Thursday, 29 May 2014

new perfect and pale liquid foundation

pink-1940s-stripes b Brought to you by Nuffnang and Australia Post

This week’s beauty post is supported by Australia Post, although not in the way you might expect ie. nothing to do with sending things through the post, although I do buy some things online. But, it is relevant, I promise. Big and well known Australia Post is offering 20% off car insurance, if you sign up online before 30th June. This means you can save money on something boring-but-important and spend that saving on something to treat yourself with. You can find it here.

(Personally, I wish I had heard of this before April, as that is when we pay our yearly car insurance (ouch) and of course our honeymoon was spendy fun (double ouch) and, frankly, I would love to change from who we are with for insurance – and 20% off would have been absolutely welcomed.)

I have bought what is, at least for me, quite a lot of new makeup since April, and would love to have more cash to splash on it all. I had been planning on checking out a Laura Mercier foundation, but decided it would be better, at the moment, to go with a more wallet-friendly one instead. I was, also, going to post about a different product today, but I am so happy with my most recent makeup purchase that I want to share it right away, because it’s a new foundation – Match Perfection by Rimmel, in shade 010 Light Porcelain – and good foundations are hard to find!

rimmel-match-perfection a The last one I was using (Covergirl) was good, but mine went off – it would separate in the bottle and I’d mix it back together and it would separate again almost straight away. (It was getting a bit old, and it had been put through a brutal summer, so I can’t really blame it for needing to be retired.) As much as I like trying new products, I do like to finish one thing before replacing it, but this time it was reasonable, obviously.

I bought it last Friday at Priceline and have been trying it out since, and so far I love it. The texture is amazing, it goes on smoothly and gives great coverage, and is a BRILLIANT colour. It’s less yellow than I usually use, but it doesn’t have that unflattering (on me) pink base either. It’s so pale, I am surprised – and chuffed – that a cheaper brand has it. It lasts all day and evening, doesn’t get dry or lumpy, hasn’t caused any skin complaints, and basically is just ticking all my foundation boxes. The only thing I’ve yet to try is wearing it over my sunscreen, because although it has an SPF18 I like to wear my SPF30 too. But so far, super chuffed. As in love this stuff! Highly recommend, especially if like me you find it hard to find paler foundations.


Clea Watson said...

Used this foundation for ages, in the same shade, but used it the other day and it had gone off :( Such a good foundation though!!

Shannon Clarke said...

I'm so glad I found another Melbourne blogger whose site I love.

Thanks for sharing, I will be following along! And that makeup looks flawless!

Shannon xo

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Lovely. I like that there are more options in foundations for a wider variety of skin tones these days. I bet finding a very pale foundation is equivalent in hardness as finding one for mixed skin is. As sometimes I find one that looks good and then I try it and it gives me a ghost look or it gives a too dark look, so I look like I've been playing in dirt, haha! I use Rimmel though & I've found it to work very well for me in getting a good match and it doesn't irritate my skin or feel heavy either!! Am happy it worked so well for you too :) xx

Miranda said...

i've never tried rimmel. might have too. i'm quite pasty myself and have found one of the loreal truematch colors to work really well for me (N2).

whatever lipstick you have on is lovely too!

G. said...

Ok, I know nothing about australian bureaucracy at all, but it is quite possible that you can change your car insurance part way throughout the year, and obtain a refund from your old insurance for the remaining time. I kow you can where olive, and this isn't exactly a very customer-friendly country. Might be worth checking.

esme and the laneway said...

(argh what am I doing wrong with comments, I replied to these!!! :/ )

Clea Watson : I wonder how long they sit on the shelves in the shops for – probably ages before we get them! So annoying when they go off. I like to finish my stuff!

Shannon Clarke : hi Shannon, thanks, and welcome!

Kizzy Von Doll : I have a hunch it might be even harder at the darker end of the spectrum, especially for getting the undertone right. It is good that the cheaper ones are getting better. Chanel is lovely but c. $100 AU on a foundation ain't cheap :D

Anonymous Miranda : darling we're not pasty we're pale and interesting! :D it's the pink Limecrime one. I promise I do wear other lipstick brands too!

G. : that would be really good if we could. We've been talking about rego stuff too, so... it could be on the cards!

Mademoiselle Maladroite said...

I have a hair-routine question for you. Do you use a setting lotion or spray before you do your pin-curl set? If yes, do you have any recommendations?

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