Tuesday, 25 February 2014

tuesday beauty: classic red and pink

red-and-pink a Having eschewed the wearing of any foundation for the last few months of the hot summer, I decided to celebrate our return to some cooler days by smoothing on a faceful of the stuff. It was a surprise to find that I didn't miss it at all, and actually I really liked just wearing some concealer where needed and my sunscreen. That said, I do like a good, fully made-up base too, so I was quite happy to add this extra step last Friday. And as I was going back to using it, I felt a return to the makeup style I wear, or rather wore, pre-summer, most often, with red lips, pink cheeks and liquid liner, was called for too. It's a very classic, simple look, and as I was going out for dinner that evening I thought it would be most appropriate. (You might have seen many of these products on here before, as they are just what I am using at the moment.)

As you can see, I use rather a lot of products for it. Isn't it amazing how they can add up... four things now for my eyebrows? Well, there it is! But there isn't one very important product, which I forgot about until I moved things around to photograph individually: the blusher. Oops. It does make an appearance later. red-and-pink b I got ready in the morning, and met with a friend for a midday coffee, and so sunscreen was of course essential. The Olay Complete Defence for sensitive skin is still my favourite, as it doesn't give me spots and blends well, and doesn't mind having foundation put over the top of it.

My liquid foundation of the moment, Covergirl's Trublend in 1, 405 (why so many numbers!) had been sitting for so long on my makeup shelf that the colours had separated and needed remixing. It probably wasn't helped by those 45C+ temperatures when I left it in a room without air con, either – I can't blame it for that, really! I actually didn't enjoy wearing it as much this time, perhaps because it has changed a bit and needs replacing, or perhaps I've just grown used to being bare faced, but either way, I am thinking about trying something new for Autumn. I really like very matte powdered finished in cold weather, so might look for something along those lines.

red-and-pink c The best concealer I've ever used, Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer in 1 (again). Love this stuff. red-and-pink d I like to do my eyebrows next, as they frame the face. I'm still using the Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set in what was the lightest two shades there (the name's rubbed off) but I find the brush it comes with is a bit thick and clumsy, so I use an angled brush from Eco Tools, first brushing them into place with a brush from.... somewhere! No idea, and it doesn't matter in this case anyway, as they're pretty generic. I am now addicted to setting the inner eyebrow bits with clear mascara, the Australis Extender Lash And Brow. red-and-pink e I'm waiting to get some eyeshadow palettes when I go to Europe, so for now am using the very cheap but perfectly passable Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in 05 To Die For. They're not too sparkly, they don't settle into creases and they do last quite well, although they are bit on the talc-y side. I really like the two paler colours, using the palest on the inner corner of my eye for a subtle lift. It's a nice, natural looking shade for that.

The eyeliner I'm using is the Bourjois Liner Pinceau, which is good, especially for its price, and doesn't smudge or flake. It isn't waterproof, though, but it is a very rich and lasting black so, you know, take the (not that) bad with the good. I don't have the perfect eyelids for winged liner, as my crease comes down quite low, but it can be worked around with a bit of practice. I was especially pleased with last Friday's results – when it looks good with my eye open AND closed I am a happy lady!

My mascara is the Bourjois Fan-Tastic Volume Mascara, which smalls like roses, isn't too thick or too thin (pleasing for Goldilocks here!) and I would buy again. I've been wearing mascara on my lower lashes a lot lately, and this is good for that too. I've finally got into the habit of curling my lashes first, and it's funny, but they seem to take less long to curl each time. It's as though I'm training them. And it's a good thing! I have very straight lashes that stick out and resist a curl almost as much as my hair does, and I love them curled up. red-and-pink f And, the missing product! A super pigmented and super matte blusher, the Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Nymph. I love the strong blusher looks in lots of Technicolor films in the 1940s and early 1950s, and this is great for that look. This one is a nice medium pink, and I just need a little on the brush as it's easy to get a bit too OTT with it. It smells really nice, too. I love really pale pink matte cheeks, too, and I'm on the lookout for something like that – I'll let you know if I find one. Again, random soft and fluffy medium-y sorta sized brush, nothing special. In fact, I'd like to find a softer one. Added to the shopping list... red-and-pink g As I was being so classic to this point, I went with one of the all time classic Vintage Girl Favourites of lipsticks, MAC's Lady Danger. Rich, matte, long lasting, a brilliant and vibrant red, I LOVE it. I'm lucky in that I don't have problems with it being drying, as I know some people do (a friend of mine loves it too but it's just too drying for her) and can wear it all day with no problems. It's paid for with my dry cheeks and oily hair, so I think I deserve something in the middle here. I use the Illamasqua lip pencil in Spell, which is perfect for the more orange-based reds I like to use. red-pink-fh-c Here it all is, with me wearing something of a serious face. Ahem. (And I have to talk about my hair soon, as I'm foxed.) I was actually in a fantastic mood, and was also chuffed to be wearing dark nails again – I went for the darkest possible, black – and so here I am again, expression now matching my very happy mood, about three minutes before I quickly got changed for dinner. I was, and still am, feeling VERY happy, about the coming Autumn and about life in general. It's never completely perfect but there is a lot of good to be grateful for right now.

disclaimer: everything here I bought, with the exception of the lipstick, which was from a giveaway run by a twitter friend who doesn't blog anymore so I don't have a link to share for them, but am grateful, so a big thank you to PP!


Glazed Over said...

Very beautiful! Love the bold red lip!

xo Brianna | Glazed Over

allyhallam said...

It's funny that you commented on the scent of the Illamasqua blush - I told the makeup assistant at the Illamasqua counter in Myer how much I liked the smell of the foundation when she was helping me find the right colour, and she insisted it was unscented. That may be so, but it still smells nice!

Samantha Mariko said...

what a flawless look! you are gorgeous! thank you for the detailed review of your routine :)

beate grigutsch said...

beautiful makeup on your beautiful face!!!!

but what a fuss! i will never have the patience to do all this. and since i got over the middle of my life i have the suspicion that the more product i use the worst it gets.........

Marianna Chalkiadaki said...

Lady Danger looks amazing on you, I want to buy it too!

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

love the hair. I have never managed to "set" fingerwaves into my hair without ending up with the wet look gel style do. I like the wet look but think the dry version is probably more practical! I can't wait to try it out again when my hair gets longer. I love the blusher too. The perfect pink!

geehawkes said...

I always love these kind of posts, maybe because I'm a little nosy and love to see what makeup others love :)!
I'm definitely going to give that sunscreen a go - being so pale, I struggle to find a sun cream for my face that doesn't break me out! xx

laura redburn said...

i've wanted lady danger for ages! it looks amazing on you, marianne!

esme and the laneway said...

Glazed Over : an all time fav. Can't live without it!

OpenID allyhallam: really! The blusher def has a (nice) smell, as would the foundation regardless of being unscented. At least it's a nice one too!

Samantha Mariko : thanks, my pleasure.

beate grigutsch : it takes 15 minutes, no fuss :) x

Marianna Chalkiadaki : it is just SO amazing! But it is expensive (at least in Aus) so that's a drawback...

Natalie_vintage_girl : thanks :) yes, I know what you mean, love the wet look too but sometimes it's nice for something softer for day etc. I just wish I could get rid of my damaged ends, they won't curl properly and it's all getting very annoying! ;P

geehawkes : ooh me too, these posts are kind of soothing somehow! Let me know how you go with the sunscreen, I do really like it x

laura redburn : thanks! It is worth the hunt. Just. Bit it is. x

Pretty Florals said...

I love Laura Mercier products. Her tinted moisturiser is particularly good!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Olay's sensitive skin moisturizer is tops in my books, too. It was my go-to for many years, though I have been favouring Clinique a bit more in recent years. They're both excellent though and my choice usually just comes down to what my cosmetics budget is like when the bottle runs low. :)

♥ Jessica

Linn said...

Your skin is so lovely and flawless! Great pick of a lipstick. Unusual shade of red.

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