie Nicolle said...

So many beautiful photos dear, and i love your home, everything seems perfect, it's really nothing in particular but the ensemble that's perfect, congrats!
And you look stunning in this yellow dress ;)
Many kisses

esme and the laneway said...

let us wanderlust : thank you! I love doing these kinds of posts, because I love seeing how other people pootle about, as well as doing more specific things. :) It was hot, but going out made it more enjoyable!

Amber Jade : oh you just have to look :) Melbourne has it's share of ugly things too – and maybe more than other places! I've heard to books are great, so will def try them :) Want them on iPad if we can do that, to save on storage space!

Anonymous Bri Schaaf : thanks! Oh Southern California is so beautiful! I can't even imagine a winter there :) and you too!

The Dainty Dolls House : thank you! Hope you guys get some warmth soon, I guess it is close to spring now! We have a good few weeks of scorchio to go!

Jessica Cangiano: thanks – I loved your pink and yellow combo, so pretty! Hope you can keep warm and cosy enough through the cold snap. isn't it good that these extreme seasons are getting ready to change again..!

Modern June Cleaver : thanks! The flowers make a difference and help us keep the coffee table clutter free (it's often buried under remote controls and notebooks) so I think they're always worth it :) well, almost – ours barely lasted a week in the heat!

IrishRedRose : those parasols sound great! Yes, SPF alone isn't enough. And it feels gross! My parasol here has SPF protection but it's not as high as SPF50 (and from memory, I think Australia measures SPF differently to the UK, which is why I went down from SPF50 to SPF30 when I moved here, as it was the highest available at the time. It changed in the last few years but I don't understand all the details) but yes, sun avoidance is the way to go when the UV is so extreme!

Elke : my pleasure, that makes me happy to know that sharing this can be nice for you!

Alexandra Townsend : thanks! But no, not lucky. Summer here is terrible. Truly terrible.

Spoonful of Vintage said...

Thank you for such a lovely peek into your weekend world! Very inspiring :) I want to be more intentional with my weekends to make the most of my time off like you do!
I love that you are rocking the parasol! I may have to do that in the heat to protect my skin and hair from the sun without slathering on so much greasy sunscreen!
xox Amie <a href="”>Spoonful of Vintage</a>

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