Thursday, 13 March 2014

flowers, food, jumpers and launches

flower-foods c Last week I went to the city bright and early for the breakfast launch of Uniqlo's five Australian ambassadors. I'd only ever read about Uniqlo on blogs, or heard about it from friends who visited when overseas, and had never actually been myself. One friend swears by their socks, another loves their jumpers, and I've read good things about their tights, so I gladly accepted the invitation to meet the five new faces, and have a look at the pop up store to see it all first hand.

Plus I love being in the city nice and early, even if getting out of bed is terrible (I'm not a morning person, at least not until I've had a coffee) and was there by 8am, while it was still crisp and cool and the sun was just starting to warm up the bricks and stone buildings and dapple them with golden yellows. It really is all very pretty. (Note to self, take a lot more photos next time.)

uniqlo-popup The tiny pop up store was packed but in I went, and had a look at what was available whilst trying to avoid the cameras – taking videos and photos – hopefully I was successful! At the moment they have very warm-looking padded jackets that roll into little pouches, some jeans, and then two walls lined with merino knits in loads of different colours. I was chuffed to see the jumpers! No socks or tights for me, but I will check out the proper Melbourne store, which is opening on Lonsdale Street on April 16th, when I get back from Berlin a few days after that.

It's a good month for Big International Shops launching here: h&m is FINALLY coming to Melbourne in April, too. I've already had a look online at what's going to be available and I am very excited, more than I thought I would be to be honest, about a couple of things, and a top and a skirt in particular. The prices are very good compared with our current high street, too, so it will be interesting to see how it all goes. This was the one shop I really, really missed after leaving London and I am chuffed we will finally have it here.

Speaking of prices, the jumpers at Uniqlo are around $40 for women and $50 for men, and I picked up one for me and one for John last Saturday, courtesy of a voucher. It was actually great timing, as I was after a simple black knit for Europe, and wanted to treat John to a newie as well. He normally gets his merino jumpers from Country Road for a fair bit more cashola, so we can do some comparing of our own.

And if you are wondering why I am showing you pics of food, this was the takeaway breakfast we were treated to, neatly packed in a little layered lunchbox, and it was very nice. The juice was great, too, but it has carrots in it. I thought I'd test it out to see if I was still allergic to raw carrot.. and yes, yes I am. Itchy! flower-foods b


Natasha said...

Those little lunch boxes are adorable!

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

I love h &m stuff. especially around the time lana del rey was in an ad campaign for them. I have bought a few h &m pieces off of ebay, but it sure would be awesome to see a store!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Really lovely looking meal! Are those lychees I see in the compartment with the chopped pistachios?

♥ Jessica

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Those little boxes are quite sweet :) Sorry there was carrot in there! I've not been to an H&M in ages. xx

esme and the laneway said...

Natasha : aren't they good! I washed and kept mine – it's going to come in handy again for picnics :)

Natalie_vintage_girl : oh wouldn't it! I turned my radar off for it completely because it was so out of reach, but I am SO excited about it now! Finally we are getting these brands here..!

Jessica Cangiano : I think they were apricots, but I was really hungry when I ate them and can't remember! x

The Dainty Dolls House : haha oh it was listed, I was just risk taking!

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