Tuesday, 13 May 2014

tuesday beauty: Soap and Glory bits and bobs

soap and glory products This year I have heard loads of recommendations for the brand Soap and Glory. They're not available here but I really wanted to try them, so when I was in London I tracked some down.

I actually just wanted a face cream, as I'd run out just before we left and only had my sunscreen for moisturising, which I thought would not be tooooo bad, at least for a bit, as it does both, but the flight left my skin in a bit of a state and after a few days in London it was practically falling off my face. (Nice.) So, I found out where Soap and Glory was sold, and on our fourth day I had my chance: we walked past the Boots on Putney High Street (and more, much more, on Putney soon!), backtracked, and walked in.

Face cream was obviously my number one priority but I needed an eye cream too, so picked up their Puffy Eye Attack, although with more than a little skepticism for any potential de-puffing ability; I just wanted soothed skin. I'd been reading about serums, the kind you use before your moisturiser, and as I was days from my 33rd birthday I stuck that in the basket too. Finally, as my acne had also flared up, apparently to celebrate the last birthday of my early thirties, I bought the spot gel. I never, ever use things like this, but being at the point of it not really being able to get too much worth, I took a gamble and decided I'd give it a whirl.

Both the moisturiser and the serum were good, and my poor dry skin improved straight away – although I think I could have smuggled some butter out of the breakfast basket and slapped that on, and would have seen improvements. But these feel good (and are definitely nicer than butter!) but they do have a strong, sweet smell, a bit like a chocolate cream centre. I prefer the creamier, heavier feel of the moisturiser over the serum, but they both do a good job. The eye cream did de-puff my super puffy peepers, and it does still seem to work, plus isn't irritating and seems to be lasting ages – I really like it and would buy it again if I could.

But my favourite, by far, is the spot gel. At first I was not a fan, as it just turned the red spots redder (oh hooray) so I stopped using it after a couple of days – and everything healed. FABU. (I've also just checked the back on the tube and it has "anti-pickel gel" written on it, which delights me!). It contains AHAs – so it recommends being extra careful in the sun – but I love its skin-clearing qualities. I use this on large-ish areas of my sensitive skin, wherever there's congestion, once a day for a few days (without any issues) then exfoliate with a face cloth, and am left with super soft clear skin. I like this stuff so much I bought two more tubes before we left so I'd have plenty to tide me over here in Aus, while I look for a replacement I can buy here.

These are the products: Wish Upon A Jar (face moisturiser), Make Yourself Youthful Serum (erm, the serum), Puffy Eye Attack (eye cream), and Dr Spot (anti-pickel gel ie. spot gel), and I bough them all from Boots while I was in London.

If anyone has any great AHA recs that can be bought in Melbourne, do let me know!


ravenlocks said...

I've always wanted to try Soap and Glory. I saw it mentioned on a youtube video. Glad to hear these are great products! THanks for the review....and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

xo Azu


Deanna said...

Hi Marianne,

I thought that Soap and Glory products are available at Kit Cosmetics, but perhaps they don't have the items you listed.
Olay has a pretty good AHA (I think it is called the Night Resurfacing Elixir) which I have tried. It didn't harm my sensitive skin. The best AHA I have used is by Paula's Choice (there are a few so you pick which one suits you best), and their BHAs rock! The best thing ever for pores or spots. I usually by the sample sachets and if I like it I buy the full size product.
I only discovered your corner of the internet last year and I always look forward to your posts. They radiate cheeriness no matter what you are writing about. Thank you!

Deanna said...

PS. Paula's Choice can only be purchased online but shipping to Australia is inexpensive. I rave about their products to anyone who will listen!

nicole eaton said...

I believe they sell Soap and Glory at kit cosmetics in Myer, I have purchased from there before their deep cleansing cream is fantastic!

Kizzy Von Doll said...

I use Soap & Glory products, for the face & body. I love them. When I tried the face stuff, I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but happily it did. I haven't used their eye products yet, so maybe I'll give those a try. They changed the packaging a bit, it used to have pin-ups on the boxes, I always liked that, but it's a bit different now, but thank fully they actually work :) If you ever need any products from Soap & Glory, let me know ;) Have a sweet week xx

Ming said...

Unless something has changed in the last few months, you should still be able to get Soap and Glory products from Kit Cosmetics - you'd just have to mortgage your house to pay for anything, as it's predictably pricey here.

L A Chhay said...

I love Soap and Glory! I started using their scrub years ago and never turned back!
Cheers and following,

Laura said...

i love a bit of soap&glory! might check out some of these products, they seem lovely:-) xx

Estranged said...

Ou, Might try the puffy eye attack as mine seem to be extra puffy these days :[


Miranda said...

ah, soap and glory used to be at Target here in the states (do you know what that is??) and i'd buy Sexy Mother Pucker like crazy. It was only $6 then. Now sephora carries the products but it's like $20 for lipstick and even pricier for beauty products.

i miss the mother pucker :(

esme and the laneway said...

ravenlocks : thanks! Can’t believe Bday was over a month ago already. And I was glad the S+G products were good, too, although I think Lush’s Celestial is still my number one face cream x

 Deanna : oh I forgot about Kit Cosmetics, or I think I tried looking for them there? Or did I just sweep them out of “can be found here” territory for some other reason… but I will have another look to see if they are. The eye cream would be good to find again :) thanks!
and thanks HEAPS for the AHA and BHA tips – the Paula’s Choice name rings a bell so I’ll look out for the range :D
And thanks v much – I hope to be more up than down most of the time :) x

 Deanna : aha that makes sense – at least they’ll be easier to find sitting in front of the computer than traipsing through the shops..! :D x

 nicole eaton : this is good news! Thanks :D

 Kizzy Von Doll : thank you! Was the vintage/pinup look fairly mainstream fashionable in the UK? It seemed a bit more prevalent there and am curious…

 Ming : haha maybe that’s why I ruled it out from here, if subconsciously! I’m curious to compare the prices with UK ones now. Really can’t stand paying more for same here, though…

 L A Chhay : I’m so glad they are good – I thought with the number of recs they got there must be something in it :)

 Laura : ooh I rate the eye cream and anti-pickel gel top 2 out of those 4 :) Hope they are good for you too if you do use them!

 Estranged : I am SO stunned it actually worked/works, still feel skeptical for some reason (keep thinking it must be a fluke!) but am enjoying it all the same!

 Miranda : ugh I hate it when things like that happen and prices change so drastically. We have Target here but I think (not sure though?) that it’s quite different from the US one. Also the two I know tend to be pretty grotty and depressing places to shop which puts me off a bit (although they have some good makeup there sometimes… if it’s been restocked!)

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

The packaging on these is so cute! I'll have to pick up some "anti-pickel gel" for myself ;)

Kizzy Von Doll said...

Your welcome :) I would say yes in some ways it is quite fashionable here. You still get looks from people as you will stick out, but I sometimes have the older ladies come up and compliment me on what I'm wearing when I wear my vntage pin-up looks, haha! But, I think it varies from place to place, but there will always be a big group of people in any place that love these looks :)

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