Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Valentine's Day makeup in pink, and a romantic giveaway

valentines makeup products a Aaaaannnnd I’m glad to be back to doing the Tuesday Beauty posts after last week’s break for the long weekend. I really need a name for it. The only one I’ve come up with so far is Tuesday Beaut-tay and that’s so bad it’s a bit embarrassing to admit to even as a joke! I’ll work on it.

I felt it was time to do a makeup one and I wanted to do one for Valentine’s Day. I’ve always been a bit indifferent to dates like these, if very happy to get nice surprises (John surprised me once with a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to my work and I didn’t mind that at all!) but since we’ve been married I suddenly feel like marking it a bit more. Just something small. I am going to put together a picnic for us, and on Friday evening head down to a local park on top of a hill, with great views over the city. Let’s hope it’s not stinking hot, and we won’t think at all about the possibility of hungry mosquitoes getting their nom on as the sun goes down. No, it will be lovely! And short and sweet – the best way to enjoy the outdoors!

valentines pink c valentines pink d Valentine’s Day is going to be pink for me this year. When it’s very hot, as it has been lately, I like my makeup much lighter. No powder to go chalky or cake-y, and not even any foundation feeling all thick and sticky and grimy on my skin, just moisturiser with sunscreen (I use SPF30) plus plenty of concealer to sort out my dark under eye bits and any small discolourations. I’m really not joking when I say plenty of concealer; I used four products for it for this! Yes, four. I’m often very tired at this time of year (most Melbourne people are too!) because it’s hard to sleep when it never cools down for days on end, and different kinds work for different things.

So, this is my super simple, fresh and glowing makeup for a summery and romantic evening!

valentines makeup products base Concealers
Revlon Age Defying concealer in 01 Light Pale – for entire under eye area (it’s nice and creamy without being too heavy)
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Bisque – use sparingly on those little dark sideways V shapes in the corners only
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1 – for inner corner and just below lower lash line
YSL Touche Eclat – for discolouration touch ups around nose and temples

valentines makeup products eyebrows Eyebrows
brush to, well, brush eyebrows straight up in the inner third
Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set, I think it’s called Light but the name rubbed off – used dry with an angled brush to fill in, mostly on the outer two thirds and then extending a little. I like to use a warmer light brown to add warmth to my brows, so they work well with my red hair. I'd love to find a lighter one, too... the search is on.

valentines makeup products eyes Eyes
Essence Quatro Eye Shadow in 05 To Die For – palest colour all over lids, second palest on outer corner and around socket line. I am BUSTING to try one of Urban Decay's naked palettes, and will look for them when I'm in the UK... I wish we could buy them here!
Eyelash Curler – my lashes are staying curled longer each time but I would love a longer lasting curl! (I need to try a waterproof mascara for that)
Bourjois Fan-tastic Volume Mascara in black – upper and lower lashes

valentines makeup products blush Cheeks
Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Nymph
Bourjois Blush in 16 Rose Coup de Foudre – for a tiny shimmery lift, and sweep a little just above the socket line on the outer half of the eyes for added warmth

valentines makeup products lips Lips
Illamasqya Titivate (which is also available for viewing in tiny crumbs on the floorboards there, argh. I cleaned it off, it's ok!)
Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet

valentines pink b valentines pink a Babycat wanted in! I also set my hair for the first time since I got it cut – in fact, the first time for ages – in foam rollers and used a different pattern. It made such fluffy, tight curls and I like the round shape at the end and the curve at the sides, but I want to experiment a bit with the very front sections. I'd put them in with a centre parting but changed my mind and parted on the side in the end, so the front section was unplanned! I'm torn between 1930s tight curls and short lengths, and the longer 1940s styles, at the moment. I actually really want to grow my hair, so I'll avoid the temptation to chop it all short!

I am rather chuffed to have a giveaway for you this week, too, thanks to Fresh Flowers. Fresh Flowers takes pride in using premium quality red roses that are delivered looking fresh and vibrant. The roses also come with luxury Moet & Chandon champagne and Lindt chocolate.

Now, Fresh Flowers are offering one of you the chance to win a Valentine’s Day Deluxe Delivery of Sweet 24 Kisses, worth $200, which will arrive to the address provided in time for Valentine’s Day. Nice! You can see the prize here.

Fresh Flowers also do last minute Valentine’s Day flower delivery. They accept orders up to 8pm Thursday 13th of February 2014, so you can get them in very last minute! Please check delivery is available to your suburb via the Fresh Flowers website prior to entering, as some rural areas are out of reach. (Also please note that the prize is not negotiable and can’t be redeemed for any other product or service.) Fresh Flowers red rose bouquets and boxes make fabulous Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones, so fingers crossed you are in the right area! (Fresh Flowers is becoming a tongue twister for me now..! Now say it quickly 5 times etc)

For your chance to win a Valentine’s Day Deluxe Delivery of Sweet 24 Kisses, please just tell me: What is your favourite Valentine’s Day bouquet available from Fresh Flowers – you can see them here  – and I want to know WHY you want to win this year! Get creative in your answer! Please also remember to put an email address in with your comment so I can contact you.

Important details: this giveaway is sponsored by Nuffnang/Fresh Flowers. Terms and conditions are here. Giveaway closes AEST midnight 10/2/2014.

Also very important: good luck! valentines pink f


Becky Kozak said...

I love your lipstick, you look absolutely beautiful! I wish I knew how to do all the girlie things like you, I'm so lost when it comes to hair/makeup!

PS How about Touch Up Tuesday? Just a thought... :)

xx Becky

Sage said...

I love posts like these, your hair looks beautiful!

http://www.beautybay.com/urbandecay/Palettes/Urban-Decay/_/N-1z13djnZ1z140co by the way you can buy Urban Decay palettes here plus they deliver worldwide for free! It's always nice to try before you buy though, I suppose.

BlessThisDress said...

A little role reversal
I think in life is best
And to make the boy feel cared for,
in a reverse-masculine test.
Why should just the girl get roses?
My favourite: Celebrate - with 6 kisses,
Just the thing the love doctor ordered;
For the Mister, from his Missus!

x Happy V Day lady! zoe.oneill8@gmail.com

suzanne stevens said...

I must admit I do love the shabby chicness of the Mini Kisses bouquet, I'm a sucker for hessian trim. As for the why part, well after being with the same fella for 4 years Valentines day has been more of a novelty than a celebrattion. That being said I cannot complain as he has a tendency to suprise me with flowers when I least expect it. Perhaps winning this will bring back the tradition of Feb 14th?

Jasmine Nelson said...

I’m such a sweet flirt;
Like a classical romantic expert;
I enjoy life’s simple pleasures;
And everything it offers

Rockn said...

Glamorous is my favourite as it has the gorgeous Oriental Lillies in the bouquet, I haven't had these flowers since my wedding day nearly 8yrs ago, it's time my house is adorned with their lovely scent once again!

Suzy Lu said...

Mini Kisses are my favourite.
Would love to win as roses are my favourite flower and its been a long while that I've been pampered or received flowers.

Natalie Mulford said...

I love the Glamourous bouquet! While I love roses, the added lilies and orchids just make it more gorgeous!

As to why I would love them, well, flowers are gorgeous, I am usually the one who buys them for myself, it brightens up my house and makes me smile. I'd love to win some roses, as I don't believe I'll be getting anything for Valentines this year, and in fact, I haven't got anything for valentines for around 5 years now!


Danielle said...

Super pretty!

Cat said...

I would have to pick Flirt In Abundance - looks great, and now I've been married for a while it would be nice to pretend my husband still flirted with me. Plus, what girl can go past bubbles and chocs for valentines day?

Wishing you and all your readers lots of luck :)

Sherry P said...

The 'Lucky Dozen' bouquet,
Sweet roses are my favourite,
Especially when theres more than one,
Flowers on Valentines day is the best bit!!!


beate grigutsch said...

beautiful! just beautiful!!!!!

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

I just adore your hair in this! makes me want to grow my hair so bad

Anonymous said...

12 Kisses as it's our 12th wedding anniversary this year so it would represent that.....I LOVE roses so thankyou for the chance. Kasey

Sophie Jane said...

What a sweet giveaway! The mini kisses are gorgeous (charming hessian detail!.)As much as my sweetheart loves roses and lindt chocolate, I'd love to give these to my mother. She's been having a really tough time, especially around christmas and new years when she should have been enjoying herself the most, and fresh roses would absolutely make her day.

esme and the laneway said...

Not sure if i'm commenting in the right place regarding your Valentines Day comp BUT.... I absolutely adore the True Love arrangement! I would love to sin because I have NEVER received flowers on Valentines Day. EVER. It would be really nice to receive some and feel special for a change. Thanks, Kirsten (kckrohn@hotmail.com) (it went to another blog post so I moved it here :) -- EatL)

Tammy Velez said...

Glamourous...... A rose makes me smile but lilies brighten my whole day!

Tammy Velez said...

Glamourous..... A rose makes me smile but lilies will brighten my whole day!!!

chrisbabe1971 said...

I love the mini Hessian, the beauty of the flowers contrasting with the roughness of the Hessian reminds me of the rough times we have to travel through in our relationships, the beauty is always just around the corner though.

chrisbabe1971 said...

Mini Hessian. The rough hessian contrasting with the delicate beauty of the roses reminds me that although we have uncomfortable rough moments in our relationships there is always beauty around the corner.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

The lipstick is so pretty. I really need to get a bright colour, I usually wear pale ones & I'm a bit bored of that now. Lime Crime has such bright colours. Your hair is so pretty like that :) xx

Tania said...

Love the Flirt in abundance bouquet.
And why,

Roses are red,
But I am blue,
Alone on Valentines Day,
With Roses, Moët and Lindts
Luxurious Lady I can play.


kk said...

True Love. The flowers may die but at least you have a nice ceramic vase to keep in remembrance of this one and only Valentines Day gift! For once, I would love some courier to deliver flowers...and it's for meeee!

kk said...

True Love. The flowers may die but at least you have a nice ceramic vase to keep in remembrance of this one and only Valentines Day gift! For once, I would love some courier to deliver flowers...and it's for meeee!

Emily Baker said...

loving your hair set like this :) and i can't even imagine how warm it is over there... can we see some wedding photos soon???asd;lfjasdl

Lesley Needham said...

I love the True Love arrangement. It looks stunning. I love how they have used the big leaves and pot to make it look like it is a real plant.

As a single mum with 4 boys the only Valentine's gifts I get are some sloppy wet kisses and hugs from my little ones.

Whilst most ladies will be getting jewelry or going on dinner dates, I will make heart shaped pizzas and biscuits and share those with my boys.

Emma Cherry said...

Excellent - I needed to buy a lipiner that matched up to the pink Velvetine :) Thanks lovely

(Dear Thirty)

Raffles Bizarre said...

Such fresh, pretty makeup and I love your hair!
Raffles Bizarre Blog

Miss Louise said...

Aww this is such a cute look! The hair, the makeup, the EVERYTHING :)


Nicole said...

Oh, I love this hairstyle!
I just got a haircut while overseas and they cut it a bit too short for my liking but I think a style like this might look nice and distract me from mourning over my long locks!

I LOVE the LoveBug bouquet. I run a site called Bitten by the Travel Bug so it'd be a cute take on 'the bug' haha. :) I also love the 'Flirt in Abundance' it's everything a girl needs/loves for the perfect Valentine's day. All you need now is the man and a good movie to curl up on the couch watching together while sipping bubbly and eating chocolates (the hazelnut Lindt balls are all mine!)

I find people get so worked up around Valentine's Day whether someone will give them a gift or if their partner will get them something "good enough". I see Valentine's Day through completely different lenses.

Since I was 12-years old I have gone to my local florist and bought a bunch of 12 coloured gerberas or roses and created handwritten notes to my nearest and dearest friends and attached a little girl - homemade cookies or chocolates.
Maybe it's my 'single girl' FOMO kicking in but I found it's a nice little tradition even if I've never received a Valentine myself, and it's definitely made a few friends smile after feeling down about being single.

This year I'm the single new girl in Melbourne so I won't be taking part in my usual tradition, but I'm sure one day I'll find a nice friend or guy who may feel the same way as me and perhaps spoil me with a Flirt In Abundance bouquet. :)

Nicole said...

Probably should have added that my email is nicole@bittenbythetravelbug.com - whoops! :)

Jaimie said...

You can buy the full-ish range of Urban Decay products from Sephora, the US retailer. They do not ship internationally but I use a middle-man "mall" website called Tarazz to order from them and it works out fine. The nice thing about using this Sephora/Tarazz combo is that I know I'm getting the legit product. Urban Decay stopped distributing through Asia Pacific a few years ago and has since become one of the most widely counterfeited cosmetics brands in the world!

Taylor said...

I'm dying to try the Lime Crime Velvetine's! Everyone seems to rave about them.

Definitely checkout BeautyBay for Urban Decay palettes but for the love of god don't splurge on the Naked 1 palette. Chi Chi's Nudes palette is an exact dupe - I compared it to my sisters Naked 1 and the colours are identical. I have the Naked 2 palette, which I love, but there really isn't a difference in quality of the shadows. For $23 I'd say they are definitely worth it.

MichVee said...

Cupid's Roses sound divine
To give to my sweetheart Valentine
It would really make the most wonderful surprise
If I were to win this prize
Over the years, the romance has faded
But with this, it will be upgraded!
I don't often say "I Love You"
But this will show that that is true!

(Thank you for the opportunity to win; Happy Valentine's Day!! My email is kookla123@yahoo.com

Elke said...

glamourous, definitely! I love the variation with all the different flowers, and lilies!!! i don't need champagne or chocolate (as a gift i mean, because that's usually covered:-)). and i LOVE your lipstick!

Valarie said...

My favourite is "12 kisses and celebrate"... can't resist beautiful blooms and a sparkly ~ :)

My email is tay.valarie@gmail.com

Abby said...

Love the Flirt And Celebrate bouquet - it would be the perfect surprise for my hubby as I have never bought him flowers.

cherie said...

My favourite would definitley have to be the 24 kisses and celebrate, because what is more romantic than roses and bubbly!

The reason I would want to win is because my best friend and her boyfriend of just over two years broke up this week, just before valantines day. I think it would be very lovely for her to recieve a big boquet of flowers just to let her know that she is still very much loved and treasured!

my email is cherie_russell@live.com.au

beautiful makeup by the way!

Kayla GracefullyVintage said...

I love the sweet 12 kisses! So lovely in that box too! xx

Kayla GracefullyVintage said...

oh! gracefullyvintagekayla@gmail.com

JennyB said...

Thirty-six years. I'm still waiting. Is there an excuse better than that?
Love the sweet MINI KISSES in their cute hessian wrap!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Sweet 24 kisses , February 10th is our 24th Wedding anniversary – 24yrs ago – I walked down the aisle to love and cherish my best friend.SWEET.
It’s our 24th Valentine’s day and I’ll be in hospital on Valentine’s day …no champagne but 24 kisses and maybe chocolates will help me recover !

Anonymous said...



esme and the laneway said...

‪Becky Kozak‬ : thanks! It is just practice and not being so shocked at the difference when you look in the mirror that you keep it on for long enough to get use to it :) I like touch up tuesday, but it might bring some people in expecting something rather different..!

‪Sage‬ : thanks v much, I really enjoy doing them – although I wouldn't mind putting the makeup on someone instead of having my own giant face all up there! :D and thanks for the link, I'll check it out for sure, it seemed weird that we couldn't get it in Aus at all!

‪Danielle‬ : thanks!

‪beate grigutsch‬ : Thankyou :)

‪Natalie_vintage_girl‬: thanks :) I just want to cut mine, or grow it, either extreme!

‪The Dainty Dolls House‬: thanks. Its fun sometimes to swap up your makeup norm, isn't it?

‪Emily Baker‬ : thanks. It's... HOT! Another heatwave over this weekend. It's not fun. And wedding pics soon. To be honest, I don't really know where to start with them. I want to really sift through everything, and write about what i want to share and talk about (ie wedding planning tips, or, rather, advice from someone who just did it and wants to supports others not doing the traditional thing!) and I know they are broken down into little posts in my head and now I need to get them out. I also have to sort through the preview from the photog, and that is boggling. I might wait until we get back from OS to really tackle that – I don't want to rush it :)

‪Emma Cherry‬ : this one is – I actually think it might be discontinued but I saw a very good looking replacement when I bought my Spell liner a couple of months ago :)

‪Raffles Bizarre‬ : thanks!

‪Miss Louise‬ thank you!

‪Jaimie‬ : the counterfeit thing scares me. It's why I never buy makeup on ebay. The thing about the middleman shipping is I tried it once for something a few years ago, and it was a disaster. Months of waiting, being told it was redirected, then that it wasn't possible after all... and this was from a company a friend had used and recommended and so I'd presumed would work. its really put me off them. I wish we could just still buy them here, surely there'd be enough of a market for UD?

Taylor: I hand on heart recommend Velvetines – I love them. I don't find them completely budge-proof like some people do but they are amazing, great colours. And thanks so much for the Chi Chi tip – I'll definitely have to check that out! I can find Chi Chi quite easily, and then compare when I am in London this March, although I might not buy the UD palette too now :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to give my beautiful girlfriend the "Sweet 12 Kisses" roses. She is my beautiful rose and she is as sweet as chocolate! Unfortunately I have uni fees and uni books to buy and can't afford beautiful roses this year (why oh why is it so close to the start of uni!). This would be amazing to win and to surprise her with!!


Anonymous said...

Lots Of Love bouquet is gorgeous....I want to win so something is delivered that I havent ordered...sick of getting my own Valentines present

kirby said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
But my favourite bouquet is Mini Kisses,
Cause it makes me go ahhh ohhh!


katrina13 said...

I love the Lots Of Love bouquet. I would be thrilled to receive roses on Valentines Day. I hint to the husband, but he just doesn't get it!

Zo said...

I would love the 12 Kisses And The Lot for my best friend, she is going through a really rough time, I would love to see her smile again. So I think the best way to do that is by sending roses, chocolates & Moët her way


Linda Courtney said...

Small, sweet and the one that truly touches my heart is the Cupids Roses. Beautiful!

Catherine T said...

My favourite Bouquet: Flirt in Abundance.

Why I want to win? Because I have about as much chance of my husband buying me flowers as I have of him doing the dishes!

mandachic said...

6 Kisses And The Lot,
hits a tender loving spot,
for a single lady like me,
to celebrate Valentines romantically!


Laura J said...

Cupids Roses are cute and classy for my man,
Of pampering he is a fan.
This is our first Valentine's,
So I want to make it simply divine!

Laura J said...

Forgot my email address: donkey.12@live.com.au

Sonia Cattley said...

Cupids Roses...Dogs are now handbag dogs..so flowers should all fit nicely into a bag for easy transport home..open enough for everyone on the train to know "I have someone this year", even if I sent them to myself.

Tracy Lyness said...

Love Bug Cupcake....my partner doesnt believe in valentines day so a nice bunch would make me feel great

Katharine Wernhard said...

I love the love bug cupcake!! so cute and adorable! Roses are my favourite flower

I would love to win as this is my first valentines day since I have split from my high school sweetheart of 13 years (who never bought me valentines day pressies anyway)so I am dreading another day of everybody around me getting deliveries and feeling loved up where once again I am on the sidelines feeling sad and this year even sadder than normal as I will be all alone on valentines day so wont even get a goodnight kiss.. A surprise delivery would definitely bring a smile to my day

Kara-lee said...

Flirt! Valentines day doesnt need to be about excess its about showing your love simply and wholey. I get hubby one every Valentines day. This year marks him getting a whole dozen since I started the tradition 12 years ago!

Kara-lee said...

Oops and my email is ms.myst@gmail.com (sorry!)

Kelster said...

Love the "Glamorous" bouquet as it reminds me of my flowers from my wedding day and gives me tingles remembering the love and excitement of that day!


Miriam said...

In a new house,in a new country
with not even a vase to my name
i think a bunch of mini kisses
would set my heart a-flame

with a wonderful husband and two gorgeous boys
there is very much love and oh so much joy

but there aren't many flowers to enjoy in or out
and mini kisses is what my valentines is about


sayanything said...

Wow, you are so beautiful! Your hair and makeup is amazing in these pictures! Officially jealous :P

My favourite is the 'Flirt and Celebrate' - simply because it is so aptly named! I can just picture the scene what would unfold when some dapper gentleman brought this home to his leading lady... classy, cute and oh so sweet!

I would love to win as my Valentine this year (the BFF!) is 24 - what could be a better gift than 24 kisses, and a gorgeous rose celebrating every year of her life so far.

Thanks for the chance!

weenatron said...

I love the "12 Kisses And The Lot" bouquet - I think more than 12 roses is just showy and a bit unnecessary, and do I really need to explain why chocolates and champagne are a winner?

I'd like to win to treat myself! I don't have a valentine this year, which I couldn't really care less about, but that's no reason not to enjoy the day and be spoiled anyway!

Leah Warner said...

I looove the Lots of Love Bouquet! Red roses are fantastic on their own, but by adding in pops of color, this bouquet is taken to a whole new level! Personally, I would love to win this year because my fiance and I have decided to not give each other anything for Valentine's Day this year because we are saving up for our wedding in May. This little gift would be a fun reminder of this special holiday, despite our limited budget.

Lily said...

I just bought the Pink Velvet velvetines and I absolutely adore it!

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