Monday, 28 April 2014

newly browned hair and being a house mouse

brown house mouse Well it has taken me much longer to post again than I thought it would. The inevitable Post Holiday Blues have been more like deep navy and although I new I couldn't get away without a good dose of them, they've been hangning around that much longer than I expected. As has the jet lag. Simply feeling half a day or so behind, like we did when we got to London, is one thing, but this has been something else entirely. There's not been much sleeping for more than 4 hours straight, and instead it's lots of 1 or 2 hour naps when I try to go to bed at a normal time, followed by bright eyed alertness until around 7 or 8 am, and no amount of staying up hours later/going to bed earlier/forcing normal hours/ignoring normal hours etc seems to even touch it. I can't wait to sleep more than 5 hours in the 24, all in a row, and ideally when it's nighttime!

I also haven't wanted to burst what I have been referring to (to John, and the cat) as my travel bubble; I just don't want holiday times to be over. Which I am sure is contributing to my endless jet lag. It's time, definitely time, to pop it! Deep breath.

But before I dive in and edit all my travel photos, I want to update things a bit with what I've been up to since I got back. (And because I'm nervous about getting on to the travel stuff because I'm convinced I'll leave something out. Ridiculous, really.) You might have seen on my instagram or facebook that I have gone back to my natural hair colour. Well, almost – it's actually a shade or so darker than my natural one, or at least I think so – it's been a long, long time! I'd been toying with the idea for a few months about growing everything out, and even getting a couple of subtle blonde-ish highlights eventually, so that my hair was more or less natural dark blonde. Seeing it grow out after the bleaching has been nice in some ways – the shine! the softness! – and I'm just over always having to be doing the regrowth. It's funny, after all these years of preferring very artificial hair colours, to find myself liking au naturale, but we all change and progress... I'd let my hair fade before and during the holiday and it was looking pretty unlovely by the time I got back, so I was very relieved to get it sorted. I must say I am LOVING it like this. I'm hoping that the maintenance will be pretty low as I grow back some long dark blonde/mousey brown locks.

I've not really done much else at all, other than continuing to tackle the laundry, tidy up the house, and watch lots of TV. Discovering a bunch of episodes of the Mighty Boosh on iView was pretty good. The laundry basket isn't empty yet, but it does fit under the bed again, and we've had a break from the rain so the bulk of it's done, and all the unpacking and putting away of suitcases and all that is done too. One thing we found, and I'm sure lots of people have the same when they go on a long-ish holiday after ages of not going away for more than a few days at the most for ages, is how much stuff we have at home that we don't want or need. It's just clutter! That's what the not exactly exciting photo on the right is all about. (Plus I didn't want a giant my-face pic, especially not one from the bad side of the iPhone camera that makes my eyeliner look all wobbly. I promise it wasn't! It's been quite a nice break from taking photos of myself!) We've started to tackle this clutter, and are determined to get it massively down by the end of May (deadlines are helpful, even when just made up). Yesterday we did this bookshelf, the unit the TV lives on, the CD collection, the storage space under the house, and the bit of cupboard where we keep our bed linen because it had a lamp I love but got broken years ago and I'd evidently hoped would heal itself if I left it untouched in a bag for long enough. Obviously the book shelf isn't pretty-fied yet, but about two thirds of what was on it is gone, and it feels so good! It's not the funnest Sunday activity but it is so hugely satisfying. There's more to go, but making a start has made it all seem far more manageable.

One thing I am chuffed about is finding out I am one of the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Top 40 Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers. I made it to the Top 5 last year, which was nice. Blogging can be such an insular thing to do and it's definitely nice to have this kind of acknowledgement from your peers. They've accidentally kept my picture from last year, too, so I should send them a new one – the red haired one I sent obviously got waylaid somewhere along the way but that's probably for the best seeing as that's no longer relevant either! I've been busting to replace my profile pics anyway so I should get onto that. One with brown hair, but maybe not wearing a comfy old tee shirt, as I am in the one above.


Hannah Abigail said...

Hello Marianne! I have been reading for several months now, but I haven't commented yet. I think the new color is lovely. I know what you mean about all of the clutter. It seems that no matter how hard I try I always have stuff. I'm always trying to simplify. Good luck!

Loreal Elder said...

Brunette is all you! You look stunning.

miranda said...

oooh, the new brown looks great! really, it seems, you can pull off ANY hair color you choose :)

beate grigutsch said...

welcome back!
i feel with you! it was the same when i came back to berlin after 3 month australia. i even had to THINK to talk german again...
congrats to the nomination!

Helen Le Caplain said...

Sorry to hear about your post-holiday blues :( but lovely to see you rocking a brunette do... although you seem to suit any hair colour you style chameleon you ;)

Debs said...

I love the hair colour. I too have gone back to my natural colour for a break and find that I'm loving it.
Jet lag is such a drag. It takes me a good 2 weeks to feel normal again.

Natalie Mulford said...

Your new hair colour is gorgeous! I completely understand, I had crazy hair colours for over 10 years, and in the past year have gone back to (nearly) my natural colour. My hair is loving it.
Post holiday blues suck & not getting good sleep can't be fun.

May I ask what lipstick you're wearing? Its amazing!

esme and the laneway said...

Hannah Abigail : hi Hannah, thanks so much for reading, and for taking the time to comment! Why oh why do we have all this stuff, or rather, why does it seem glued to our homes?! :D

Loreal Elder : thanks! It feels really right, I must say! x

miranda : thanks – I think it is one of the good things about being a bit mousey. (I know, I know, I'm meant to call it dark blonde. Whatever! ;D)

beate grigutsch : thank you! Oh I can't begin to imagine it after three months!

Helen Le Caplain : thanks! Oh the blues will clear off soon enough – the price worth paying for an awesome trip! x

Debs : jet lag is the WORST. I can live with being plain old tired, that's not interesting/of note, but jet lag is a different kind of yuck. Boo! I got to sleep at 4am last night and have been up since 6.50am so I think I'm getting better..!

Natalie Mulford : thanks. Natural hair feels/looks AMAZING after crazy dyeing isn't it! Oh I knew I forgot something, it's Limecrime's new Velvetine in Wicked. I should do a post on it, it's amazing, dark pinky wine colour. Not too blue or pruple-blue, which I found other dark lipsticks often were, and they look a bit teen-goth pretty quickly on me. x

Lien said...

Can't wait to read about your trip. We came back yesterday morning from Europe (with a 3 day stopover in Dubai) so I am totally getting the jet lag thing. I've done this a few times already and it doesn't really get any easier. I loved Berlin when we went two years ago. This time we went to Munich which is just as lovely.

Mélodie Nicolle said...

I adore your hair like this Marianne!! Somehow it seems like your skin is glowing even more and your eyes...gosh!! They are so bright and shinning, your look beautiful!
I can't wait to see your travel photos and i hope you enjoyed your little Europe tour!
Many kisses dear!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hello doll, I think your hair looks gorgeous!! I would think having to re-touch would drive me crazy after a while. I like this shade on you...wonderful. I hope your holiday blues simmer for you, I can understand them being tough when you had such a grand time away!! Wish you a fantastic week :) xx

Heather said...

You look beautiful whatever your hair colour, Marianne. And for someone who's tired, I don't see any dark circles! What do you use for under-eye concealer? I need some of that! :)

Synne said...

Your hair! You look fabulous!

Elke said...

you look so good, as always :) It's good to change! I've been a redhead for four years now, and in doubt of going blonde again. But, then again... So, good for you, that you took the leep and jumped in. You don't look mousy though. Good luck with the laundry, tidying, cleaning and adapting to life again. And congratulations with your nomination!

Bianca Esposito said...

Hello there, long time reader here, I just wanted to tell you how fabulous you look as a brunette! I recently went from purple back to my natural medium brown after years of having too much fun dying in crazy colors and it is like getting to know your hair all over again! I nearly forgot what color it actually was after so many years of bleach and manic panic!

Jessica said...

The chestnut brown looks gorgeous on you (just like all of your other hair colors do). It suits your coloring really well in a natural way.

Miss Marie said...

I'm lucky to not suffer too badly from jet lag but, if it makes you feel better about how bad it's been, it is supposed to be worse going from UK to Australia tan vice versa as you're going against the time zones... So they say. Make sure you get lots of exercise, that'll definitely help. I don't let myself nap in the day, basically, so I'm dog tired come evenings and can't but sleep.

Anyway, that's not very exciting... Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. And to more pictures of you with brown hair when you catch up to the present day.

esme and the laneway said...

Lien : oh welcome back, and good luck with the jet lag! I need to go back to Berlin! We trained in/flew out of Munich so saw a glimpse of it, would love to see more there too!

Lien : thank you! Although I think filters might just be responsible for a lot of that :p although it is definitely easier on mah colouring!

The Dainty Dolls House: thanks! Yes retouching sucks, especially when it was every 2 weeks (white hair days!) blues fading fast at last :)

Heather : thanks! @ kinds of concealer – a Revlon one that is so-so, and a Laura Mercier one that is completely excellent. Oh and of course kind ol' instagram filters!

Synne : thank you!

Elke : thanks v much! Once I would have said jump right in re. hair colour change but I'm a little more cautious now. Still, it's pretty fun to do! Are you a natural blonde?

Bianca Esposito : thanks! haha it's so true isn't it about remembering the first colour. But it is SO nice to see the healthy stuff growing back :)

Jessica : thank you! I agree, it's the least harsh (although freshly done white blonde was always a close second in kindness to colouring terms! Which I hope means I'll be a happy old lady, hair wise!)

Miss Marie : oh I'm SO jelly of you, haha! exercise is a great idea – and I've done nothing at all. And that's after three weeks of walking at least 5 hours a day. But it will get better... it must! :D Yes, I can't wait to have more pics of the brunette, and try curling it etc. And London pics starting today! x

IrishRedRose said...

Yeesh, I think I've been jetlagged my whole life! I'm sorry you're having to deal with that...they do say lack of sleep affects mood and all, so it probably makes the post-holidays blahs worse. (I too have found exercise's getting oneself to DO it!)

I SO get it about the travel homecoming/omgwhatisallthisJUNK thing, lol. Last time I did a big trip I actually cleaned so it wouldn't be so depressing coming home! And your phrase: "...a lamp I love but got broken years ago and I'd evidently hoped would heal itself if I left it untouched in a bag for long enough.." SO funny. I laughed actually out loud because yes, I've done that too. "hmm, let's just look in's been five years...surely it's different now?" NO. The harsh crunch of reality. lolsigh.

Frances said...

You look lovely with brown hair! It goes so nicely with your coloring. As a naturally mouse-y colored girl myself, I never understood why all my similarly-colored companions dyed their hair!

le boudoir 1900 said...

Hello Marianne!
You really look lovely with this color, and of course i'm in love with vintage and Rita Hayworth, but i do enjoy to be this wild messy hair girl who wears tee-shirt too ;)
Have a nice day!
Mathilde from Paris

Bianca Sparkles said...

I looooved your red hair but you look fabulous whatever your hair color is!
Can't wait to see some new pics :P

Bianca Sparkles |

Elke said...

i used to be... now probably very dark ashy blond

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