Friday, 21 February 2014

red and blue, kangaroo, and cardigans!

red-blue-sunday e Hello and Happy Friday! I can tell you that I am happier than I have been for what feels like MONTHS (but is probably only weeks, but STILL) because: Autumn is coming! I can sleep again, think again, live again! No more waking up in the middle of the night 5 times gasping for air as my back overheats on the mattress, no more avoiding going outside between 9am and 5pm as far as possible (which is, of course, not very far at all) because of guaranteed burning skin and stinging sunburn that makes my neck go a mottled pink no matter how much sunscreen and covering clothing and shade I use, no more wondering why I ever moved here in the first place just to give up a good chunk of my life every single bloody year. I know how I function in Melbourne well by now, and that during this time of year I have a pretty major sense of humour bypass, but things do get better again.

And it's starting now! Whoop etc.

These are from last Sunday, when we had the first little taste of the season turning. I'd been feeling pretty under the weather on Saturday and we took it easy on Sunday, watching the Godfather (I and II) and draping ourselves on the couch in a way that even Babycat, the relaxation queen, approved of. And then we realised... it was different outside. It was nice!

I have been sticking to my planned outfits from this post and so I wore the red skirt and blue top combo. I wasn't really feeling like bright happy colours – I wanted to wear a grey sack to reflect my grey mood – but I put it on anyway, because if you don't try something you'll never know if you like it and anyway, my grey mood did not need any more encouragement.

It was so lovely outside, hot and sunny but with a fresh breeze – that rare, good summer day sort of thing – and John and I decided to escape the gloom of our film watching and go for a good walk to buy some coffee beans. Hair was brushed, sunscreen applied and steps taken, but about 10 minutes in my parasol was blown inside out for about the tenth time and we accepted that the fresh breeze was in fact a pretty strong wind, so we gave it up as a bad idea (no sunburn for me, I dread it!) and took the car instead. What can I say, we tried!

red-blue-yeehaw a And here is evidence: and I actually really like the red and blue together! Sensible socks and walking shoes, which you can just about see, were also worn, but we won't dwell on those!

red-blue-sunday h This is on the way to coffee beans (the epic journey form the parked car to the cafe, all of 40 odd metres) I've had a thing for garages for years. Something about the orderliness and the way the light shines in... I especially like big bright red walls. red-blue-sunday g red-blue-sunday c Clear blue skies after Saturday's threatening steely greys and steamy humidity. Soooo refreshing. red-blue-sunday d And what at least look like Autumn leaves... they're not, but we won't dwell on that either. red-blue-sunday i I saw that I had carried on my red theme when I had some buttery toast. Is there anything as satisfying as plain old buttery toast for a lazy afternoon snack? I think not. Messy crumbs a bonus. red-blue-sunday j Later in the evening we went to a pub with some friends. And, look! Bang the drum and blow the pipes: I needed to wear a cardigan!!! red-blue-sunday k And sunglasses, too, because otherwise I'd be squinting. Hello squinty sunshine face. (The skirt was gifted, the blue top is from Savers and the cardigan, new to my wardrobe, from a sale at Forever New, the belt was op shopped and the sandals were from yoox. The bruises on my leg are from the coffee table. Ouch.) ec-window a We went to the Edinburgh Castle in Brunswick, which is in a beautiful old deco building with gorgeous windows and has a huge beer garden out the back. It feels quite English, actually. I love that we have nice pubs – or hotels, as they're called here, although they don't have rooms to stay in – and can waste enjoy several hours sitting down and eating and drinking and yapping. ec-beer-garden a Although this looks less English. ec-burgers a But what about this: pints, rather than pots, of beer, and burgers as big as our faces. Really yum and really enjoyable, including the sauce dribbling down our chins and over our fingers *lick. Definitely not first date food but really, that's so often the best kind. Stuff stuff nom nom. ec-burgers roo I had the kangaroo burger. When I first moved here I was a bit squeamish about the idea of eating Skippy, but it's really nice. As was sitting outside on a cool evening, noticing the little hairs on our arms starting to stand up with the chill and going home to before dark so there was still time to potter about at home before bed. I think I've found my new favourite way to spend Sunday evenings. red-blue-sunday f


let us wanderlust said...

Gosh that sounds like the most perfect way to spend the day! I'm so glad the disgustingly hot weather has eased up a bit and shown some signs of a 'not too far away' Autumn! I've heard so much about the Aussie summer while being away and honestly can say I haven't missed those stinking hot days one bit, so I feel for you! Your outfit it so lovely - I love the blue and the red combo! And I'm glad to hear the cooler weather and gorgeously colored clothes helped to improve the grey mood! X Carly

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I can imagine the heat is unbearable...summers in America were sometimes dreadful as the humidity was so high you could barely take a breath in and sleeping was impossible. Despite the rain, summers in Scotland are have the sun, but you also have a lovely breeze and it makes being outside so much fun!! I can't wait as well, am so sick of rain...I wish I could send you some to cool it down there :) You look great doll xx

Jessica Cangiano said...

Gorgeous, punchy hues! The remind me of everything from Rocket Pops to a Mexican fiesta, the US flag to a bowl of blueberries and strawberries. So fun and perfect for the warm weather.

I've never had a kangaroo burger, but I have tried bison/buffalo, which is like a jacked up, extra tasty take on beef.

♥ Jessica

Elke said...

It seems like a very good idea, the choosing of the outfits in advance. When you start dressing according to your mood, it goes downhill. And feelings often follow your choices, thoughts, acts,...

IrishRedRose said...

Those Australian summers must be so awful for an English girl! I'm American, raised in Northern CA, but I've always lived on the coast, so I am used to temperate oceanside weather--no snow, very rare freezes even, moderate rain in winter and a high of about 80F in summer. (I think that's around 26C? and it's usually lower than that, often much lower lol. I owned ONE pair of sandals, and many cardigans.)

Then I moved up to Sacramento for a couple of years. Oh it was HELL. It's in the central valley, away from the ocean--and hotter, actually, than Melbourne. My first summer: humid AND over 40C every day for months. Months--May till late October. It went on foreverrr. And we didn't have a good air conditioner. I would spend most of my time right by the rickety one we cooled one room so I had to cling to it, lol. I remember when we switched apts one of the movers ran away at the sight of our stairs and another got heat stroke by lunchtime! The only saving grace was that we'd chosen to live in the old part of town, where every street was lined with huge, densely planted shade trees. It would've been far worse otherwise.

I would go out in the morning (back in by 9:30ish, literally) and then stay in all day till around sunset. I had a hat with actual SPF rating and wore sunscreen under that. I wore drab longsleeved coverups and layers of opaque fabric and thick cotton gloves to drive--the steering wheel would get too hot to touch without burning. I dressed like a Bedouin! Mostly I lived by night.

The only time it was nice outside was before 7 am or so, and then around nine or ten at night. That was usually when we would have dinner. I hope your life in Melbourne allows you to follow some kind of Mediterranean schedule like that in the summer--it helps!

Do you have an A/C unit? If might buy a small portable one and just install it in your bedroom window! I don't know if you rent or own, but it can be managed either way. All I know is that without one, I canNOT sleep in that kind of heat. It makes me sick. Really worth the $$.

Nowadays, we live on San Pablo Bay, which is an upper part of San Francisco Bay. It's more inland, so we get hot spells in the summer, but they don't drag on for months like they did in Sacramento. It's just...normal summer. A bit of air conditioning. Sandal weather. Not hell, lol. You can tell by the novel I've written here that you really have my sympathy on this subject! It's such a struggle.

StinaP said...

I'm not a big fan of heat either, so I understand why you wanted to dress in a grey sack. :) That said, I A) love your outfit and B) am desperate for some sunshine after month upon month of darkness and grey skies here in Scandinavia.

Hannah Spanner said...

You look gorgeous, and damn them burgers do too. xx

esme and the laneway said...

Hannah Spanner : they were so good. And thank you! Felt kind of bright but still fun to put something together I wouldn't have normally :)

StinaP : :D hope you can glean some sunshine and warmth from here! Pretty much everyone I know in Aus is v keen on Scandinavian weather, design and so on, I think a lot of us would take on your grey skies! :D x

IrishRedRose : Oh, wow, I really can! That does sound like absolute hell. It's actually really refreshing to read about someone understanding that it's not all warm sunshine and icecreams though! :) We do have air con so I shouldn't complain too much, but can't leave it on overnight so it gets pretty toasty pretty quickly! Oh well, I chose to live here, I should suck it up guess! :P

Anonymous Elke : v true, I think, when moods aren't so good..!

Jessica Cangiano : Thanks :) bison/buffalo sounds good. I wonder if we have that here?

The Dainty Dolls House : oh Scotland looks and sounds so beautiful, I hope to visit one day. I understand being sick of rain, hope you can be cosy at home and have waterproof boots if you have to leave!

let us wanderlust : hehe thanks Carly! I really need to go on a long holiday at this time of year (if only!)! Mood is much better now, too, phew :)

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

pretty outfit

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