Thursday, 5 June 2014

shop my wardrobe – listings (June)

black-check-trim-dress-1950s c Here are the full listings for everything from the last post, except for the Bernie Dexter Paris dress as that has sold already. If you are interested in anything here, please email me (at my yahoo address) and we can sort out Paypal details etc from there! Oh: BL stand s for bodice length. Xxx

Black and white check cotton 1950s dress w. broderie anglaise frill detail

B 34 W 28.5 L 39 BL 15.5 $100

Amazing vintage dress I bought for myself and would keep but is not my size (I didn't try it on in the shop) and I think it will be amazing on someone else. Metal zipper, zips down the side. Lining at the back of the skirt section is torn but you can't see (or feel, for that matter) this when worn. There is a tiny hole in the black ribbon in the frill which doesn't stand out at all, as pictured above. Otherwise excellent condition! black-check-trim-dress-1950s a black-check-trim-dress-1950s b

red-blue-lanz-original-sundress a RED AND SKY BLUE LANZ ORIGINAL SUNDRESS 1970s

B 30 (plus a little more room) W 24 L 41.5 BL 15.5 $55

Bright red and sky blue floral sundress, with pin tuck details on the boned bodice. I bought this years ago from a vintage shop in North Fitzroy and love it, but have outgrown it. The bust/bodice is quite small but I know will be perfect for someone! Zips down the back and the straps have two button settings to make them the perfect length for you. red-blue-lanz-original-sundress b

coral-gingham-sundress a CORAL GINGHAM ASOS SUNDRESS

B 34 W 26 L 34 BL 15.5 size 8 $ 35

Soft cotton sundress from Asos a couple of years ago. Love the two sizes of coral gingham and the neckline details. Aus/UK size 8. Zips up the side, and in great condition! coral-gingham-sundress c coral-gingham-sundress b

green-floral-sundress-1950s a GREEN AND WHITE FLORAL 1950s SHELF BUST DRESS

B 36+room; busty W 26 L 39 BL 15.5 $65

Absolutely amazing 1950s cotton sundress that I am sad to let go of but it just is not my size. It is for a taller (longer torso’d) lady than me, and is quite busty too – basically this was an Etsy purchase where the measurements provided disappointed. Still, the floral print and soft cotton are gorgeous and I spent several months (I bought it in winter) trying to convince myself that it could work on me, if I always stood at an angle... that kind of thing. Of course, it won't work on me. There were also a couple of flaws with this piece: a small rip near the bust (now fixed) and some pink marks in the skirt which I got out with some soakings, but I think in some lights can still be seen, and I’ve included a photo of the most obvious one – but as you can see, it’s really hard to spot at all (hooray for Napisan!). I also noticed a little tear in the fabric near the hem and haven’t sewn it up. Price reflects these issues. Zips down the side. Really soft and pretty summer dress. green-floral-sundress-1950s b


W 26.5 L 30 (underskirt), 26.5 (gingham top skirt)* both from top of waistband WB4 $55

Awesome summer skirt. I have another black and white one that fits me better so I don’t want to be doubling up! black-gingham-skirt b

blue-print-sundress a BLUE AND WHITE PRINT DRESS

B 34 W 28 L 35 BL16 size 10 $65

Crisp white cotton sundress from Asos with blue floral print. Fully lined in white. Cutout at back, but you can still wear a bra with it. Perfect condition! blue-print-sundress cblue-print-sundress b

red-white-stripe-dress-1950s a RED AND WHITE STRIPE 1950s DRESS WITH BUTTONS

B 34 W 26 L 37 BL 15 $100

Great vintage cotton sundress with red and white stripes and button detail on bodice. Metal zipper down the back. Cute short sleeves and square neckline. Love how the stripes go in different directions down the centre – a bit of a thing for me, it seems! I think there is slight yellowing under the arms, but I couldn’t photograph it or see it in that daylight, so they must be very faint, but I want to mention everything, obviously :) Great condition and great dress! All buttons are present and correct, the dress just folded a bit when I took photos and hid one of them! red-white-stripe-dress-1950s ared-white-stripe-dress-1950s c

brown-gingham-bow-dress-1960s b BROWN GINGHAM LANZ ORIGINAL 1960s DRESS

B 35.5 W 24 L 38 BL 15.5 $65

Great very early 1960s (dated 1961 on the label) Lanz Original brown and white sundress. Very clean and simple, with a pleated skirt and small bows at the back, one on the waist and one at the neck. Does up the back with self covered buttons and hook and eyes. Attached waistband also does up with hook and eyes and is not floppy when worn! Was shortened a bit, falls to knee though! Great simple summer dress in a light cotton blend. brown-gingham-bow-dress-1960s a brown-gingham-bow-dress-1960s c


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, they're all far too small in the bust for me :( Happy shopping everyone! Xxx Anonymous Amber :)

minacoleta said...

That red flowered sundress with the blue lining is SO GORGEOUS but I have a 30" waist. Ploop.


esme and the laneway said...

Thanks Amber!

minacoleta : :< hate it when things aren't my size – the bad side of vintage, when there aren't more size options! :)

Jaye Ferrone said...

I just emailed you about the blue and white Asos dress- because I had been trying to get ahold of it in the states when it came out and I have what looks like it's original vintage "twin". I just double checked- SAME PATTERN. I'm not even kidding! With the Union Made tag and all:) I really hope yours is still available! How exciting would that be to have the original and the reproduction?!?!?

WendyBee said...

Oh dear! If buying all of these dresses would make me small enough to wear them, I'd be happily writing a check right now. But I guess they're not meant for me .

Elke said...

we had a €150 parking ticket yesterday... Sometimes those temporary 'no parking' plates are kind of hidden. so sad, otherwise I would have loved the blue and white print dress. But, I think you're making some people very happy and proud to be the new owner of a new to them dress. You're waist is so small. 24 inch, that's only 61 cm...

Molly said...

What's your Yahoo address ? Completely in love with the red and white striped sundress - if some lucky creature hasn't already snapped it up !

Anonymous said...

Hi Esme,

Is the brown gingham Lanz dress still available? Do you think that it would fit like an Australia size 8 (roughly)?

jess. dear wildflower said...

Oh my gosh that red and white stripe dress is gorgeous!

esme and the laneway said...

Jaye Ferrone : (thanks for the emails!) I want to see an original and a repro of them together, too! xxxxxx

*(for everyone else, it has sold – as per emails – I wish I had about 15 of that dress as it was very popular xxx)

WendyBee : :< the joy of vintage, though, there'll be plenty out there that are perfect for you too x

Elke : oh no, that sucks! They definitely make some of those signs hard/impossible to see (got stung by one hiding behind a parked truck a couple of years ago, literally cried about the ticket as I felt so stupid) -- hope you have a better week this week. And my waist is not 24 inches anymore! Too many biscuits and not enough desire to lose weight! :D

Molly : I should have said! It's the esmeandthelaneway {at} yahoo {dot} com {dot} au [It took me ages to work out why people wrote out their emails on their websites like that, and now I know!]

Anonymous : hello! It is in the process of being bought, I had to send the potential buyer a shipping quite (I now have shipping prices for Canada and Europe, which I will include in my next batch of listings) but I will add you to the list for it in case that sale falls through :) It will fit a smaller AU8 as the cut and bust measurement allows some flex (ie I can wear it now, as an AU8) but definitely compare the measurements to something you already own that fits :) xx

jess. dear wildflower : thanks!

minteva said...

I have adored the coral gingham ASOS dress for SO long! Is it still available?

esme and the laneway said...

minteva : I'm afraid it's sold already :< I prepared more things to pop up today though and will have them up soon x

Anonymous said...

I have the original vintage dress too Jaye. I´ve even seen another version in pink/gold tones somwhere around the web ages ago.
Looked around etsy for ages till i finally found one. It´s just something special about that dress!

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