Saturday, 29 March 2014

packing for three weeks in Europe (London, Paris, Rome, Venice, and Berlin in the spring time) plus a video!

packing-for-Europe g Well, it’s Tuesday morning and I still haven’t packed, so seeing as we fly tomorrow night I’d better get it finished!

I made a good start last week, and basically got everything I wanted to put into the suitcases sorted. I haven’t been on such a long holiday for over ten years – in fact, the closest, since my very early teens, was two weeks in Thailand and Singapore when I was 20, so I am more than a little out of practice. Even then I just took a regular sized back pack!

I’m not kidding when I say I travel light. I hate waiting for luggage at the airport and, more importantly, I don’t want to be lugging hefty bags around.

The last time I even packed a suitcase, as opposed to smaller hand luggage, was when I moved to Australia over ten years ago. (And yes, that freaks me out; time really does fly!). The suitcase I used for that was a cheapo, slightly larger than average one from Whitechapel markets, which was around the corner from where I was living. It weighed a tonne but it did the job, even though I almost got stung with excess baggage fees.

packing-for-Europe a packing-for-Europe d So, I was delighted – and surprised – when I was gifted these two Samsonite cases. Suit case technology wasn’t even something I’d thought about much (and why would I?) (although when I hear Samsonite I think of Mad Men and the discussion to drop them out of the window! I won’t try that, promise) but they are awesome. Almost ridiculously light – as in, less than Babycat kind of light – and they are BIG.

Also, something else I hadn’t thought about, even after I got them, was the wheel situation; it was my friend who pointed out (quite excitedly, over a glass of wine) that they have four wheels that spin about so they roll really smoothly and don’t topple over. It’s true, I tried it when I got home. VERY chuffed with that. I’m also pleased that they are a nice dark blue (I didn’t want anything too loud) and did remember to tie some ribbon on them to make them recognisable on the carousel.

packing-for-Europe c So, here is what I am actually packing, or at least a good start of it. It’s going to be quite cold when we are there, so I need warm things, but I want lots of room to go shopping (makeup, and vintage clothing, whoop!) when I’m there. I have thought about mailing things back, too, to help with the room in the cases. John has used the smaller case and I get to use the bigger one.

packing-for-Europe b I bought a leopard print back pack (from Sportsgirl, it was on sale, and I can't find a link for it now – I got this one from a bricks and mortar shop, anyway) to use as a handbag, and for my carry on for the plane. It’s massive, has lots (too many?!) pockets inside, and much more practical and comfortable than my usual handbags.

packing-for-Europe e Here is the rack where I started to hang things I wanted to bring along.

packing-for-Europe f Babycat wanted to help, too, by climbing in a cupboard.

packing-for-Europe h The definites so far: a mustard wool vintage fitted dress (rolls up, no creasing, warm and comfy), two vintage cotton dresses with elbow length sleeves, because it is Spring time and I want to enjoy that (with tights and cardigans, of course! And quite probably a coat and scarf too, but still) and a vintage sundress to encourage the sun to shine.

I’m really quite nervous about my luggage going missing, so I haven’t wanted to pack too much vintage. Also, I don’t want things to get too crushed, and as we are going to lots of places, rather than just one where I could iron and hang everything for the three weeks, I need to be practical as we will be repacking every few days. I will take quite a lot of my new clothing, as it rolls up smaller and needs less ironing. Plus I won't be completely devastated if I do lose it. (Touch wood that doesn't happen!)

packing-for-Europe i These dresses are in my maybe pile. They might be too hard to layer, and not warm enough, and I’m not 100% sure yet. I’ll see how much room I have.

packing-for-Europe j Tops: 1 blouse and two basic long sleeve tops. Good for layering. I’ve got another two, one black and one navy, to add.

packing-for-Europe k packing-for-Europe l Skirts: one cotton vintage floral one (again, because Spring! And Rome! And Roman Holiday! There might just be a vespa ride!) one black and sheer paneled one (it’s a maybe!), one black full one, one black pencil skirt. Hmm, lots of black, but it goes with everything. Also adding a black and white pencil skirt that makes me look like a monochromatic bee, but I love it.

packing-for-Europe o Daytime shoes: Dunlop Volleys, from Target! (It's probably obvious I did my shopping for this, last minute, in the one shopping centre. Also, it was only when I looked up a link for these that I saw they were "youth", so yay for the benefits of having small feet!) Everyday. Comfort first! We will be walking everywhere.

Nighttime shoes: my leopard heels with the ankle strap (via asos, long gone now), and my black peeptoe platforms (from yoox, and they're still there, but argh, they weren't this much on sale when I got them!).

packing-for-Europe p Jumpers and cardigans: yellow and/or pink vintage cropped cardis (yellow might be too Autumnal, and get worn heaps when I get back instead), wool stripy vest and vintage aqua cashmere cardi. Also my new black merino knit from Uniqlo, and maybe another black jumper I bought from Topshop last year. And, maybe another vintage cashmere cardi, because I need to be prepared for the cold!

packing-for-Europe m Evening: yay, excited about this! I bought a new lace dress from Asos, (this one), fitted, reaching to below the knee and with sheer lace sleeves. Will wear it with my new sparkly necklace from Lovisa I bought the other day, maybe my hand chain (also bought form Lovisa, but I can't find links for either, sorry) and my sparkly clutch I bought from Forever New. I never, ever get to use a clutch normally, as I take my camera with me and have to keep it in my big handbag, so I’m CHUFFED about this. I also have a shocking pink 1980s halter neck dress with a peplum that will be fun to wear, but it is quite bright and I've not worn it yet – I will be brave!

packing-for-Europe n Scarf: leopard print, bought from Forever New. Big, soft, and will go with everything (although I’m double leopard-ing with my back pack, look out! What if I wear my leopard shoes as well..!) Good for the plane, too.

Then of course there’s makeup, toiletries, pajamas, hair things… um. Um! Glad I’ve got the bigger case.

I also made a video about it all. It’s really lo tech, and you can hear the focus the whole time (sorry!) but I’ve been meaning to do more videos forever and thought it was high time I actually got started. Very different to my last video upload but I hope you like it. I’m going to make a lot more videos, and will film things from Europe, too, which I’m really looking forward to. Also, I need a better video camera for these – my Nikon D7000 makes pretty images but it’s not good for chatting away live. Any recommendations would be welcome!

I’d better finish this packing, then! See you soon!

Disclosure: as stated, the suitcases were a gift to Esme and the Laneway from Samsonite


Isabelle Krake said...

How exciting!
London, Paris, Rome, Venice AND Berlin?! I hope it is spectacular! :)

You have something beautiful textures and patterns in your closet! I love the color of that coral-pink cardigan.

Isabelle @ Head Red & Blondi

Let Us Wanderlust said...

Yay this is so exciting! I love seeing your packing process :) I also love the video and can't wait for more! I hope you and John are having the most magical time in Europe. Xx Carly

Jessica Cangiano said...

This is such a lovely post. Often we get to see in other women's purses online (in "what's in my handbag" type photos and posts), but not nearly as frequently into what items are nestled in their suitcases. Great selections!

Wishing you an amazing trip!
♥ Jessica

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Looks like you took some marvellous things with you...would love to play dress up in your closet, it's wonderful!! I hope you are enjoying yourself xx

Alexandra Marie said...

Lucky Duck! You'll have an incredible time <3 Alex

Natasha said...

Oh gosh, I'm so jealous. I'd love to go to Europe, but we're not going to be travelling anytime soon. I hope you'll be taking a few outfit photos while you're there, even just for Instagram. I'm really curious to see how everything's going to fit together. I watched the video too. I understand about the cat hair, we have 3 dogs so there's hair on everything :D

Elke said...

Wow, great gift!! And much needed when you travel by plane. Next week you'll almost need summer clothes. It's getting warm!! I love seeing pictures of your closet. All those amazing shoes, gorgeous clothes and pretty colours...

Britnee Meiser said...

I just came across your blog and I have to say that your photos are gorgeous! I love the vintage aura that your blog gives off. Definitely following for more!

xo, Britnee

Zoe said...

Don't forget a cozy out fit for the looong plane ride. Also, as a fellow photo-nut, I need to know: what are you using to hold your Nikon for those heavy walking days? I have a think tank bag but it's mega corporate looking. I will be in France for two weeks and want, 1. my camera with 70-200 lens, and 2. to look chic! Have a great time!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Yey, what a great blogger-gift to receive!
Hope you're having a fun trip :)

The Black Opal said...

Have loads of fun!!! Can't wait to see photos and videos of your trip!

jana said...

I love this post! We're going to Europe in September for 2 weeks. Switzerland and Italy, hopping around to a few cities. I've been wondering how I'll manage cute but practical, but this helps! Can't wait to see photos of how you styled them for some inspiration :)


Laura said...

Loved this post, and have dug it out of my bookmarked pages because I'm starting to think about packing for an extended European trip of my own- it's so rare to get packing tips from other people who wear vintage, so I was so pleased back in April when this popped up on my reader! I'd love to know how you fared with your choices? Was there anything that went unworn, or anything that because a trip favourite?

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