Thursday, 20 March 2014

vintage black velvet

vintage--black-velvet-jacket a So this is the vintage beauty that my friend's mum very kindly gave to me – an amazing later 1920s (or earlier 1930s) black velvet coat. I have to come clean and tell you that this is the second lot of photos I took of it. Photographing black velvet is like trying to photograph a deep black hole. A nice testament to the amazing quality of it, though, I think! vintage--black-velvet-jacket b It is a straight fitting shorter jacket, finishing at about my hip bones, with a decorative clasp to close at the bottom. It fits me perfectly (lucky or what!) and will look amazing with pencil skirts. It will be a change from my usual cinched-at-the-waist silhouette, which will be fun, if a bit strange at first. vintage--black-velvet-jacket c It has a wide, detailed collar which will feel nice and soft on my neck. I never thought I would think this, but I've come to love vintage fabrics as much as the styles. They just have such an amazing feel, especially as you go back through the decades. This velvet has that particular inky, liquid, incredibly soft feel that you just don't get with velvets now. Well, not in my price range, anyway! Absolutely lush. vintage--black-velvet-jacket e The sleeves are bracelet length (at least, they are on my monkey arms) and flared quite wide which I love. I think they will show of some elbow length gloves nicely wrinkled down around the wrists. And of course a bracelet over the top if I'm feeling glam.

And I must say, I love having some more black hanging on my colourful racks! I think we all have something that we mean to get more of but never quite make it to the top of our spendy lists. I tend to pass over black clothing, as it can look too faded for my liking, and anyway it just doesn't jump out at me in the same way when I'm looking at a zillion things online. Also, having a very fluffy, predominantly white cat makes for many extra minutes with the sticky roller if I wear black! That said, I do have a few pieces and got a few more things over the end of last spring, and I loved wearing them – and look forward to plenty of noir very soon. vintage--black-velvet-jacket d


Ally said...

How divine!!! I've been wanting a velvet gown (I'd settle for "dress" for the past ten or so years! I might have to add jacket to my list too!

Eccentric Owl said...

How gorgeous! I can't wait to see you wear it.

Jessica Cangiano said...

That is as timelessly lovely as the day is long. Enjoy your nearly century old black velvet treasure. I think it will quickly become one of those indispensable wardrobe items for you (I have a modern fitted black velvet blazer that looks vintage, which I wear heavily all through the cold half of the year).

♥ Jessica

Demi said...

I honestly can't imagine something like this on you! I can't wait to see how you style it :)


Jessica said...

Maybe you could keep it in a garment bag to keep the cat hair to a minimum? And just put it on last thing before you leave? I must admit the fear inspired by the words "twenties velvet" and "sticky roller" in close vicinity is what inspired this comment!

esme and the laneway said...

Jessica: I could, but then I have babycat's fluff on everything! Oh the sticky roller goes on everything else, I will be VERY careful about taking it to the beautiful velvet, don't worry! :D

Demi : I know, it's really quite different, but I really like that – I've wanted to add a few new style things to my wardrobe lately but have been saving my monies for our wedding/holiday/new car/argh!. It feels really nice to inject some new life into things. :)

Jessica Cangiano : oooh gosh, I hadn't thought of that, 100 years! :D That's amazing, really. I think you're right. I do need a jacket for cool but not cold evenings, and this will be perfect for fitted/pencil skirts, but obviously no peplums, which I do love!

Eccentric Owl: thanks! I can't wait to wear it. I won't take it OS with me in case it gets crushed (it probably would in a suitcase) and hopefully it will (FINALLY) be cold enough here when we get back.

Ally : oh yes vintage velvet dresses, gowns, jackets, everything pretty much are ACE! Good luck with your searches! x

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