Wednesday, 28 May 2014

my autumn and catching up

my autumn a I cannot believe it is almost the end of Autumn. I am sorry, I have not been a very good blogger lately. I keep going about things and then realise just how long it's getting between posts. So I thought a round up post would be a good idea.

It hasn't helped that what was just post travel blues is hanging around for far too long. It really should have passed by now, but instead I am kind of trudging through everything. I've had that horrible feeling where you feel like you're trying to push the proverbial uphill, wading in syrup, whilst dragging a loaded wagon behind you. And it's really not very fun at all. It makes everything feel like it takes ages and I often feel that any to-do list actually grows throughout the day. Completely ridiculous, really, as things aren't bad at all, but I know it will pass. I do wish it would bloody hurry up though.

my autumn b images from my instagram

 I have been seeing my friends as much as possible, which has been really nice. I've also been thinking a lot more than usual about clothes and outfits and all that, which would be great to actually get round to posting about – and I will, one day! Lots of days, and soon. I felt really frumpy last winter a lot of the time and didn't put much thought into what I was wearing, just layering up my summer stuff, and I want to change that this time around. Efforts are being made already, I promise!

There is even a short shopping list, although not written down, of the things I'd like to add. It's short but I am being extra picky as I want these things to be really good, and to last beyond one season. It includes a shortish trench coat, maybe with cropped sleeves too, in the classic beige-camel colour, some flat shoes and ballet pumps, a very dull lilac pair of tights (ok, I got specific for that one!) and a long drapey cardigan – oh and a pair of black pants. I have my eye on some, but I am trying to be very good and save my moniez in this post-wedding, post-holiday time.

There are also some things already in my wardrobe that need to feel the daylight a hell of a lot more. I've had this blue vintage blouse with the lace star shaped neckline for ages, but it is kind of hard to pair with the skirts I have, so it doesn't get out enough. Poor thing. I bought a red pencil skirt in Paris (dahhling) which has actually been really useful and has got lots of wears already, including with said blouse. Must actually try and get proper photographic evidence next.

Other than that, I'm trying to grow my hair and I think I should wear it up non-stop, to get that surprise of new length after a couple of months! Well, that seems to work when I'm happy with the length anyway :) I'm also growing my nails. Or I'm trying to. They got really long and strong and white-tipped when I was OS, but literally have not grown since I got back. Two have now broken (boooo!) but I am still really loving having talons clicky-clacking on the keyboard and on my phone, and have been painting the tips in my revelling. They've been longer in the past, so I don't know why they've given up now. Maybe they're on strike until I cheer up a bit!

That's it on the personal visuals front. In other news, I'm really super-nesty and just want to redecorate (or, more honestly, move somewhere really fantastico and then decorate), but as I can't atm, I am instead satisfying that urge by cleaning – definitely a second best, although I am finding clearing out cupboards hugely cathartic. Wardrobes, sock draws, kitchen cupboards: all are getting the deep cleansing treatment from me and I feel SO much lighter after I do it. I almost took a photo of my now sparkling and orderly under-the-kitchen-sink cupboard, but thought that would be taking it a step too far. As much as I like looking at before and after photos on that sort of thing elsewhere, I think we can skip that here, at least for now! (Unless you want to see..?!)

Well, that's about it! Hopefully I can get some Autumn stuff in before it's all over. It has been really strangely mild lately and not very Autumny feeling at all, but I can feel it changing already. I love the low sun and long shadows, and have one thing in particular I want to photograph for you. I hope it works out how I see it in my mind's eye!

my autumn c


Melanie Freeman said...

The star collar on the top is amazing! love it! Must be the weather, everyone I know has been hibernating and getting home projects done

Jessica Cangiano said...

I get uber specific with my wardrobe shopping lists sometimes, too and can very much relate to how detailed you were with your longed for dull lilac tights. Fingers crossed you find a fab pair soon.

♥ Jessica

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Lots going on. I get that same feeling at times too...trying to get up the hill only for things behind you to try and pull you back...we need to cut the rope and keep climbing....things will pick up. I am still waiting for some decend weather here in Scotland, haha. Soon, I hope. Feels like Autumn already some days. Hope the hair grows quickly enough, I like it in the braids, never tried that, but I think I might for the summer as my hair always goes crazy with heat, this looks pretty!! xx

IrishRedRose said...

I know that "trudging along pulling the heavy wagon feeling" so well--good description. Coming down after a wonderful vacation can be difficult indeed. (Especially when you were visiting a place you already missed?) I'm sorry you're feeling down, but you're right: it will pass. Perhaps winter will bring good cheer? Here, we are heading into summer, and it feels like it's going to be extra hot. Plus we're in a drought. I dream about rain! (I want a perfume that smells like wonderful ozone-y, damp freshness...) So here's wishing you drizzles, downpours and happy times to come! Oh, and that blue blouse is amazing on you. And, perhaps your cupboard before-and-after would inspire some of us to get moving on ours, lol! :-)

Emma Redway said...

Your lapse in posting has been noticed! ;) My normal routine is to read your blog while eating breakfast (perfect with the time difference between Melbourne and London, there is normally a new post up and ready to be enjoyed), so my mornings have been missing something of late. Sorry to hear you are suffering post holiday blues. You just need to plan another adventure or project so you have something to look forward to! Good Luck!

Jessica said...

WOW that BLOUSE! Just wow. Also, I do like before-&- after pics. Sorry you're feeling low, but I must admit I find it encouraging that I am not the only one who sometimes feels things just take forever. So, you aren't the only one, either. I find myself making a list in my head of all the things I will do this morning, with the baby, before I go out to pick up his brother & sisters from school & nursery, only to be surprised by the end of the days that most of those things have somehow failed to be accomplished. What do you mean, thinking of it is not enough to cause the dishwasher to be empty & filling up again? Take care of yourself.
Oh, but that BLOUSE!

Helen said...

Your hair looks very pretty with the plaits. I tend to get lazy in the winter too and just put a cardigan and thick tights on with summer dresses!

Jessica said...

Let's see the before and after! I just moved into a new place, and the folks living there previously hardly cleaned at all. I was so tired and stressed with all of the moving that I just couldn't be bothered, so I could use some inspiration.

esme and the laneway said...

Melanie Freeman : but it's been so deliciously mild here – rare! A bit of hibernating isn't a bad thing at all though, really :)

Jessica Cangiano : hehe it's coz we know what we want, right? And cheers, I reckon I will pretty soon!

Kizzy Von Doll : thanks re. hair – it's a good one for hiding having not done anything to it, hehe. Oh I hope you get some nice weather soon, Scotland looks SO beautiful on the screen but I imagine it in spring! xxx

IrishRedRose : oh wishing you get some rain really soon – drought is horrible :< Lots of nice, soft rain that sinks in instead of skimming off the top, too. It's gtting autumny at last, which is pretty ace – and I do feel better already! No point in letting a glum mood hang around for longer than absolutely necessary, right :)

Emma Redway : yes another holiday :D I wish! It's nice to know the posts have been missed and that you were reading daily, thank you very much x I will get back to more v soon! xxx

Jessica : lol it's terrible, isn't it! Sometimes I wonder where the time goes... I can't imagine how much harder it would be with bebes too. But it's getting better already! x Oh and thanks re. blouse, it is a good'un!

Helen : thanks! Oh it's so much easier, isn't it, kind of thought free... but then sometimes it works and sometimes, well, not so much haha!

Jessica : haha don't tempt me! :D I didn't take before pics (too embarrassing, hehe) but now it is a work of tidy art!

Meg said...

Just a thought. If you are going new for the black pants... Marcs side zip are more high waisted than the usual work pants, have a neat ankle length, a front seam, and a slight vintage vibe whilst still being fine for modern looks. I hadn't bought pants in years when I got those ones, after seeing them on a similarly petite but curvy friend. Very versatile :)

esme and the laneway said...

Meg : they sound really good, thank you! I never really shop in many "new" shops now, or just tend to stick with the familiar ones at my shopping centre (terrible, I know!)Love a good high waist, so I should try these! xx

Meg said...

Yes - I find 'new' shops confusing and unfamiliar, often! Which I think is why I didn't have pants for so long, as they seem harder to find vintage than dresses. Good luck!

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