Tuesday, 18 March 2014

tuesday beauty: pampering sessions and face masks

lush-face-masks Something I've finally got onto, after many months of meaning to, is a bit of skin care-ing with the good ol' pamper classic, the face mask. I'm always in the less-is-more camp when it comes to looking after my skin, and don't like to mess around too much with it. That said, there are some issues that need attention. And anyway, just the idea of relaxing as something slowly turns crunchy on my face is somehow appealing. It feels like I'm doing something extra and helpful for my skin. I have tried a few masks in recent months, all gifted at one time or another from Lush (thank you!). I'm not only wary of over-doing things with lotions and potions, I'm very budget conscious too – to the point of just about always talking myself out of anything that feels too much like luxury, as oppose to necessary.

reading-materials-bath Last Sunday evening I had such a pamper sesh. Perfect timing, too; it was cold and grey and rainy outside, all the more reason to cosy up at home, run a hot bath and generally be happy indoors. I was also really tired, and could feel a cold coming on (it threatened for days, and actually arrived proper yesterday morning, boo). But a long hot soak and read in the bath makes many things a million times better, and should never be underestimated!

I used two face masks, the Cupcake and the BB Seaweed. The Cupcake is for oily and "teenage skin" and some of my skin, even at 32, is far too teenage for my liking – I still get acne on my chest. This has been massively improved by the Herbalism cleanser (also by Lush) but it still needs a bit of extra help, and Cupcake is just that. This stuff is AMAZING. It smells like chocolate (I've heard people say they want to eat it) but also a bit of shoe polish, so while I'm not tempted to eat this stuff myself (probably a good thing, really) I will always have it in my fridge. I use this once or twice a week and it soothes and clears my skin incredibly well. Top notch, much needed, and absolutely necessary product.

The BB seaweed went on my face. I am pleasantly surprised with this one. I really like the smell – fresh and salty rather than sweet and flora – and it kind of polishes my skin up a treat, leaving my face brighter, clearer and smoother. Not as much of an essential for me as the Cupcake is, but still very good, and something that will end up in my shopping basket more often than not. Do like.

disclosure: both face masks were gifted to esme and the laneway (from Lush), with no expectations placed on them re. making it to the blog. All views are, as always, 100% my own. Sharing because I LOVE them! x



Let Us Wanderlust said...

This sounds incredibly relaxing and I do love a bit of self-pampering! I always tend to skip the face mask, for no particular reason, only doing one maybe once every 6 months! I have normal (with some dry patches in the winter) skin so maybe the seaweed Lush product would be a great one to try! It's definitely something I want to do better at - taking time to treat my skin to a mask! My regime is usually very consistent and simple so this sounds wonderfully luxurious to me! X Carly

Samantha Mariko said...

Your review of these masks made me want to try them! I also have acne-prone skin, so the cupcake might be a good one for me to try!


esme and the laneway said...

Samantha Mariko : I really swear by it, apparently it can be quite harsh but I haven't found that, but it is SO helpful. Good luck x I know acne prone skin can be a pain!

Let Us Wanderlust : nice! I do think very highly of simple and regular skin routines, I must say, The less faffing the better – but a bit of help is always good! Let me know how you go if you do try it. x

Jessica Cangiano said...

Less is more is my beauty product motto as well (it all but has to be when you have, as I do, skin that is both very dry and highly sensitive), but I also add a regular (usually homemade) face mask to my beauty routine as I've long found it does make a noticeable difference in terms of how soft and supply my skin feels.

♥ Jessica

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Sounds really good, I will need to get into Lush and try these out!! xx

Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

I have heard about Cupcake! I still need to get it. It sucks when you still have teenage skin as an adult.

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