Friday, 28 February 2014

makeup storage of the temporary kind

makeup-storage b I've been on a bit of a tidy-purging trip lately, wanting to clear out those things that need to go, and organise the things that I want to keep. One of the collection of things to fall under my beady eye was my makeup collection, which, while not huge, does have enough bits and bobs to need regular once overs. At least it all has a place in general.

We've had to cleear out a few pieces of furniture in the past couple of years, including my vintage dressing table. It was incredibly practical, with those six drawers to store smalls, hair products, and so on. I liked being able to have some of the nicer looking things out on display, and it felt very luxurious to have a tiny vintage vase with a single stem, too. It wasn't perfect, though. There was a space in the centre for a glass shelf, which it still had, but I couldn't put it in place in case Babycat leapt on it – she would – and smashed through it. It also had a wooden shelf below, which was part of the base, and while it was good for more storage, it meant that I couldn't sit with my legs under the glass shelf, and had to twist and sit side saddle instead. Not ideal for putting on makeup and putting in pin curls, or doing any of those things that take more than a couple of minutes to do. The mirror had to be propped into place, and was rectangle – I love the round ones. I did love its deco styling, the dark wood with the details in the feet and the overall idea of it. It just took up too much room, and the dark wood, which I love, was just too heavy for our late 1960s built home with its nods to mid century ideas, regular height ceilings and small rooms. It had to go. One day, when we move into a period house with rooms that little bit bigger and ceilings a little higher (with ceiling roses, please!), I will again have a dressing table, with a perfect round mirror with scalloped edges, an all-wood table top I can tuck my knees under, and of course the glorious practicality of all that storage, too. Bring on the day!

In the meantime, I've commandeered the green-y blue Ikea metal trolley from its job in the kitchen of storing vegetables and spice bottles, and wheeled it into the back bedroom to house all my makeup things. I keep all of it in separate bowls, cups and bags, to have some kind of sense of order to them. Brushes in a dark green patterned cup from an op shop (one of a set of four that became three within minutes of me getting them home, damn), lipsticks and pencils together in a blue and white tin, blushers in a little bag, and hairbrushes in an, erm, plant pot. Basically it was whatever was to hand, as it all felt very temporary at the time and kind of still does, even though I don't think we'll be moving house any time soon.

It might not be my all time ideal, but it works. I like having my brushes stored like that, so that when they have their weekly bath I can just pat dry their plastic bodies and pop them back in the cup and leave them basking, fluffy heads up, in the sunshine, to dry properly. I don't have to search for a blusher that might be buried under a pile of eye shadows that then gets knocked over and spills all over the floor. Dainty and pretty and nestled among scented candles and roses and photographs is just going to have to wait. Sigh.

I would love to know how you store your makeup. I always like seeing people's collections and their ways of keeping it all together. Do you have a dressing table or vanity unit, or use drawers, or is it all just wherever it ends up after you've used it? Let's have a nose! makeup-storage a


Angela said...

Ohhh I was really into the idea of those IKEA trolleys for my bathroom too but it fitted kind of awkwardly beside my vanity. For makeup and hair stuff I've been using those clear storage containers from Daiso or Officeworks for ages(I've gone through a few different types). I like to be able to see everything and organise by type, then colour, then size. I also keep an old little tealight candle holder that houses my 'essentials'(Mascara, Liquid eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and a 'chubby stick' type gloss/tinted balm that I can just grab-n-go when I'm in a rush.

xx Angela

Amber Jade said...

I don't have a lot of room for furniture (very small bedroom), so I have 3 hard makeup cases to store my collection. There are two smallish ones, one of which is for my "everyday" makeup and the other is for eyeshadows, then a third larger case which houses everything else. Each has compartments so I can categorize items and keep everything orderly. They all get stored on a shelf in my closet when not in use. I actually really like having a smaller case for the things I use all the time. It means that my standard daily look only requires getting one box out rather than looking for things in several different places. I'd much prefer to be able to have everything in drawers or out on shelves though so they're more accessible!

Amber Jade
Fairytales and Following Trails

Erika said...

Most of mine is actually behind the bathroom mirror, but makeup brushes are in a crystal vase, mascaras in a little ceramic vase, eyeliner in another little vase, then lipsticks, hair ties, hair combs and bobby pins are all in vintage glass coupes. Hairpins are in a vintage cut glass pickle jar. All inherited from either my mother or grandmother. There is only so much glassware that can actually be used for its intended purpose....

The Dainty Dolls House said...

All my make-up is stored in one medium sized bag....really sad, I know. I don't have a lot of make-up to be honest. I keep saying to myself that I need new eyeshadows and lipsticks, but I never seem to get around to getting any. But, I like it as it's much simpler. But, I like the way you have yours all stored in the jars and stuff, it's sweet like a painters desk :) xx

Pretty Florals said...

I need to get better at throwing out old make up and bits and bobs! I'm terrible for keeping them for years despite never using them!!

I picked up this vanity unit: (sorry, not a great photo) in what is basically a junk yard last year. This pic is from when I first bought it so it's empty but I just absolutely love it! It was in fab condition but I decided to line the drawers with paper from Paperchase ( and I use little glass jars from Anthropologie to hold my brushes. Because the unit has doors, I like that I can leave my brushes in there to air dry when I wash them.

I'll maybe get around to uploading some proper photos to my Flickr account soon :)

Selina said...

I have a Marilyn Monroe vanity case that stores all of my makeup

beate grigutsch said...

i have a little old nightstand in the bathroom with a marble top, one drawer and a bigger storage with a door. fleamarket. the little drawer houses all my makeup minus lipsticks and small brushes. the brushes live in a mini planter on top of the nightstand, the lipsticks in a wooden (jewelry)chest beside. the marble top means i can mess around and easy clean it :-)
every time i try to get ready in the bed room i need some water - so i settled in the bathroom.

Jessica Cangiano said...

It's surprising isn't it just how quickly one's makeup collection can grow over time. A wee piece here, a little brush there, you don't really realize how much you have until you go to finally sort it all and are suddenly giving Sephora a run for there money! :)

♥ Jessica

Frances said...

I really want a proper ladies' vanity table some day but at the moment, I have a small mid-century desk that has a flip-up top that opens to reveal a large mirror and a series of small compartments. I keep all my makeup in there, another compartment houses hair ties and clips and a little clam box that holds my bobby pins, and the rest of the compartments house my prodigious costume jewelry collection. A little vase on top holds my brushes (which hardly ever get washed, ahem) and there's a pull out drawer that houses hairsprays and other big bottles.
I've posted a few pictures on Instagram, but I'll have to do a full blog post about it someday soon!

Charis said...

Now I don't feel like a proper lady, ha ha! All of my make up is in my make up bag. Erm, that is it. Perhaps I should buy more make up?!

esme and the laneway said...

Angela : isn't it always the way: something won't fit for the sake of an inch or so. Those clear container seem like the best way for finding things. Love the tea light holder idea, I can imagine that working really well!

Amber Jade : oh this sounds perfect! Super organised. Actually, I want to try this way!

Erika : this sounds soooo beautiful. Yes, glass out, please! Useful and very pretty. x

The Dainty Dolls House : yes I agree, I like having less too as I only want perfect stuff, rather than a bag full of so-so things... nothing wrong with a well-curated collection! It is quite painterly, now you say it ... x

Pretty Florals : oh yes, a makeup purge is super satisfying AND v useful to do! Your vanity looks great, all that storage! *drools* gorgeous liners too. This looks like storing heaven!

Selina : as in, a pic of MM on it? Love vanity cases. They feel so glam.

beate grigutsch : ahh, nice! yes, needing to be near water always... x

Jessica Cangiano : bahaha so true! And so enjoyable :D

Frances : oh a post would be great. This sounds awesome, and I like that you would have to keep the table top clear to open it up. (I always end up covering table tops with... just any old thing!) I love compartments, so tidy and everything has a place.

Charis : nothing to do with being a porper lady haha! If you don't need/want anymore, then enjoy it! :D

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